5 Essential Kits You Need While Staying on an Island

Have you ever watched Castaway? In this movie, Tom Hanks had to stay for years on an island without any essential kits. He used all sort of items got there as his essential kit. Hanks used rock as the knife to cut coconuts, to start a fire he rubbed two sticks together. Well, if you want to stay on an island, you must need some essential kits which will save your energy and let you stay there quite comfortably. Here are some essential kits that will be required:

1. A big knife

A big knife is a basic kit to stay on an island. While living on an island, protection will be your first concern. With a big knife, you could protect yourself from dangerous animals. Other than that, you have to cut things like sticks or wood to make useful for you and on these circumstances a knife will be the essential thing.

2. Matchbox

Of course, you don’t want to rub sticks like Tom Hanks to start a fire. We all know how hard and painful to rub sticks. Fire will save you from getting cold, and it will keep animals away from you. When you need to cook, you have to make a fire. So a matchbox could save a lot of your energy while creating a fire.

3. Fishing net

Fishing net will be en essential item to catch fish easily. While you are staying on an island, the necessity of protein will be very high. Protein is a necessary element of every cell in our body. Our body uses protein to build and repair tissues and building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood. While staying on the island, you may fracture your body, and then protein will help you to heal yourself. Fishing net will help you to catch fish without any turbulence.

4. Bug spray

A bug spray will help you to protect yourself from many types to insects. While staying, island insects may dismiss your plan with a bite. You might get ill or infected. So a bug spray is one of the essential items while staying on an island.

5. A satellite phone

We cannot control the natural disaster. While staying on an island anytime, a storm can end your beautiful plan, or you may face any types of emergency. During emergencies, you must need to contract with Mainland to get help. As the regular cell phones do not work on the deserted island, a satellite phone will be an essential item for you.

Closing notes

Adventures offer many physical and mental health benefits. If you want to have an adventures journey of staying on an island, make sure you have taken all these essential kits we have mentioned above with you.

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