Air Purifier vs Diffuser: Does Air Purifiers Really Work?

Air purifier vs diffuser– many people are unaware of its differences. They don’t know about their features.

Air purifiers are used to eliminate polluted air including dust smoke odor pollen hair etc. Bakery filters eliminate 99.9% bacteria 0.9-micron allergen including dust, pollen, etc. Whereas, the diffuser is used to eliminate oil in the air and spreads natural air fragrance to the environment.

Now, the question is do air purifiers really work?  To get know the answer, you need to first know the differences between air purifiers and diffusers.

Air Purifier Vs Diffuser

Air Purifiers

Air purification is used to eliminate polluted air and gives fresh air to breathe. It comes with filters to remove allergen, dust, odor, smoke, and pollen. It carries core 300 to make the environment clean air. Its vortex air technology ensures stronger airflow. So, you are getting a higher purifier performance.

The true HEPA filter works with carbon and ultra-fine filters. It works in a large area, eliminating 99.9% bacteria and 0.3-micron allergen including dust, odor, smoke, mould, pollen.

Another advantage of air purifiers you will like if it is, it works silently. The most silent air cleaner is known to air purifiers. The noise level is 24db which is in sleep mode thus, you can sleep in a restful and clean air environment.

Moreover, there is a settings option in the air purifier. It has a timer function, sleep mode, scent, and filter options.

The purifiers are available with a long-life service. They are durable and reliable.


Diffusers were used to spread the scent around the whole room. They feature 12 hours of consistent scent and aromatherapy with technology. With one fill or 30-40 drops, it lasts aroma for 11-15 hours in low mode and 6-10 hours in high mode.

They come with an elegant design that brings a cozy look to a house. Art makes a home beautiful.

The diffuser is operated below 30dB, so it doesn’t affect your sleep or work.

Its function is automatic. It automatically shuts off when water is finished as a safety feature. Also, it has a timer set to shut off the diffuser automatically.

This diffuser is splendid to give as a gift. It has marked modern optics for its beautiful design and worthy functions.

Does Air Purifiers Really Work?

Air purifiers are a cleaner or a device that releases harmful activities from the air and gives fresh air to the indoor environment. It works with filtration that carries. It releases 99.9% bacteria and 0.3micron dust, smoke, odour, etc making a fresh healthy environment.

The below stated the functions of air purifiers.

Functions Of Air Purifiers

Air purifiers were used to make air clean and remove dust particles from the air. It gives fresh air, removes dust, smoke, odour and ensures peaceful sleep.

Air purifiers are made with a 3 filtration system. It captures 99 percent of common airborne pm 2.5 pollutants such as an allergen, smoke, dust, pollen, mould, etc. The carbon filters remove 99.9% of bacteria including common odour, smoke, gas, smells, etc. Also, the filters are effective at removing pet hair.

Moreover, the machine carries a washable filter. It removes large particles such as dust and pet hair. The true HEPA filter, carbon filtre, and nylon pre filter perform high effective purification.

The true HEPA filter and activated carbon filter remove 99.9% bacteria and 0.3-micron dust, smoke, odour, etc. Gives relief to high sneezing, allergen, asthma, congestion, and other allergy symptoms.

The filters operate their function at a lower noise level. So, offer a restful sleep. The sound level is 17-46 decibels.

The purifier carries an air quality indicator. The indicator is represented in different colors. Blue for A, Green for B, purple for C, and red for D. You can choose your desired air quality.

The purifier functions for 200sq feet of rooms from small to medium. Perfect for small bedrooms, offices, nurseries, and dorm rooms. It features an air inlet of 360 degrees.

Some of the air purifiers feature touch controls. They include aromatherapy function, timer settings, auto shut off/on, and filter indicator. You can adjust the functions.

Also, the filters of the purifier are changeable and are recyclable. So, it’s gonna make your money worth it.

Final Verdict

The above are the functions of air purifiers. You have seen that the air purifier features amazing functions. It gives huge benefits to ourselves. They give relief to health and offer huge functions. So, we can say, yeah, air purifiers really work.

So, give you the differences between air purifiers vs diffusers. Both perform amazing functions indoors. They are designed with splendid features which make them beneficial to use and worth buying.


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