Aluminum vs Steel Floor Jack

Aluminum Vs Steel Floor Jack

If you are looking for a floor jack for your car and you have no idea regarding the product and the metal you should buy then don’t worry, this article is for you. For the beginner, I have written this article. I will give a complete idea regarding the aluminium vs steel floor jack. This will help you to buy the right one for your needs and will make your investment worth it.

Well, an aluminium floor jack is worth its weight, whereas a steel floor jack is worth its money. However, giving the full information regarding this two-floor jack.

So, check out the below information about aluminium and steel floor jacks. All your questions will arise.

Aluminum Vs Steel Floor Jack

Aluminum Floor Jack

An aluminium floor jack is easy to lift that comes in a 1 ½- ton weight rating. It features durable and robust aircraft-grade with a dual plunger hydraulic system.

The aluminium floor jack is easy manoeuvrability. Moreover, they are constructed with dual pump pistons. It helps to raise the floor jack quickly to load. The jack is fully lightweight to lift. They feature a reinforced lift arm that provides strength, chassis torsion control, and durability. Further, the floor jack is made with vehicle protection. It includes a rubber saddle and a foam handle bumper. You will get 2 side mount handles on the jack for easy handling and use.

Steel Floor Jack

Steel floor jack features a quick lift and easy manoeuvrability like aluminium floor jacks. It includes double pump pistons that raise the saddle to load quickly. Also, the jack carries bypass and overload valves that ride over the extension of hydraulic ram and jack like aluminium floor jack.

The jack is constructed with high carbon steel side plates that help in increasing strength and control chassis torsion.  You will get the wiper seals that will protect your jack from hydraulic systems. Moreover, the jack is famous for its price. It will save you more money than investing in an aluminium jack.

Final Verdict

So, the above information is the key differences between aluminium vs steel floor jack. Both perform well, but the difference is in their structure. Aluminium is best for its weight and it does not create rust. But, the steel floor jack is risky for its rust. However, steel floor jacks are easy to carry and maintain, and less in price.

So, if you need to budget, go for a steel floor jack and, if have no issue with money then, go for an aluminium floor jack.


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