10 Best Rechargeable Headlamp For Hunting | A Complete Guide 2022

None can’t neglect the importance of a headlamp. It meets every kind of need. With the best rechargeable headlamp for hunting, you can roam around at night fearlessly without having second thoughts. If you love hiking, night camping, mountain biking, night roaming then the reviewed products are the best options for you. So, get the perfect fit today.

Our Top Pick

Best choice: Black Diamond Spot  325 Headlamp Dark olive OS

“It comes with longer battery life and better LED light. You can track with its six settings and 3 LED battery meters. Spot325 made with waterproof.”

Best Rechargeable Headlamp For Hunting: OLIGHT H2R  Nova 2300 Lumens LED Rechargeable Lights

“ It features the brightest light that other headlamps can’t offer. It also includes a rechargeable battery, long battery life, and easy to use.”

The best headlamp of 2022: PETZL, NAO+Headlamp

“This is one of the best headlamps of the year. It is still standing with rank 2. This world-class headlamp features reactive lighting technology. It also includes long-lasting battery life, water-resistance, and a charging USB port. Moreover, the radiance and outline of the beam can be adjusted.”

Best Budget: Petzl -Actik Core Rechargeable Battery Headlamp

“This is user friendly and easy to afford. It has water resistance and is easy to operate.”

Best lightweight: Biolite Headlamp 330 Lumen

“ It is designed so lightly that you won’t feel it’s in your head. It features brighter lumens and comes with a cheaper price.”

Best for long-distance beam: Black Diamond Sprinter Headlamp

“For night running this is the best option to use. It provides a constant beam for the path ahead. Moreover, it contains a triple power LED light.”

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Best Rechargeable Headlamp For Hunting | Full Review 2022

While carrying a heavy load and need your hands free a Headlamp can be very useful at that moment. And if you love hiking, camping, caving, trekking, mountain biking anything else in the outdoors, a headlamp can be the best companion in your journey.

Even a well-organized trip can end up taking much more time due to darkness. So, everyone should own a Headlamp to avoid these kinds of an inconvenience. And later, it will become your favorite gadget that you won’t go on a single trip without your Headlamp.

There are endless options in the market so it is a real challenge for you to find the best one for you. We have done the research for you and will guide you to find your ideal Headlamp.

After going through the article, you will be able to find the right Headlamp for you.

Rechargeable Headlamp For Hunting –OLIGHT H2R Headlamp

Here comes the brightest headlamp of our list. OLight H2R is so rich with features and it gives you the brightest light that other headlamp can’t provide. It is very easy to use. You can change the brightness level into 4 modes depending on your need.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged directly by the tailcap including with a magnetic USB charging cable. The red power light turns on when you put it on the charge. And it turns into green when the charge is finished.

OLight H2R is more than a headlamp and can be used also for multiple purposes. One can clip it to pocket or bag with the removable pocket clip or simply carry it in your hand. Even you can magnetically attach it to any metal objects.

Features of OLight H2R Headlamp:

Max Lumens: 2300 Lumens

Beam Distance: 153 meters

Weight: 2.26 oz

Burn time High/Low: 45 days/ 1 hour

  • The brightest light
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Water resistance
  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use

  • With the max lumens the lights get very hot (handle it carefully)


Black Diamond Spot 325

Black Diamond has been a trusted and preferred headlamp of hikers and trekkers for a few years. And now it has been upgraded with a brighter LED and longer battery backup time. It’s smooth, comfortable, and provides the brightest light for the longest time than any other headlamps we have tested.

Black Diamond Spot325 has 325 lumens of power, now stored in a small body with more well-organized design. It has also been updated with a new user interface by adding a second switch to select the lens mode easily. Additionally, the updated visual proficiency not only offers brighter light with the highest power but also saves battery life. Now you can simply track it with a six-setting, three-LED battery meter. Moreover, Spot325 is weatherproof. It can stay 1.1 meters underwater for 30 minutes.

Features of Spot325:

Max Lumens: 325

Weight: 3 oz.

Beam distance: 272 ft.

Burn time high/low: 600 hrs./ 65 hrs.

  • Long battery life
  • Brighter
  • Waterproof
  • Battery life reader
  • Locking feature

  • Non-rechargeable battery


Petzl Nao+

Petzl Nao+ is a world-class Headlamp. You can rely on it putting a blindfold on your eyes. Last year this product’s ranking was number 2 and this year still #2 for its amazing features.

Petzl has improved Nao’s visual quality and decreased to a minimum manual involvement. It all has been possible due to the feature “Reactive Lighting” technology.  The radiance and outline of the beam can be adjusted automatically through a brightness sensor to improve battery life. Also, it has a huge combination of multiple light cones. A wide light cone for detailed vision and a focused light cone for long-distance vision.

Nao+ comes with long-lasting battery life. It has 3100 mAh battery backup with charging via USB port.  Additionally, you can optimize the brightness of the headlamp connecting via the Petzl My Light app by using Bluetooth. Controlling the brightness has never been so easy.

Features of Petzl Nao+

Max Lumens: 750 Lumens

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Beam distance: 116 meters

Burn time High/Low: 15 hours/6 hours

  • Reactive Lighting technology
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Water resistant
  • Bright 750 Lumens

  • Expensive battery replacement


Black Diamond Sprinter

If you are a nighttime runner and looking for the best Headlamp that has a long-distance beam then Black Diamond Sprinter is the right option for you. This one is our top running headlamp. It provides a powerful, constant beam for watching the path ahead. It also comes with a red taillight including on/off system for visibility in urban areas.

Sprinter’s rechargeable battery is powered by lithium polymer which takes 5 hours to charge fully from zero. Its triple power LED light settings includes full strength, dimming and strobe. It’s also structured for continuous radiance on all brightness settings.

Sprinter is completely storm proof. Besides, it has been tested in extreme weather to survive rain and snow from any angle.

Features of Black Diamond Sprinter:

Max Lumens: 200 lumens

Weight: 3.7 oz

Beam distance: 50 meters

  • One triple power LED light
  • Strong oval beam
  • Strom proof/ weather resistant

  • Can’t charge it and use it on the go
  • Short burn time


Petzl Actik Core

And here we have listed another user-friendly and a very hard-working headlamp the Petzl Actik Core. It comes with the Petzl reliability. Nowadays rechargeable headlamps are getting more popular day by day. And Petzl is the world-class groundbreaker in this sector. Actik core is wholly rechargeable and gets charged through a micro USB port. The battery is AAA-powered and its hybrid design lets it switch the battery pack out for three AAA batteries whenever needed.

The Actic core can be found in two colors; red and black. Both models are very easy to operate. It has weather resistance feature also. If you’re searching for a dependable rechargeable headlamp and the relief of the knowledge that your batteries will be entirely juiced every time you go out for an adventure, the Petzl Actik CORE  is the best choice for you.

Features of Petzl Actik CORE:

Max Lumens: 350 lumens

Weight: 2.9 oz

Beam distance: 95 meters

Burn time High/Low: 160 hours/ 2 hours

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Brighter

  • Short burn time
  • No locking features


Coast FL85 Headlamp

Here comes a super-cheap light with the maximum lumens and beam distance. I can bet that you will not find another headlamp with these benefits at this price point. Coast FL85 offers you 615 lumens for a brighter experience while hiking, trekking, climbing, etc. It also has the focusing ring to see anything clearly from a long distance.

Coast FL85 includes Dual Color light feature. You can switch white light to the red LED light according to your necessity. It includes a reflective strap for additional visibility. Additionally, it has IPX4 rating water resistance design and 1-meter drop-protection.

Features of Coast FL85:

Max Lumens: 615 lumens

Weight: 4.5 oz

Burn time High/Low: 13 hours/ 2.15 hours

  • Brighter
  • Super cheap
  • Focusing ring
  • Dual color light

  • Heavy
  • Short runtime


BioLite 330

Biolite has come up with a new headlamp that is so light that you won’t even feel like it’s on your head.  It comes with a super soft and wide band and the weight distribution of the light makes it easier for climbing and hiking.

Further, its 2.43 ounces feathery weight and brighter lumens at such a cheap price make it stand out.

Biolite 330 is designed nicely with IPX4 water resistance rating. Biolite 330 has a rechargeable battery and a battery reader so that you can check how much lifeblood it has remaining.

Features of Biolite 330:

Max Lumens: 330 lumens

Weight: 2.4 oz

Beam distance: 75 meters

Burn time High/Low: 40 hours/3.5 hours

  • Lightweight
  • Brighter
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Low-profile shape

  • Low water resistance


 Reasons Why You Need A Headlamp

The Invention of the flashlight has been the most advantageous invention of the era. You can realize the importance of a flashlight only if you have ever been stuck in a dark place without light. You can’t disagree with the fact that there are many situations when handheld lights become a burden for you. In that very situation, a Headlamp can be the right option for you.

If you think what headlamps can do better than torchlight then you are mistaken. There are many places where headlamps are most needed. Let’s briefly discuss the reason without further ado.

Camping and Hiking

The camping area is usually dangerous at night. Not only the area but also it is dangerous for wild animals. The whole area remains dark. Suppose, if you want to go to the bathroom or a car, you can carry headlamps to see the road and be safe from animals. Not only that, but you can also use headlamps to read books, paper, and maps for starting the next hike. 

Moreover, headlamps are better than torchlights. Torchlights are needed to carry and it is a risk to break if fall down. Those who carry much stuff on a trip for them it’s hard to carry both kinds of stuff and torch together. So, we can say headlamps can be the best option for using.

Home Repairs and Navigation Blackouts

Headlamps perform great work on this site. For home repairs and blackouts, it’s too hard to use a torch. Headlamps can be the best option of use. There is a leaky regulator, the blocked up sink drain, or the chamber that’s creating a strange noise in the basement. You can use headlamps to recover these problems. When the electricity goes it’s hard to navigate blackouts by torch or candles. Also carrying problems appear. So, by using headlamps you can freely do your work.

Moreover, if any electricity issue occurs then by using headlamps you can easily repair it. It’s hard to repair a fan with candles or light. So, headlamps are used on it.

Walking Your Dog

When dogs want to go it’s hard to stop, it will go. So, for taking out excited pets it’s hard to control with one hand. However, you can use headlamps for it. It will be easy to control dogs with two hands and will see light also for walking on the road without holding it.

Moreover, it will help to see what’s around you and will be visible to drivers and your pet on the road.

Working On Cars

Suppose you are going for a night-long trip with your friends or family. Suddenly on the road, your car got disable. To check the problems you just need a light. So, you can use headlamps for repairing it.

Also if anything goes under the car chair it’s hard to check with the car’s light. By using headlamps you can easily get the drop stuff.


Expert fishermen usually go on fishing early in the morning before it’s light out. This is the perfect time when the fish bite. So, the whole place remains dark and it feels difficult to catch fish in the dark. By using headlamps they can see the road and can see how it bait a hook. Also, it helps to step on the boat without falling over the edge. The headlamps are also available on hand for peering down into the water which can be gloomy otherwise it will be difficult to envision if an emergency occurs and somebody or someone falls in the water.

Wrap up

Those days are gone when we need to light the dark by using candles or lanterns. Now the inventions have made our life too easy. By push a button or flip a switch, we can light the whole around within a minute. Headlamps are very useful. They perform a great function in our life. Therefore, you can’t refute the importance of having the best rechargeable headlamp for hunting. It can be useful and helpful to meet every kind of need. With a headlamp, you can go on outing even at night without any second thought.
So, get your perfect fit today!

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