7 Best Soft Dry Cat Food [ For Cats with Bad Teeth] – Top Reviews and Guide in 2022

Best Soft Dry Cat Food

Feeding the senior cats is a hard task while they are having trouble to eat traditional kibble. Thus, you have to go for the Soft Dry Cat Foods. Additionally, you have to feed your cat a high protein food to keep them healthy. You could find over a thousand cat food brands in the market. However, it’s quite difficult to find the perfect cat food for your cat. In this article, we have listed the top 7 Soft Dry Cat Food which could make your furry friend happy and healthy. So, let’s go below and find out the best cat food for your four-legged friend.

Budget Pick

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free, Natural Wild Cuts Adult Wet Cat Food Pouch, Chicken 3-oz pouches (Pack of 24)

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Soft Dry Cat Food At Amazon

A protein rich food that will make your older cats to be active

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Best  Natural  Cat Foodsoft dry cat foodsWeruva Cats in The Kitchen Grain At Amazon

It contains high-quality meat source such as fresh fish, white breast chicken plus tuna loins.

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Best for Nutrition ValueWHISKAS TENDER BITES Favorite Selections Variety Pack Wet Cat Food Pouches 3 Ounces , Case Pack of 4Whiskas Tender Bites Wet Cat Food Pouches At Amazon

An ultimate nutritionally balanced cat food perfect for adult cat

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Soft Dry Cat Food: Buyers’ Guide

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Soft Dry Cat Food

Cat food is one of the must have items for cat owners. However, finding the right cat food is not an easy task. Here, we will mention 5 key things you should consider before buying food for your cat. While buying food for your little furry friend, you should take these important factors into account.


First, you should check the ingredients before buying cat food. Quality cat food comes with original meat or vegetables. Also, you should look for grain-free cat food for providing a hygienic meal for your cat.


For the older feline, extra nutrition is very much important. You should buy cat food that comes with lots of vitamins and proteins. These elements will keep your cat healthy.


Your little furry friend may not like the food from the beginning or after testing a couple of times. Therefore, you should start with smaller sizes. If your cat likes the food, then you can go for the big sizes.

Artificial Element Free

It is an important thing to consider while buying the food for your cat. It should not include any artificial element and or elements that are cause allergies for cats.


You will find many cats food supplier company in the market. However, not all of them supply quality food for cats. Therefore, you should go to well-known brands.

The Best 7 Soft Dry Cat Food | Full Review 2022

Here show you the best soft dry cat food that contains high protein. It will make your cat happy, active, and most importantly healthy. So, check out the links and get the best option for your cat.

The Blue Buffalo is a well-known brand in the pet food market. They make the best quality and healthiest food for pets. Additionally, they are inspired by the diet of wild cat and produce high protein foods. Moreover, this soft dry cat food is made of wholesome, chunks of tasty, real meat in a gravy without any artificial additives. However, this cat food is a supplementary food for cats. So, you could buy this cat food to provide extra protein to your little furry friend with its dietary staple.

  • No artificial additives
  • Fresh, healthy real meats
  • Enough to please all kitty palates

  • Not a dietary staple

Weruva comes with human-grade pet food. They include high-quality meat source such as fresh fish, white breast chicken plus tuna loins.  Additionally, they include tapioca and sunflower oil for additional carbs and fat. Moreover, Weruva is committed to providing adequate proteins for your cat. Your cat will get necessary Vitamins, Minerals, And Antioxidants in this soft dry cat food. Overall, this cat food will provide a complete & balanced diet for your four-legged friend. We recommend this cat food.

  • A complete & balanced diet
  • High protein contents
  • Grain free
  • Designed to support your cat’s health

  • Some cat doesn’t like tapioca which is included with it

Purina cat food is one of the best in cat food brand. This product comes with meaty strips, crunchy bits, and tender which is comfortable for senior cats to eat. Your furry friend will get all the necessary support for a strong immune system, healthy heart, healthy coat. Moreover, the vitamins, nutrients, and minerals will suckle your cats’ body properly.  Overall, Purina cat food does not add any artificial preservatives or flavoring. So, you could go for this option as well.

  • Meaty morsels in each bag
  • Two different flavors
  • Has fruit, vegetable, and wholesome grain accents
  • 100% complete & balanced nutrition

  • Can cause weight gain

This cat food comes with a variety of size, formula, and recipe. It is made for supporting senior cat’s eyes, heart health, kidney function, and their joints. Additionally, this soft dry cat food will improve their immune system and keep them strong. Your cat could easily digest this food as it comes with high-quality ingredients. Moreover, this cat food doesn’t include any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. It could be a great option for sure.

  • Ideally shaped triangular pieces
  • Supports your cat’s immune health, joints, and heart
  • Variety of size, formula, and recipe
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Made in the USA

  • Not ideal for sensitive cats

Meow Mix comes with salmon and chicken, tuna and chicken, tuna and whitefish and salmon and turkey flavors. If your cat can not handle solid kibble anymore, this could be the right food for him. Your little furry friend will enjoy the variety of flavor and get all the necessary elements needed. The included vitamins and minerals will support your cat’s digestive health, along with their immune health, joints, skin, heart health, and coat. Overall, this cat food is slightly more crumbly than other cat foods. It could be a great option as well.

  • Two textures for kibble piece
  • 4 different flavors
  • Supports cat’s immune & heart health
  • 100% complete & balanced nutrition
  • Made in the USA

  • Slightly more crumbly
  • May not have adequate protein

Whiskas Tender Bites Food Pouches could keep your cat healthy and strong. This protein-rich cat food is a nutritionally balanced and perfect adult cat. Additionally, ‘flavor-lock’ helps to serve food easily. Besides, this cat food comes with Turkey & Giblets, Beef, Ocean Whitefish & Tuna, and Chicken flavor. Overall, Whiskas cat food has a reputation for quality products. You could also think this product as an option if your cat doesn’t have allergies.

  • Trusted brand
  • Standard & simple formulas
  • Nutritionally balanced
  • Protein-rich cat food

  • Not the ideal food for a cat that has allergies

This cat food comes with the freshest ingredients to nourish your pet’s digestive system and whole body. They added Each ingredient carefully for precise nutritional assistance. Additionally, this cat food is free from artificial flavors, colors and other harmful materials. Moreover, this cat food contains high-quality proteins which are needed for senior cats. overall, this cat food comes with all-natural elements. You cloud also consider this senior cat food as an option.

  • High in moisture content
  • Contains omega fatty acids
  • Six different, wholesome recipes
  • Complete and balanced nutrition
  • Quality & natural ingredients

  • Food sticks inside the pocket

Soft Dry Cat Food – Infographics

5 Things to Consider Before Buying Soft Dry Cat Food

Soft Dry Cat Food: FAQ

In this section of our review, we will answer some frequently asked questions about cat food. So, let’s see these before buying cat food for your older cats.

What is the best food for older cats?

Generally, senior cats don’t want to eat much. For providing a balanced diet you should go for the soft dry cat food. These foods are specially prepared for senior cats.

Do senior cats eat less?

Senior cats actually don’t want to eat normal foods. They eat less compared to young age. Therefore, you have to buy them soft dry foods for proper nutrition.

Why your senior cat may stop eating?

If your senior cat stops eating, there could be a couple of reasons behind it. Firstly, your little furry friend may not like the taste anymore. Secondly, maybe your senior cat is having any internal disease.

How do you feed your cat?

For your little furry friend, you could buy commercial dry foods. you could also feed them cooked fish or meat. To provide a different test you could sweep within these foods and feed your cat.

How many times should you feed your cat daily?

For the younger cats, you should feed them thrice a day. Additionally, for the senior cats, it’s okay if you feed them once or twice a day.

Closing Note

To keep senior cats healthy and strong soft dry cat food is important. The soft dry cat food provides all the vitamins and minerals your furry friend needs. We have reviewed the seven best soft dry cat food from the market. Now the choice is yours!

Best budgets: Blue Wilderness Soft Dry Cat Food
“ It contains protein-rich food that will make your cat more active the whole day.”

Best natural cat food: Weruva Cats In The Kitchen Grain 
“It has high-quality meat sources like fresh meat, white bread chicken plus tuna loins that will make your cat healthy and active.”

Best for nutrition value: Whiskas Tender Bites Wet Cat Food Pouches
“ It contains balanced food which is considerable for adult cats and also has protein-rich food, not considerable for allergies.”

Best for adults cat: Purina One Natural Dry Cat Food
“ The food doesn’t contain artificial color or flavoring. It is 100% balanced food, best for senior cats to take it.”

Best for energy: Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food
“  It helps the cat’s immune health, eyes, joints, and health. You can have a variety of formulas and recipes from it.”

Best for Flavors: Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat Food
“ You can get 4 different flavors from it. Moreover, it supports your cat’s digestive health, immune health, eyes, skin health, and joints, etc. The 4 flavors are- salmon and chicken, Tuna and chicken, tuna and white fish, and salmon and turkey flavors.’’

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