Best Spray Tip For Cabinets

Best Spray Tip For Cabinets

Are you wondering which tip you should use to spray cabinets? Well, you have come to the right place. Here, in this article, you will get all the information related to spraying cabinets. Usually, kitchens, reading rooms, and bathrooms come with lots of cabinets. If you want to make your kitchen, reading room, and bathroom a good look then perfect paint to be done to cabinets. And, if the cabinets are of old look then no need to change it. By giving perfect paint, the whole look of the cabinet can change.

Now, to paint a cabinet by yourself, a suited spray tip for cabinets and the perfect process of painting or spraying should have to be known to get a flawless result. I have given the 3 best spray tips for cabinets and a guideline on how to paint cabinets. 8 simple steps and reviews are there. Read thoroughly, I hope this article will help you for sure.

Our 3 Top Spray Tips For Cabinets:

Best for a lower price: Graco-FFLP310-Pressure-Reversible-Airless Available At Amazon

“It is lower in price and with the little spray gives a fine finish.”

Best for weight: Graco-286315-Reversible-015-Inch-Diameter Available At Amazon

“It is made with good quality and lowers in price.”

Best of all: Graco-286315-Reversible-015-Inch-Diameter Available At Amazon

“It easily sprays the thinner material and is easy to use.”

3 Best Spray Tips For Cabinets- Review


310 Graco FFLP310 RAC X Fine Finish Low Pressure Reversible Tip

Available At Amazon

Graco FFLP310 is made with a patented Graco RAC X with smart tip technology. It features a finance and a smooth finish with the lowest airless spray pressure. It is great for the money and will save your spray for long months. It features up to 2x life and sprays at up to 50% lower pressure. So, you don’t need to put much pressure on spray and give the easiest patterns overlap. For its airless features, it easily applied any material to any surface.

Why Graco-FFLP310-Pressure-Reversible-Airless Worth The Money?

  • It fits any gun so long as you have a RAC X guard on it.
  • A very little spray gives a fine finish.
  • It is value for money.


315 Graco 286315 RAC 5 Reversible Switch Tip

Available At Amazon

The Graco 315 features high-performance RAC V switch tips that are used for both residential and professional coatings. The One seal is the most common coating that helps to prevent leaks in the trip guard and can be changed easily and quickly. The spray tip size is 5×4×1 inches. 315 spray tip features reverse a-clean-v airless spray tip. Usable for both exterior and interior work. They are used with latex and oil-based paints, enamels, varnishes, and high solids coatings.

Why Graco-286315-Reversible-015-Inch-Diameter Worth The Money?

  • A lower price material.
  • Made with good quality.
  • Used for both residential and professional coatings.


315 Graco 286315 RAC 5 Reversible Switch Tip

Available At Amazon

The Graco 311 is best to use for deck railings, interior trim, or outdoor furniture. a 6-8 inch spray pattern helps to paint easily to a narrower surface.

For the thin tip size, it can easily spray thin materials, flight transparent stains, water sealers, or polyurethanes. The reverse a-clean features help the tip to clog by simply twisting the tip and spraying in the opposite direction. The tips are easy to use and install. Moreover, you can get the desired size of the spray tip. Furthermore, the tips are used with a RAC IV tip guard and include tip and tip seals.

Why Graco-221311-Reversible-Airless-Spray Worth The Money?

  • Available in different sizes.
  • It easily sprays the thinner material.
  • Easy to use.

8 simple steps to paint kitchen cabinets

  • Collect all the painting tools

  • Masking tape
  • TSP cleaner
  • Wood filler
  • Coarse sandpaper
  • Fine sandpaper
  • A block
  • Spray paints
  • A brush
  • A foam roller

While choosing the painting tools, make sure you don’t choose the cheapest tools. It will damage your house cabinets and desirable looks. So, make sure you buy these at the highest price. As we know, good quality products always come at the highest price.

  • The door of cabinets, drawer, and hardware to be removed

You can paint every side and surface of cabinets easily by removing doors, drawers, and the hardware of the cabinet. At the time of removing doors and drawers, you can write the numbers on them, if you get puzzled about the serial. Make sure your hardware is kept safely after opening so that you won,t need to buy.

  • Cabinets need to be clean 

As we know, paint doesn’t sit well if the surface is not cleaned. To get a flawless and shiny smooth result, you need to first clean the cabinets. Usually, kitchen cabinets get sticky and oily due to heating while cooking at the stove. So, to paint cabinets, you need to wash correctly and need to remove all the sticky and oily molecules if never done before. However, if you are carrying new cabinets then, you aren’t required to clean just go through the spraying.

  • Wood filler to be used to repair any nicks

Find holes, nicks, gouges, or scratches. Then, squeeze your wood filler into the imperfections, and with a putty knife, spread it out. Now, try to dry the wood filler before going to the next step. 

  • Sand the surface of the cabinet

Sand the surface of the cabinet if you are an expert on it. Otherwise, contact the mechanical sander for getting flawless results. One thing to be careful of, at the time of removing old paint, can generate fumes and dust on them.

  • prime the cabinets

Before primer the cabinets, contact your professional painter to be sure you got the right primer. For laminate cabinets and wood cabinets, two different primers are needed. At the time of primer, if any bubbles create at the surface it means the surface is not clean correctly. So, before prime, make sure the cabinets are cleaned correctly.

  •  Sand the cabinets again ( this is an optional step)

This step is optional. If you choose this step then you must need to have fine-grain sandpaper. And, make sure it comes with 360 grit or above. Then, you will get a smooth finish by using this extra step.

  1. Cabinets to be painted

This is the most important and last step of the painting. A quality and suited spray tip protect and beautify the cabinet’s wood, door, drawer, etc. Before painting, you need to clean all the cabinets smoothly and correctly. You need to be sure that there remains no dust so that the spray paint sits on it. The kitchen room is a very sensitive place. To paint, make sure that it is cleaned and durable. However, the finish of the cabinet just depends on you. Make it glossy or not fully just depends on you. But, if you make a glossy finish the look of the house will come splendidly. And, no need to worry about a protective clear coat over the top. That’s not needed.

Final Verdict

If you want to make economic choices, then painting is good. And, if you are not likely to make economic decisions then, painting is still good because you can spend that money elsewhere. The above-mentioned products are usually structured to spray cabinets. They are the best spray tip for cabinets.

Moreover, when painting, make sure the cabinets are cleaned perfectly and the painting instruments are not bought at a cheap price. As we know, good quality always comes at the highest price.

There are many ways to paint the cabinets. Not every guideline gives an easy and few steps to paint cabinets. That’s why by thinking about customer needs, I have explained only 8 easy steps to paint cabinets.

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