Most Comfortable Travel Pillow for Long Flights

Most Comfortable Travel Pillow for Long Flights – Best Travel Pillow Reviews 2022

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Who doesn’t love to travel? But the worst part of traveling is… traveling itself. Who wants to be stuck in a tiny place for a long span of time? Nobody wants to go through that terrible experience for sure. When it comes to sleep, you feel very uncomfortable falling asleep in front of dozens of strangers. But with a travel pillow, every setback is just gone like magic!

If you can’t make the decision which pillow will be best for you, don’t worry. Here, we’ve come up with some of the most comfortable travel pillows in the world to help you out. Hopefully, after going through the article, you can make up your mind which one will be suitable for you. Here in this article, we’ve picked top-rated travel pillows, give it a look.

Best Choice

Trtl Pillow - Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow - Machine Washable (Red)

Overall best travel Pillow in the market

It is the most innovative travel pillow that comes with outstanding cushioning as well as comfort. Additionally, the pillow is portable and machine washable that allows cleaning easily

Premium Pick

AirComfy Ease Inflatable Travel Pillow with Luxuriously Soft Washable Cover - Ergonomic Neck and Lumbar Support for Prevention of Cervical and Lower Back Pain - Grey-Teal

AirComfy offers great stability for travelers

Thanks to elastic band, Air Comify offers awesome stability that is very helpful for travelers who move head while sleeping. It is also a high-value travel pillow with inflatability.

Budget Pick

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow - Straps to Airplane Seat & Car - Best Accessory for Plane, Auto, Bus, Train, Office Napping, Camping, Wheelchairs (Rolls Up Small) (2-Year Warranty)

Best travel pillow with affordable price

The TravelRest comes with an affordable price, microfiber cover as well as memory foam interior. Together with, the pillow comes with 2-year warranty.

Most Comfortable Travel Pillow for Long Flights – Top Reviews 2022

Aeris Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Do you often find yourself asleep while traveling on a plane, bus, car or any other public transportation? And always have trouble having a restful sleep? Then AERIS MEMORY FOAM NECK PILLOW can be the ultimate companion on your journey to give you assurance about having a restful sleep.

Aeris memory foam travel pillow is very soft and comfortable. It supports your neck and head very well so that your head does not come forward while sleeping. This pillow is easy to use, fits accurately around your neck even if you keep moving from one side to another side. You’ll feel very comfortable with the pillow as it is made of high-quality memory foam. Moreover, it comes with a complete pillow set with an extra EYE MASK and EAR PLUGS.

  • Very comfortable and flexible
  • Takes a very small place to carry on
  • Comes with a VELCRO STRAP
  • Long durability

  • A little large and firm for a small size person
  • A bit heavy


Cabeau Evolution Memory Foam Travel Pillow

If you need a pillow which will provide you great neck support and holds your head in a comfortable position, Cabeau travel pillow can be the best option for you.

It has higher walls to support your neck properly than any other pillow. You can easily create the effect of 360-degree support with an adjustable lock system.

Besides, medium density memory foam has been used to make it. That makes it more effective when you recline in it. You’ll find it soft though having a flat back.

You can store it in its carry bag in a minimum short space. Additionally, its outer cover is removable and washable. Surprisingly, it offers a storage area for your mobile device in a way of a side pocket in the pillow.

  • 360-degree support
  • Supports your head in all possible angles
  • Soft Washable outer cover
  • Can be compressed down to its ½ size
  • Highly adjustable with its drawstring

  • Too high for children and short-necked people
  • Without a contoured neck



I know what you are thinking, Yes, this one looks a bit odd. But it offers great comfort for your chin, neck, and headrest like you’ve tried nothing ever before.  The ending part “J” sits under your chin stopping your head from moving forward.

This odd-looking pillow had won the British Invention Award of the year for its unique shape and great comfort.

There’s plenty of filling material in the pillow so that you can have the exact feeling of lying on a proper pillow. The J-shape pillow can be moved at any direction with your head and neck while sleeping. This pillow is not only usable for a flight but also works for a car, bus and train journey.

You should not worry about its odd size in order to carry it with you. The pillow comes with a carry bag to solve the problem. What you have to do is just to encompass the pillow into its carry bag and reduce the half of its size.

This pillow has an extraordinary benefit. This whole pillow can be washed in a machine and not just the cover. This pillow also has a plus point that it doesn’t get hot like any other pillow.

  • Chin and neck support
  • Ending part prevents your head from dropping
  • Soft Washable outer cover
  • Full pillow machine washable
  • Provides you best comfort

  • Not so much effective on a long duration flight unless you have a window seat
  • Not beneficial for all type of people


Bcozzy Chin Supporting Travel Neck Pillow

Many travel pillows have taken the challenge to stop the head from falling forward. But unfortunately, none of them were successful. But you don’t need to worry about that. We’ve found a superb pillow for you which will fulfill all your needs.

The Bcozzy is a versatile pillow with a unique semi donut shape. It prevents your head from nodding forward. We picked it because it’s suitable for those who use large over-the-ear headphones on a flight. Its unique shape suits a wide range of neck shapes starting from adults to children. It gives you full 360-degree neck support. Say Goodbye to nodding heads with Bcozzy neck pillow.

The pillow is totally adjustable. You can adjust the pillow height according to your own personal preferences. It’s totally up to you how much overlap you want. It can be used for multipurpose and not only for side sleepers.

It takes minimum space in your limited luggage space. Moreover, you can hang it up with your backpack or luggage using its loop. Plus, its machine washable.

  • Complete 360 degree support
  • Prevents your head from dropping onward
  • Sizes for adult and child
  • A loop to hang it to your backpack/luggage
  • Machine washable

  • Not perfect if you’re very tall


Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow

This pillow comes with a unique design than any other pillows in the market. Unlike other travel pillows, it doesn’t go around your neck and supports only your head. It goes across your entire front body like a sling providing you a totally different kind of support.

Side sleepers would definitely appreciate this pillow, especially if you get a window seat. This pillow will provide you a full relaxation and a sound sleep.

This pillow cover is made of a soft-velvet material. You can also purchase an extra cover which has a memory foam pad at the top of the pillow. This will provide you an extended place to repose your head.

  • Very easy to inflate
  • Takes up a minimum space in your carry bag
  • Machine washable
  • Can be used for multiple purpose

  • Can run out of space when inflated
  • Can consume a lot of time to find out the perfect position


PUREFLY Inflatable Travel Pillow

Purefly has brought an innovative travel pillow that keeps you relax throughout your whole journey. The innovative design will provide you maximum comfort by its Raised neck support. It will hold your head perfectly and stop it from falling onward.

To get your own desired inflation, you’ve to press the button continuously which is located on the lower portion of the pillow.

The pillow cover is made of micro-velvet pillow that feels soft on the skin. Besides, the cover is removable and washable too.

This means it should sit properly on your neckline and give you the comfort you seek for during your sleep time.

  • Comes with an innovative design
  • Easy to carry in a small bag
  • Easily inflated and deflated with the built in pump
  • Removable and washable cover
  • Soft velvet cover

  • Too bulky sometimes
  • Built in machine stops working in some cases


Trtl Pillow

The Trtl travel pillow comes with a unique design, looking like a scarf. This pillow claims to be a Scientifically Proven pillow. Its main intention is to hold your head in an ergonomic position while sleeping upright. Bye bye, nodding heads!

This pillow is made of a Super Soft fleece cover, which is much cozier than any other U-shaped pillow. In addition, its cozy wraparound fleece cover keeps your neck hot if you get cold during flight.

The best thing about it is that it would take up minimum space in your valuable luggage space as it weighs only 148 grams! You can easily attach it to your backpack or luggage. No more tension for extra space for a travel pillow!

The pillow comes with different colors like Red, Grey, Coral, and Black. Now you can choose a color that you like the most. Most of all, this is a  Machine Washable Travel Pillow.

  • Super space saver
  • Supports your neck and stops from falling forward
  • Feels very cozy
  • Machine washable

  • The fleecy material can get a bit warm
  • Not so good if you tend to shift position while sleeping


 Huzi Infinity Pillow

The Perfect word for this pillow is “ALL IN ONE PILLOW”.  With this versatile infinity pillow, you can feel at home. Just adjust its Mobius shape around your neck as you like for a sound sleep. This pillow can be used for multipurpose, doesn’t matter whether you’re sitting in a window, aisle or a middle seat. Additionally, it  is predominantly a Soft Neck Travel Pillow. However, it can be used as a Neck pillow, back support, window pillow, desk pillow, an eye mask or noise canceling pillow. So, you get all these benefits in just One Single pillow.

The pillow is made of super soft bamboo fabric to give you a cozy feeling. It’s also washable in the machine. Long-lasting, hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial.

  • All in one pillow
  • Machine washable
  • Long durability
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Anti-bacterial

  • Some people may find the length wrong


Travelmate Memory Foam

This newly released pillow is great for your travel, unlike any other U-shaped travel pillow. The improved version of this pillow has a built-in removable insert so that you can rectify the thickness of the pillow just the way you like according to your sitting position. The pillow prevents your head from falling forward. So, say goodbye to aching necks after a flight!

It’s made of high-quality memory foam that molds around your neck very well. Zippered, machine washable plush velour cover has been used for it.

The pillow can be carried easily by attaching its elastic strap on a backpack or luggage. Thus it would save your precious luggage space for you.

  • New and improved version
  • High-quality memory foam
  • Can be adjust the thickness on your personal preferences

  • Some may find it a bit thick and hard


Aircomfy Ease Inflatable Travel Pillow

The Aircomfy travel pillow comes with an hourglass shape. It can be used for multipurpose. Not only as a travel pillow but also as an extra pillow for supporting your back, neck, knee and other areas while sleeping on a bed or sitting in a chair.

The Aircomfy travel pillow offers long stability, thankfully it has an elastic band on the back that can be wrapped around the headrest; this stops the pillow from joggling exceedingly. This really makes it beneficial for the restless sleepers.

All age’s people from adults to kids can use it by adjusting it on their personal preferences. The plush velvet cover gives pleasure on the skin. The pillowcase is also removable and machine washable. Easy to carry on. When deflated becomes the size of a toilet paper roll.


Aircomfy Ease Travel Pillow – Top Features

Aircomfy Travel Pillow Review deals with top-rated features for helping the buyers to pick the right pillow for them. Go through the description below and the ultimate pros of aircomfy ease travel pillow-

Adjustable Size

Moreover, the pillow has an adjustable size so that everyone in your family can use it. Nevertheless, minimizing or maximizing the size of the pillow won’t make any affects on comfort while using this inflatable pillow.

Color Variation

Aircomfy Ease Travel Pillow comes with 5 different colors that allow you to choose the suitable one for you. This Top-rated Travel Pillow brings grey, dark blue, blue, pink and purple. Especially, you can buy a fun color if you have kids.

Easily Portable

While traveling you might be terrified about the enormous travel matters. Moreover, if you travel with your kids, the trouble will be doubled. In this circumstance, it will be wise for you to find light stuff. And in this regard, Aircomfy Ease Travel Pillow can be a great option for you as this pillow comparatively lightweight and easily portable with less than half a pound,

Ideal for Long Road Trip

Although traveling is a great experience, sometimes it turns out to be a tedious and mind-numbing thing when the journey is too long. What’s more, long road voyage can be a discomfort for your lower back due to the absence of support from the lower back seat. However, aircomfy travel pillow comes up with a great news for the travelers who are suffering from this sort of issue. By using this pillow in your long road trip, you can make your tour truly enjoyable as it easily adjusts your sit and volunteers the crucial support you need!

Why Aircomfy travel pillow is popular for long flight?

If you are looking for a new travel pillow that will actually help you to have a trouble-free long flight And no neck pain after waking up from sleep in the plane. Well, then Aircomfy ease inflatable travel pillow is the one stop solution for you. It is one of the best travel pillow in travel pillows for airplanes. We have tested so many travel pillows among them this one is the best inflatable neck pillow.

The inflatable neck pillow and lumber pillow, Aircomfy ease inflatable travel pillow is a considerately designed pillow that provides support in a delicate way. But is it perfect for yourself while traveling? To know in details read this full review.

This unique designed travel pillow is made by a company named Aircomfy.  They also makes the other travel pillow named Aircomfy Daydreamer neck pillow. Aircomfy ease travel pillow designed in a way that it supports your head and neck very well. it prevents your head from tilting forward and nodding.  So, you won’t have trouble sleeping while traveling and won’t have neck pain anymore.

Aircomfy ease travel pillow is very lightweight and flexible. Thus, you won’t feel it is pushing your head forward and you can relax without any bulky feeling behind your head. You don’t need to clean this pillow even after using it for a long time. when you need to clean it, you can wash it with a damp cloth or using a damp steamer. You can also add foam for additional support according to your preference.  It features side wings which prevents your head from tilting.

Some other keyfeatures 
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Very easy to clean
  • Provides full support for head and neck
  • Includes stretchy elastic band
  • Can be used as a slumber pillow
  • Can be carried away easily
  • Versatile pillow
  • Washable pillowcase
  • Can be carried easily
  • Suitable for adults to kids

  • Sometimes, may feel slightly uneasy.


travel pillow

5 Useful Tips on How to Choose the Right Travel Pillow

Choosing the perfect travel pillow needs some experiences. If you are going to buy a travel pillow for the first time this section of our article will help you to find the ideal travel pillow or travel neck pillow for you. Also, if your previous travel pillow wasn’t the right fit for you, you could find the tips here to purchase the best travel pillow for you.

1. Comfort

First things first. You are buying travel pillow for adding comfort in your journey. So, while choosing neck pillow for yourself, never attach by its color or price, look for the most comfortable ones.

2. Design

Design is another crucial thing to look for while buying a pillow. Not all designs are comfortable for everybody. So, before going to buy your pillow, read the reviews about it to see whether it is friendly for the user or not.

3. Durability  

We all know that no one likes to purchase the same product after just a few days. Everyone wants to have a long-lasting product while buying anything. So, before buying watch out for the durability of the materials.  

4. Weight

While going out for a trip, you will never want to bring heavy stuff with you. So, when you are going to invest in travel pillow find a pillow which is lightweight and doesn’t take much space in your bag.

5. Washable Travel Pillow

No one wants to use a dirty pillow for sleeping. After using several times, your neck pillow could get dirty. So, before buying your travel pillow check out wheatear it is washable or not.

Travel Pillow for International & Domestic Flights: FAQs

What is the Best Travel Pillow for Kids?

Nido Nest Kids Travel Neck Car Pillow - for Child Toddler Airplane Cars, Frog

Kids love animated design and colors. If you want to buy kids travel pillow we recommend Nido Nest Kids Travel Neck Pillow for you. This kids neck pillow comes with five gorgeous color and designs. Also, it is very lightweight and easy to hang with the travel bag. Additionally, this kids neck pillow cover is washable. So, you could easily remove the cover and wash it. Moreover, this kids travel neck pillow is an ideal fit for airplane, bus, car, boats or even train. So, if you are planning to buy a kids travel pillow it could be the right option.

What is the Best Travel Pillow for Adults?

Trtl Pillow - Scientifically Proven Super Soft Neck Support Travel Pillow - Machine Washable (Red)

Due to portability and space-saving design, [amazon_textlink asin=’B00LB7REFK’ text=’Trtl Pillow’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’getreviewtoda-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’24698d94-3ef3-4454-bdf0-35880a8e0d60′] is the first choice for most of the travelers. It comes with an ergonomic design and various color options for you. You could have a good night sleep in any transport. Additionally, the Trtl Travel Pillow is very comfortable, washable, and lightweight. So, it could be the best option for an adult.

What is the Best Travel Pillow for Airplane?

Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow - Straps to Airplane & Car Seat - Best Accessory for Plane, Auto, Bus, Train, Office Napping, Camping, Wheelchairs (Rolls Up Small) (2-Year Warranty)

The plane pillow is a must need for long flights for a comfortable journey. People purchase airplane sleep pillow before taking off for a long flight. We recommend [amazon_textlink asin=’B002P8YW54′ text=’Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’getreviewtoda-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’bb464ffc-4fd5-4ca8-afa6-30c8463f5bd4′].  This best airplane pillow is the ideal choice for the window seat. Also, for any regular seat, this travel pillow is the most comfortable pillow in the market. Additionally, this best airplane neck pillow comes with 3 attractive colors. The ergonomic design provides the ideal support you need while you are on the go. Additionally, this neck pillow for plane is also perfect for multi-use. So, this inflatable airplane pillow will be an all in one tool for you. Among the tons of travel pillows for airplanes in the market, this pillow is affordable, good looking, lightweight, washable and ideal for multiuse as well. So, you may go for this airplane pillow.

Closing Notes

It’s very difficult to find a person who doesn’t love traveling. But for an enjoyable and comfortable tour, you must have all the important accessories with you. Among them, a travel pillow is the most important thing that you must take with yourself on your journey. Above, I’ve reviewed about so many travel pillows. You can choose the best travel pillow for yourself. Always pay attention to your personal likings. If you know the fact that you dislike the thing personally, on a serious note, you should not buy that. Doesn’t matter how good it might seem. Now, the ball is in your court, choose the travel pillow what suits you best.

Happy Traveling!

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