Can a 12 Year Old Use a Treadmill?

Treadmills were used to reduce overweight by walking, running, or climbing while staying in one place. No matter how bad the weather is outside, it is effective to exercise at home. Reduces weight, and improves heart rate and muscle tone. Also, it saves a huge time rather than going outside.

Treadmills are usable for all ages. From children to seniors, can use their respective treadmills. Well, today we will talk about the kids’ treadmill.

There are some common questions of people regarding the 12 years old using a treadmill. In the article, I have given the answers about them. Readout, you may get your answers.

Can a 12-year-old use a treadmill?

From the research and doctor’s advice, it is known that no treadmill and other devices can be used under the age of twelve. All these may affect mental health, brain and eyes. So, 12-year-olds can use treadmills. This is the age when kids need physical activities, coordination, and confidence. Exercise helps them to lead a healthy lifestyle and makes them active at work.

However, the fitness experts and guidelines of health suggest that children from age 12 should perform a workout three days a week.

How to use the treadmill for beginners?

  • Talk to the doctor: If you are new at this, you first need to talk with a doctor. If you have joints issues or back pains, the doctor will suggest either low impact or high impact training.
  • Get shoes: You have to get training for workouts. The treadmills supply running, walking, or climbing at various speeds. To prevent falls or slips, beginners need to wear shoes. Moreover, these shoes will give arch support and will have a convenient workout.
  • Drinking water: In a 90minutes before workouts drink water about 16_24 fluid because doing workouts on a treadmill causes huge sweats that may later affect dehydration.
  • Thick socks: You need to get thick socks to perform the exercise.
  • Warm-up and Cool down: Do a warm-up and cool-down session for 5 minutes after and before every treadmill workout.
  • Focus on settings: Pay attention to the settings and perform work. You need to concentrate on the settings. It’s better if you read using instructions before using a treadmill.

How to choose the right treadmill for kids[a 12-year-old?

To get the right treadmills for your kids or for 12 years old, you need to follow some factors. The factors are stated below-

  • Size: To buy, you need to decide which size you need for your kid and your home. Well, various sizes of kid’s treadmills are available including portable and larger. However, 12-year-old kid treadmill, measures 64✕32✕49 inches and the running area measures 52✕18 inches.
  • Item Weight: While checking the features of a treadmill, don’t forget to check its weight. For a 12 years kid, the treadmill should not be heavy. It weighs 69kg(152 lbs) and supports 100kg. So, before buying, please, do check the mentioned number.
  • Speed Ratings: Check the speed ratings carefully as you are taking them for kids’ fitness. Also, buying a treadmill is a big investment. The kids’ treadmill carries 2 horsepower, 10 miles per hour speed ratings, 0.5 miles per hour minimum speed, and the interval speed range measures from 0.5-10MPH(0.8-16KPH).
  • Other Features: There are some features in the treadmills which you will need to check like- a water bottle holder, 4-window LED display that shows time, distance, heart rate, speed, calories, incline, LAPs program-manual, cardio, fat burn. Also, shows heart rate performance and other cardio activities. More mode settings are also present. Check whether all are present or not.

Considering the above factors will help you to buy the right product and will serve the suited functions for kids.

Our recommended treadmill for a 12-year-old

  • Fitness Kids treadmill – Fitnex XT5

Fitnex XT5 Kids Treadmill

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The fitness kids treadmill is effective to maintain fitness for kids. They will help your kids to get in good shape. It helps to reduce childhood obesity and creates young athletes. The Fitness XT5 is the only new manufacturer that offers fun children’s treadmills. Suitable for both boys and girls.

Come to its features; It includes a water bottle holder, 4-window LED display that shows time, distance, heart rate, speed, calories, Incline, LAPS program- manual, cardio, fat burn. Also, shows heart rate and other cardio activities. There are different settings for the functions.

Moreover, the measurements of the treadmill 62✕34✕49 inches, and the running area measures 52✕18 inches, step on height 16cm, its belt type high density, product weight 69 kg and supports maximum weight 100kg.

Fitness brand and carries a maximum of 2 horsepower with 10 miles per hour speed ratings.


So, given a brief discussion regarding can a 12 years old use a treadmill. Now, for those who want to buy a treadmill for their 12 years old kid, you can give them. It will make them fit to their body and they will be active in physical work.

The recommended product for your 12 kids will serve the best functions. You can take this. It is durable, sturdy and supports 100kg of weight. Moreover, your children will have fun having this.

Now, it’s up to you. Happy shopping!

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