Difference Between Body Lotion And Body Butter

Difference Between Body Lotion And Body Butter

The difference between body lotion and body butter is in their texture and ingredients. Body butter contains more oil thus it gives a thicker texture than body lotion. Both Body butter and body lotion are used by checking skin type. For dry skin, body butter is better to use compared to body lotion.

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Body Lotion vs Body Butter: What’s the Difference?

Difference Between Body Lotion And Body ButterBody Lotion

The body lotion is formulated with a little amount of oil and body moisturizers to suit all types of skin. You can see that most of the moisturizers come as a lotion. It makes the skin smooth and shining. The body butter which comes with lots of butter and oil can’t be used on normal skin. All these are only applicable for dry skin. But, body lotion can be used on any type of skin. As they don’t contain oil and butter, they are lighter than a body butter. For those who have oily skin, body lotion is the best to use. However, if your skin is dry then it’s better to go for a body butter or oily lotion. In winter, everyone’s skin becomes dry and rough patches. So, body butter will reduce such problems and give you smooth and glowing skin.

Body Butter

The body butter is formulated with less amount of water and a high amount of oil with butter. It is thicker compared to lotion. For dry skin, it moisturizes the skin. If your skin is too dry and rough patches, then go for body butter. It will work as a moisturizing by making your skin soft and smooth. In winter, for every type of skin, body butter is applicable. Everyone can use it throughout the whole winter. 

Moreover, the body butter contains four scents which are pomegranate, lemongrass, lavender, and coconut. They offer long-lasting hydration, boost collagen production, and protect skins with the antioxidant formulation. The most common ingredients that are present in the body butter are shea butter, raspberry butter, aloe, seaweed extract, and rice burn oil. They make the body butter as moisture. As a result, it purifies and makes the skin firm. For body care, I will suggest body butter to use as a body lotion for everyday use. Because it provides enough moisturizers and it will always maintain your softness.

Final Verdict

To the final verdict, it is to be noted that ingredients are the main differences between the body lotion and body butter. For all types of skin, body lotion can be used. If your skin is dry then take body butter. However, normal skin can also use body butter as body butter contains enough moisture.

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