Different Types Of Space Heaters

Different Types Of Space Heaters

A space heater is a type of heater that is used to heat only a particular substance or area. There are three different types of space heaters. Convection heaters, radiant heaters, and combination heaters.

If you are thinking of buying a space heater, before taking it you need to know about its types. You will understand their respective functions. Then you will be able to decide which one you need and what will be better to have.

All the heaters are best to use. They come with many benefits. However, let’s briefly know about them. Check the below review.

Different Types Of Space Heaters- Review

Before buying a heater, you have to know about all of its types. After this, you will be able to get a suitable one for your needs. 

Convection Heaters

Convection heaters are the types of heaters that make the air warm. It is good to make the entire room warm.

The convection heater makes warm the air of the room but not people. They are made with a unique design. The heater first produces hot air that transfers to the ceiling then the cooler warm air falls to the floor and makes the room warm. These heaters are called water or oil-filled heaters. They are efficient and warm fast.

Radiant Heaters

A radiant heater is a type of heater that only warms the people and objects but not the entire room. The benefit of having this, if your partner doesn’t want to warm only you can warm yourself.

Radiant heaters warm both the people and objects but not the air. It is different from convection heaters. These heaters just provide warmth to the person who is sitting in front of it. It has quick heating features. If you want a heater to make warm fast, this is the right choice to have. But when suing you need to be careful. It is slightly more dangerous than others. When using it you should not put any fire-catching things in front of it. Otherwise, it can burn people and the objects situated in front.

Combination Heaters

A combination heater is a combination of both radiant and convection heaters. They are easy to use and install. These hearts are most commonly used by people.

Combination heaters come with both radiant and convection features. They feature a fan that warms the whole home. So, they are not efficient like other heaters. It takes every one unit of heat for every one unit of electricity. It is best to use to warm the whole home but costs too much. As we know, to get the best features it will carry a lot of prices. Because all the brands remain expensive.

Infrared Heater

It is the best for your home. You can easily change the mood of your room through this medium. It produces heat and does not need any fuel to work. Infrared radiates energy in all directions to give you a comfortable life in winters. This type of heater has the best economic factor. It is less expensive and operates with a steady flow of air through its ducts which makes it more efficient than any other heater.

Fan Heater

Fan heaters are very much useful in your kitchen, bedroom, or other places where there is no proper heating system available to you. It works with the help of a fan and is very cheap in comparison to an infrared heater. Fan heaters are small in size and can easily accommodate themselves anywhere you want them to.

Fan-forced Heaters

Also called forced-air heaters, these are found in offices and public places like restaurants. They work with the help of air ducts or fans and force out hot air into the area of heating.

Oil Heaters

They are safer than other types of heaters due to the reason that they do not emit poisonous gases. But they are much costlier than other heaters.

Gas Heaters

Gas-fired space heaters have a lot of advantages over other types, as they provide quick heat and can be programmed for any temperature you want at any time during the day. You will find gas heaters in most homes and offices.

Halogen Heaters

Halogen heaters use halogen bulbs to produce heat which is much smaller in size but consumes high energy. Halogen space heaters have gained popularity due to their small size as compared to other types of space heaters, and also because they do not require any installation and are very easy to use.

Ceramic Heaters

These work by heating up a ceramic plate which in turn emits heat into the room. It is cheaper than other types of heaters but consumes more energy, and also due to its high temperature, it takes time to warm up your room.

Woodspace Heater

It uses smoke to produce a glow which then emits heat into your room. This is the cheapest of all types of space heaters and can be easily operated and maintained by anyone. It emits more carbon monoxide than any other heater, so it is not recommended for use in homes or public places.

Wrap Up

So, these are the different types of space heaters. 

You can see that all the heaters have their respective functions. If you need a heater then you need to decide on what purpose you want. All are best with their features. 

Always keep in mind, to have the best benefits and functions you need to go for a brand, not to the lower price. Because an expensive one will provide a long-term warranty and will make your investment worth it.


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