Best Doorbell Camera Review 2021 | A Definitive Guide

Best Choice

Wisenet SmartCam D1 Wired Video Doorbell for Home Security, Face Recognition. Hard-Wiring to Existing Doorbell Required.

Wisenet SmartCam D1

Includes cool and smart unique features of its own

Wisenet offers face recognition and sound detection. You can control the list of faces that you want to get recognized.

Premium Pick

Ring Video Doorbell Pro, with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy Installation (existing doorbell wiring required)

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

The best video doorbell camera on the market

This video doorbell is our Editor’s best choice and the premium pick on our list. It provides you A-Z facilities you need for your home.

Budget Pick

Ring Video Doorbell 2 with HD Video, Motion Activated Alerts, Easy Installation

Ring Video Doorbell

The trusted name in the market when it comes to security.

Like the other Ring cameras, it also provides the same service for your home security at an affordable price.

Knock, Knock! Who’s out there?

You might be thinking I’m playing a game. No, I’m not. In actual, you face this very situation when someone knocks at your door. You truly have no idea who can be outside at your door before you open the door yourself. It can be your relative, neighbor, delivery guy or completely an unknown person.

With a video doorbell, these options won’t pop up into your mind, leaving you feel more secured in your home. After installing a doorbell camera obviously, you would be already knowing exactly who’s out there at your front door. There is nothing better than a doorbell camera when it comes to knowing who’s appeared at your door.

Why You Need a Doorbell Camera?

Do you often find your flower tubs are missing from your porch? Clearly, these tubs don’t get alive and originate hands and legs and walk away all by themselves. Or do you have a cheeky monkey neighbor who spends a little extra time hanging out around your porch? Or maybe you are irritated because of those imp kids who ring your doorbell and run away before you open the door? Honestly, these things are very irksome. If you are facing these things, it is high time to boost up your home’s security by installing a doorbell camera and literally increasing the third eye.

Video doorbells comes as just like they sound. With video doorbell cameras you can stream live and keep an eye at your home’s front door. No matter you are at home or not you can even hear and talk to the person standing outside your door.

The only wintry thing about Doorbell cameras is “The Knock-Knock” jokes fall humdrum because you already know who’s out there.

With unlimited options in the market, it is natural to find the best front door camera for your home. Send your worries to holiday as we have done the job for you! After spending 48 hours on testing doorbell cameras to find out the best one for you, we have rounded up with these Ten video doorbell cameras. I’m pretty sure you will find the best one after going through this article.

How Video Doorbell Camera Decreases Crimes?

Doorbell cameras really do a great job in decreasing porch pirates and package thieves. As you install it on your front door, you can monitor the front side of your home very well. Research shows that crimes have gradually decreased from 1990-2017 after people have installed a security camera or video doorbell. In another study, it is found that video doorbells really help to reduce porch pirating. In the USA, last year 11 million proprietors experienced porch pirating. The LAPD recently conducted  a study on two neighborhood – one of them received a Ring Video Doorbell camera and the other didn’t. After installing the camera LAPD could see the visual improvement on porch pirating, they saw “50% lessening in package stealing.’’ And the other side had no changes. So, it would be better if you install a doorbell camera or let your packages get stolen.

Comparison table of best video doorbell camera

ProductSpecial featureCheck the price

Ring Video Doorbell Pro
1080P video quality
Click Here

August Doorbell Cam Pro
HD color vision at night
Click Here

Ring Video Doorbell 2
Wireless setup
Click Here

Wisenet SmartCam D1
Face recognition
Click Here

Zmodo Smart Greet
HD lens with 105-degree viewing angleClick Here

RemoBell Video Doorbell
Heat detectionClick Here

Arlo Audio Doorbell
WeatherproofClick Here

Ring Video Doorbell
720P HD resolution
Click Here

Activity alertsClick Here

SkyBell HD
1080P HD resolutionClick Here

Let’s have a look at the best doorbell cameras!

1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro

How to Install Ring Video Doorbell Pro | DiY Installation

All of the smart doorbell cameras we have provided on the list are great. But when it comes to the best video doorbell, our editor’s best choice is Ring Video doorbell. This video doorbell provides you just about everything you want for your front door security. Amazon’s attainment of Ring video doorbell has twisted this top doorbell camera brand even more reasonably priced and easy to use. Keep an eye on your home in full 1080P HD video and stream live view of your home at anytime from anywhere on your PC, Android or tablet.

Ring works with Alexa to lighten and sends alert to Echo devices when it detects motion or someone presses the doorbell. You can also hear and talk and see the outsider through Echo Show or Echo Spot. It has an excellent app that works on both Android and iOS devices.

The most amazing thing about Ring is that they provide a lifetime theft protection. If your doorbell gets stolen, they will replace it for free.

There are some more brilliant features that Ring Video Doorbell Pro includes are:

  • It guards your home at night with infrared night vision
  • Ring pro has 160-degree vision
  • Two- way audio and video talk
  • Advance motion detection zones
  • Easily connects to your existing doorbell line for nonstop power

  • Two-way talk
  • Motion detection
  • Works with Alexa
  • Lifetime theft protection

  • Needs strong Wi-Fi connection to record the cleanest video
  • You can’t have a full view as it provides 160-degree vision

2. August Doorbell Cam Pro

With August Doorbell Cam Pro, you will always be able to know who’s knocking at your door. See and speak to the visitors directly from your phone or scare away the unwanted visitors. Keep surveillance at your front door in full color HD video even at night with the built-in floodlight camera. With the HindSight feature, August Pro starts capturing video as soon as people appear at your doorstep even if they don’t press the doorbell.

See and speak with the visitors with the two-way audio talk feature. Thus, this feature makes it easy for you to answer the door as if you were right there.

Does your spouse always forget keys or necessary things at home? Or a relative coming home to see the kids while you’re not at home? To resolve this problem, you can pair the doorbell with any August Smart lock to remotely let the guy enter into the house.

Here are some extra features that August included to their video doorbell:

  • Sends real time alerts on your phone whenever someone appears at your doorstep, even if you’re not at home.
  • The floodlight turns on automatically when motion is detected
  • Can be installed easily as it simply replaces your old mechanical chime doorbell and doesn’t need extra wiring
  • Comes with a whole installation box
  • August Home App works awesome on any Android, iOS or Apple watch Devices.
  • Free video storage for 24 hours

  • Motion detection
  • Sends real-time alerts directly on your phone
  • Full color HD videos even at night
  • Two-way audio talk feature

  • You need to check the voltage first before installation
  • Bulky design

3. Ring Video Doorbell 2

Unlike the other doorbells Ring 2 works with rechargeable battery so you won’t have to mess with the wires during installation. Or you can simply replace it with your old doorbell so that it can have constant power. The two-way audio talk feature lets you see, hear and talk to the person whoever is ringing your doorbell. Just open up your phone, PC or tablet to interact with the person in full HD video. It sends alert right away on your phone, tablet or PC whenever it detects motion at your doorstep or someone presses the doorbell. It connects with Alexa for good, get security at the sound of your voice and view live movement at your doorstep anytime.

Give a look on these features that Ring added to Ring Video Doorbell 2:

  • You can connect your Ring Doorbell 2 with chime device to hear the bell sound inside of your house
  • You can share your Ring Videos with whomever you want
  • With the removable battery pack, you won’t have to move your Doorbell camera to charge it
  • Charge once and it will last for three months
  • You can choose over the two interchangeable faceplates to match the security with fashion

  • 1080P full HD video
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Wireless setup
  • Motion detection

  • Increased size and bulkier design
  • Needs to charge the battery in every three months

4. Wisenet SmartCam D1

Wisenet is new brand that has brought Wisenet SmartCam D1 smart and cool doorbell camera. It has many awesome and unique features of its own. For you, it offers face recognition. You can control the list of faces that can be get recognized. This feature is really cool because you get alerted when the people you know is at your front door.

Another cool and unique feature of Wisenet that isn’t found in any other camera yet is its sound detection. Whenever a loud noise is detected only out of the FOV of the camera, you will be notified on your phone. This feature also provides an extra layer of personal security for your home. Wisenet has infrared night vision so that even at night you can see everything clearly.

Some extra features that we liked about Wisenet:

  • Two-way audio feature lets you see, hear and talk to your visitors.
  • Cloud storage benefits for all of your recorded videos
  • It has advanced video analytics to identify human from animals and other objects.
  • You can select up to 3 motion zones within the SmartCam D1’s field of view.

  • Face recognition
  • Two-way audio talk
  • Sound detection
  • 3 motion zone selection

  • The app is not compatible with certain phones

5. Zmodo Smart Greet

This cool video doorbell camera is specially designed to make you feel at home even if you’re not at home with personalized recorded greetings and mobile notifications. This smart camera easily connects with your smartphone and lets you answer the door no matter wherever you are. You can see and speak to the outsiders right through your smartphone. Zmodo doorbell camera gives a clear view of 720P HD video quality. With the Zmodo app, you can access live video at any time and can keep an eye on your home.

The Zmodo greet doorbell is attired with a PIR sensor offering proper motion detection. So, it can inform you with a video clip when something goes out of the order.

When you are too busy to answer the door record a voice message before and Zmodo Greet will play it when someone presses the bell. Isn’t it a cool idea? Indeed, it is.

Zmodo Greet provides a better night vision. It lets you manually switch on the night vision mode depending on different light conditions to provide you the best view in low light. The two-way audio feature allows you to communicate with the visitors at your doorstep.

Zmodo Greet also includes these features:

  • A whole new HD lens with 105-degree vertical viewing angle.
  • Zmodo saves the motion alert clips in the cloud for 12 hours for free. All Greet users can use a 30 days free trial of 7 days cloud recording plan.
  • 60 days money back guarantee.
  • 3 years limited warranty and US-based tech support for lifetime.

  • 720P HD video quality
  • PIR Sensor provides proper motion detection
  • 105-degree watching angle
  • 3 years warranty

  • It needs a mechanical doorbell chime.
  • And transformer with a low-voltage of 10VAC-36VAC

6. RemoBell Video Doorbell

The Remobell nearly looks like a cell phone fitteded at your front door. It looks so modern and well-designed. This is just beginning. It doesn’t only looks nice but also does the its job perfectly.

Remobell provides the view in 720P HD video quality. It also provides two-way audio feature so that you can see and talk to the visitor or scare them away. It has motion sensor feature installed. So, whenever someone crosses your door you will get notified. With its infrared night vision, you can see your porch and garden clearly. This smart doorbell also can detect body heat. This makes it much easier for identifying between a person and animals and other material things.

Some other features we liked about Remobell given below:

  • Easy access to recorded video using the mobile app
  • Two-way audio talk

  • 720P HD resolution
  • Two-way audio talk
  • Heat detection
  • Motion sensor

  • Installation of the camera is a bit tough

7. Arlo Doorbell

This smart Doorbell camera syncs with other Arlo cameras for a safe and secured smart home. It connects with both audio and video device for the best convenience and control. Answer the door from anywhere with Arlo from your Smartphone or tab. You can get a full view and live video of your porch if you combine it with an Arlo wire-free camera. Moreover, you can save your money by installing it if you have Arlo security cameras installed before!

You will get a call when someone rings your Arlo Audio Doorbell. You can communicate with the visitors remotely from your smartphone or tab.

Your guests can leave a message for you when you’re unable to answer the door and you can listen to them when you get time.

Arlo Doorbell has a wireless feature, so you don’t have to mess with the wires. Additionally, it is totally weather proof. So, place it anywhere outside with your convenience.

Features of the Arlo Audio Doorbell highlighted including:

  • Easy installation with Arlo’s simple wire-free design
  • It works with your existing chime
  • Arlo allows you to give a quick response from the list of pre-recorded messages.
  • Mute your doorbell chime when you’re not in the mood.

  • Syncs with other Arlo cameras
  • Easy installation as it is wireless
  • Visitors can leave message
  • Completely weatherproof

  • Requires an Arlo base station to use the Arlo Audio doorbell or chime
  • Not compatible with Arlo Go, Arlo Q and Arlo Baby security cameras.

8. Ring Video Doorbell

With the Ring video doorbell, you can see who’s knocking your door by using your smartphone before opening it. You can see, hear and talk to the visitor with the two-way audio feature from your smartphone, tab or PC. It sends alerts to right away to your phone when it detects motion. You can keep an eye on your home by accessing live view on demand anytime by using your smartphone.

You get a full HD view even at night with infrared night vision. What more with Ring Doorbell is that you can adjust the sensitivity of your motion sensor to get the suitable setting for your home.

Here are some more features of Ring video doorbell camera we have included that you will like:

  • Works with Amazon Alexa
  • Lifetime theft protection; if your doorbell gets stolen Ring will replace it for free.
  • Comes with all the necessary tools that you will need to install.
  • You can save, review and share your Ring videos with your friends and family.
  • You get a free 30 days free trial of Ring Project Plus with your purchase. With Project Plus you also get 24/7 professional monitoring with Ring Alarm, exclusive discounts and prolonged warranties.

  • 720P HD video monitoring
  • Two-way audio talk
  • Motion detector
  • Lifetime theft protection

  • Doesn’t go well with two or more devices
  • Can’t mute the doorbell when needed

9. Simplisafe Pro Smart Doorbell

Simplisafe Pro video doorbell camera is broadly popular among the users. This camera has many features that makes it outstanding but particularly two features makes it more effective; Heat and Motion sensor. These features provide heat signatures and motion detection. So, it only sends alerts when human motion is detected and ignores other similar things. And filters false alerts and stops them from being sent.

Simplisafe Pro provides you a crystal-clear view with 1080P full HD resolution and a wide view of 162 degree watching angle. With the two-way audio feature, you can see, hear and talk to your visitor from your smartphone.

Other Features of Simplisafe Pro:

  • Sends alerts even if the guest doesn’t ring the bell
  • Infrared night vision
  • Easy installation (replace your existing doorbell)
  • 60 days risk free trial period

  • 1080P HD resolution
  • Real Heat sensor
  • Motion detection
  • 60 days risk-free trial period

  • Requires wiring doorbell setup
  • You need to subscribe for cloud video storage

10. SkyBell HD

SkyBell is not only rich in features but also you don’t have to pay a monthly fee in order to access to all the perks. Unlike the most other video cam companies, SkyBell will not charge you for access to the video they record and store in the cloud. They let you see the last seven days of video footage for free.

SkyBell lets you seen in full HD 1080p video quality along with 180-degree view and 5x zooming feature. Additionally, you can see visitors in full-color HD at night even with the portico light off! You can answer the door with two-way audio feature even if you’re not at home. Open the app anytime on your mobile phone to view your home live from anywhere. With the motion sensor feature, SkyBell informs you if anyone is at your doorstep even if they don’t press the doorbell.

Some of the other features we like concerning the SkyBell HD contains:

  • Get to know what’s cooking while you are away from home- including missed and answer calls, motion alerts, and on-demand video streams.
  • You can add multiple users to receive the notifications in case of emergency.
  • Works with Alexa and Amazon Echo

  • 1080P HD video quality
  • Seven days of free cloud storage
  • Color HD vision at night
  • Motion sensor feature

  • Slow internet delays recording video


When it comes to the safety and security of your home or office, you really can’t ignore the importance of having a doorbell camera. It offers you the benefits of having a security guard even more than that. Your security guard may fall asleep at night at a certain time but a doorbell camera will stay awake 24/7 and will keep an eye at your home.

We have suggested only the best video doorbells for you. And with these options, you will never be disappointed. So, what are you waiting for? Get one and improve your home’s security.

If you like our review or want to share something with us, please let us know. We  are waaiting to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comment box.

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