Echo Dot Vs Echo Plus

Echo Dot Vs Echo Plus: What’s best?


Echo Dot Vs Echo Plus
Echo Dot Vs Echo Plus

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Which one is best for you? Echo dot vs Echo plus

Don’t worry. In this article, I’ll discuss the disadvantages and advantages of these two devices. I hope this article will help you to know which one is best for you.

Now, we can see that many devices are now making our life easy. Voice recognition assistants and the connected device have changed our busy life. We don’t need to lift a finger to play music, stream content, turn off the lights, or pick up the phones. Just with a few speaking commands, the device will do your work. We can enjoy our busy life with this device.

The Echo dot and Echo plus both devices share a similar purpose. Now the question is which one is best for you. Let’s briefly discuss the disadvantages and advantages of these two devices. You can easily understand which one can be the best.


Echo dot vs Echo plus


Echo Dot

The echo dot is a smart smaller speaker. It is designed with a hockey puck shape. It comes with a few buttons at the top which control the volume, mute the speaker, and wake the device to listen to commands or questions. But you don’t need to touch the buttons as it comes with voice commands.

The device comes with an artificial assistant name Alexa. With Alexa’s voice you can play music, set alarms, control other smart devices, can play games, and can ask, call and answer many things. You can give a command from other rooms.

Moreover, you can connect the device to a large speaker by a Bluetooth or audio cable. Thus if you attend a party and if it is placed on a roof or garden you can connect the device via Bluetooth.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Advantages

  • It comes with a small better design which is easy to carry.
  • It has great audio quality. You can hear a sound from other rooms.
  • It is easy to afford.
  • It comes with a Bluetooth device.
  • You can control smart devices.
  • You can hear news and weather updates from it.
  • Can call free hands.


  • It doesn’t have a large speaker.
  • USB support is absent.
  • Comes with limited Indian streaming support.


Echo Plus

The Echo Plus is a bigger speaker. It is designed with a cylindrical shape. The device also has a button on/off and volume button to disconnect the microphones. You can record your voice by using it. Also, you can hear, view, or delete them if needed.

Moreover, just like The Echo Dot you can ask Alexa to play music, set alarms, play games, hear the news, ask answers, and can control devices. It can control switch lights and plugs. You can also announce different rooms by its microphone. So, it can hear your voice from any direction. Also, just like Echo Dot, it offers a hand free class.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Advantages

  • It is easy to use and install.
  • It comes with a large speaker.
  • It has great audio quality. 
  • You can hear the news and weather updates.
  • It offers a temperature sensor.
  • It can control smart devices just like Echo Dot.


  • Its fabric can’t wash.
  • Alexa voice control needs to update.



So far, I have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of the Echo plus vs Echo dot. Now the question is what is the best? You can see that both perform the same functions. Both come with few disadvantages. But the difference is that the Echo plus needs to improve it’s Alexa. So, It is clear that The echo dot is better than the echo plus.

Both are good to use. Now it’s up to you which one you want and buy.


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