What is the Hottest Hot Sauce in the World? | Top Reviews & Guide 2021

what is the Hottest Hot Sauce in the World

Best Overall: Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce At Amazon
“No GMOs, zero calories, zero sugar, and fat-lower price.’’

Best Budget Sauce: Tapatio Sauce Hot 5 oz pack At Amazon
“It is worth for the price and taste.’’

Best Mexican Sauce:  Valentina 12.5ounce hot sauce At Amazon
“Come with a good flavor.’’

Best for Gift: Bunsters Shit 12/10 Heat Hot Sauce At Amazon
“ For those who have health problems can safely have this.’’

Best Handmade Sauce: Jalapeno Hot Sauce At Amazon
“Made in a hand with fresh ingredients-not so hot.’’

Best Hottest Hot Sauce: Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce At Amazon
“This is the best hottest sauce for people who does not like insanely hot sauce.’’

Best Sauce for calories: Taco Bell Hot Sauce At Amazon
“It comes with zero calories and offers a different taste.’’

Best for Kids: Truffle Hot Sauce At Amazon
“Made with a plant-based warm sauce-healthy sauce. A Very delicious
that might turn the meal experience of your kids into absolutely cool.’’

There are a lesser number of not loving hot sauces. And day by day people are getting fascinated with hot sauces. Here I have reviewed some top-rated hottest hot sauces so that you can pick the right one in your next purchase. So, quickly check out the stunning sauces with no time.

Best Choice

Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce

Super burning sauce with a spicy and vegie explosion

The perfect combination of spices, peppers, and vegetables, these things make it super-hot but a little bit sweet as well.

Premium Pick

Shit the Bed Hot Sauce

35000 Scoville units of heat will give you a hot shock

Perfectly blended with Scorpion and Birds Eye peppers and a fruity blast. All-natural ingredients.

Budget Pick

Da Bomb Hot Sauce

The hottest sauce in the world!

It comes with ‘one drop’ extreme caution. Don’t believe its Scoville units. It’s much hotter than that.

What is the Hottest Hot Sauce in the World? | Full Review 2021

Hot sauce is the most demandable thing in the USA after bear. There is not a single person in America who doesn’t eat hot sauce in his everyday meal. That’s why hot sauce industries are on fire.Hot sauce industries in America worth more than $1.3 billion and their value rising up day by day. From 2000, hot sauce sales have been increased by 150%, which is much more than the sum total sale for all other seasoning united (ketchup, mustard, mayo, BBQ sauce, all of them).

So, it is obvious that people are crazy for hot sauce. They love to pour it their all kind of meal to make it tastier. We have enlisted the hottest hot sauce in the world that would increase your craving for food and make them tastier 100 times better. So, quickly scroll through the article to find what is the Hottest Hot Sauce in the World.

Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce: Best Choice

Zombie Apocalypse Ghost Chili Hot Sauce, 5 ounces - All Natural, Vegan, Extract Free, Made in USA, Featured on Hot Ones!

Expense value

If you are looking for a warm sauce that is made from all-natural ingredients and gluten-free, no extract then you should go for the Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce. This super burning sauce has 16 ghost chili pods in every bottle! To make this Ghost Pepper hot sauce, Ghost Peppers and Habaneros were combined with a mix of spices, vegetables, vinegar and oil to create a slightly sweet flavor yet petrifyingly hot! This sauce contains approximately 500,000 units of Scoville. It will increase your temperature instantly burning you like a blow torch! A good one to stay warm in the cool days!

Take this Zombie Apocalypse hot Sauce challenge! Make your food spicier and tastier and enjoy the meal with your family and friends.

Zombie Apocalypse Ghost Chili Hot Sauce, 5 ounces - All Natural, Vegan, Extract Free, Made in USA, Featured on Hot Ones!

Why we choose it

All Natural: Zombie Apocalypse Ghost Chili sauce is made from all-natural ingredients. Includes vegetables, vinegar and oil. Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Peppers) and Habaneros were put together to bring the hottest flavor. This one is suitable for vegetarians.  

Hot but Slightly Sweet: To make this sauce perfect for everyone, it has been mixed with spices and vegetables, vinegar and oil. All these ingredients were put together with Ghost Pepper and Habaneros. This mixture of spices makes it terrifyingly hot but a little bit sweet also.

Makes your meal tastier: Put this warm sauce on all your favorite foods like hot wings, burgers, steaks, chicken fries or sandwiches. Zombie Apocalypse sauce will increase the taste of your food 100 times better.

  • Perfect balance of heat and flavor
  • Hotness doesn’t kill the taste
  • Slightly sweet

  •  You may not like the smell of this sauce

Bunsters Shit the Bed Hot Sauce: Premium Pick

Bunsters Shit The Bed 12/10 Heat Hot Sauce - Chili Pepper Sauce (Single Bottle)

Expense value

Shit the Bed Hot Sauce is imported from Australia that has a perfect blend of heat and flavor in a plentiful 8 oz bottle. This one measures up to 35000 SHC and gives you hot shock.  The impeccable sauce for people who like hot but not in insanity point. 10 times spicier than regular Tabasco. The ingredients have been added to make this sauce have made it the healthiest sauce in the world. Ingredients included making this sauce are completely of Scorpion and Birds Eye peppers, vegetables, citrus juices, coconut sugar, Himalayan pink salt, apple cider vinegar, and the superfood Goji Berries. Perfect for vegetarians and vegans. This super sauce is totally free of GMOs, gluten, processed sugar, preservatives, additives, and water.

This super sauce can be the perfect hot sauce gift set. It’s seamlessly priced as a providing stuff or a secret gift for your naughty friend. Gorgeously packaged, Custom ended ‘Dom Perignon’ Champagne inspired hot sauce bottles. Bunsters hot sauce bottle quality design reflects its taste.

Bunsters Shit The Bed 12/10 Heat Hot Sauce - Chili Pepper Sauce (Single Bottle)

Why we have chosen it

No Additives: The Bunsters warm sauce is entirely made of natural ingredients and totally safe for vegetarians and vegans. It doesn’t have GMOs, no gluten, no processed sugar, no additives, no preservatives and water. This is the healthiest sauce in the world.

Funny gift idea: This one is perfectly priced to pack it as a gift. Give it to your family or friends who are extremely health conscious but loves to eat spicy food crazily. This sauce will give them that hot and spicy kick and won’t do any harm to their health.

 Makes your meal tastier: Simply put this super warm sauce on your meal and it will increase the taste of food 100 times better than the regular taste. As it perfectly blends the flavor and heat, so it won’t diminish the taste of the sauce and will get the spicy kick as well.

  • Perfectly blends hotness and flavor
  • The taste of the sauce doesn’t get lost due to its heat
  • Perfect for vegetarians and vegans
  •   No additives

  • Fruit-based warm sauce

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce: Budget Pick

Bottle Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce, Bottle

Expense value

If you are looking for a sauce that is extremely hot and will drive you crazy after having it, Da Bomb hot sauce is the thing for you. Trust me, this sauce is much hotter than its Scoville rating. It comes with around 135,000 Scoville units but give you the heat of 35,000 Scoville units. So, if you pick your warm sauce based on the Scoville rating, this one will definitely give you a shock. Since this one comes with ‘One Drop’ CAUTION, you should handle it carefully.

Why We Have Chosen It?

Extremely Hot: This one is really hot, very hot. It comes with extreme caution of ‘One Drop’ consumption. You take more than one drop, do it on your own responsibility. Because this one is too hot. People who love to eat extremely hot food, this warm sauce is perfect for them.

Budget-friendly: This extremely burning sauce is affordable for hot food lovers. This one gives you a hot and spicy kick at a low price. Certainly, to get heat at this level you have to pay a little more. Since Da Bomb Sauce is giving you that level hotness at a low price, this can be a good option for crazy hot lovers.

Bottle Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce, Bottle

  • Budget-friendly
  • It truly is beyond insanity

  •  Extremely hot
  • Consumption of more than one drop at a time can cause you pain

Other Popular Hot Sauce Brands

Louisiana Hot Sauce

This one is not so hot compared to other warm sauces, like Satan’s blood hot sauce. It’s a mild sauce that gives you hot taste but doesn’t burn your mouth or tongue. Tastes really very good and doesn’t kill the authentic taste of your favorite food. You would love to have this sauce at your everyday meal.

Valentina Hot Sauce

Valentina is a Mexican hot sauce that is most loved and picked by pro chefs and ordinary people of America. Just like the other crazy warm sauce lovers, chefs use Valentina on everything they make at a restaurant. But what makes it unique from other sauces like The End hot sauce, Taco Bell Hot Sauce, Mad Dog Hot Sauce, and Jalapeno Hot Sauce that a fusion of flavors is not always present in cheap hot sauce bottles like Valentina.

 Claudette Zepeda-Wilkins says –  “this is a hot sauce that actually has good flavor” the chef and partner of El Jardin in San Diego.

Frank’s RedHot Sauce

Since 1920 Franks Hot sauce has been the favorite sauce of American people. It has been serving for over 90 years. There are strong support and the reason why this company still survives and serves people. Its nothing but people’s love toward their products. FRANK’S REDHOT Original, made from a perfect blend of aged Cayenne peppers. The great taste made it a favorite of all people.

Queen Majesty Hot Sauce

Here comes totally organic warm sauce that is good for your health. This warm sauce is gluten-free and includes GMO-free ingredients. This warm sauce is a pouch of Imagine Culinary Organic Louisiana Creole Simmer Sauce. Mixed with a blend of tomatoes, vegetables, and spices. This warm sauce is Usda-Certified Organic.

TRUFF Hot Sauce

TRUFF Hot Sauce, Gourmet Hot Sauce with Ripe Chili Peppers, Black Truffle, Organic Agave Nectar, An ultra unique Flavor Experience in a 6 oz Bottle

TRUFF warm sauce will literally change your experience of having warm sauce. This one is made from a complicated blend of ripe red chili peppers, real black truffle, organic agave nectar, and savory spices – this precisely made flavor fusion will definitely change your past heat experience. TRUFF sauce has been made from only the best ingredients. Flavor and spice have met the status and magnetism in this wonderful balance arrested in a crowned bottle.

Tapatio Hot Sauce

Tapatio Sauce Hot 5 oz (pack of 2)

Many people love Tapatio because of its low price and the balance of spice and hotness. It’s not too hot or a specialized one. But it worth its price. Tapatio is made of water, red pepper, salt, spices, garlic, acetic acid, xanthan gum, and sodium benzoate as preservative. Tapatio can be your everyday sauce and your family will love it if anyone isn’t an extreme heat lover. It’s a good sauce because it doesn’t kill the flavor with excessive hotness.

The Source Hot Sauce

The Source Hot Sauce, 7.1 Million Scoville Units

Caution! This one is extremely hot and the hottest sauce you can ever find on earth. Mark my word. Use it only as food or cooking addictive. Do not taste it directly on your tongue ever. If you are an extreme heat lover, you will definitely love it. In one-ounce sauce, they have put a hundred pots of chili, literally a hundred pots! So, be careful guys!

Texas Pete Hot Sauce

Texas Pete Original Hot Sauce 6 oz. (Pack of 2)

Texas Pete is made of simple ingredients yet tastes very good. It’s a mild warm sauce that’s not too hot with a nice flavor. It smells nice and has a gentle amount of heat. Great combination of heat and flavor. You can try it. Trust me, you will love it!

Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce

Secret Aardvark Habanero Sauce, Net 8 fl oz.

This one really tastes different. To make its flavor unique, an exceptional Caribbean Tex Mex hybrid made with flavorful habanero peppers and roasted tomatoes. That’s how Aardvark hot sauce was made with an exclusive taste and flavor. This is a great sauce, works well as a marinade as well. White wine vinegar gives it a tangy taste. All-natural with zero sugar, zero fat, zero calories, free of GMOs and perfect for vegetarians and vegans.

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce

Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce Wicked Reaper With 6 Chili Peppers World's Hottest Peppers

Hotness overloaded! Lol. But I’m not kidding, this one is really hot. They claim their sauce is the world’s hottest sauce with 2 million Scoville heat units. 6 whole dried Carolina Reaper chili peppers have been put in it to make it hot as hell. So, beware when you have it! This can be a great gift that loves to collect warm sauce and love cooking food. It’s all-natural and no added preservatives.

Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce

Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce, 5oz

Have you ever seen a ghost? No? Taste this Mad Dog Hot Sauce and you will have the same experience of watching a ghost. I’m not kidding. This one is scary hot. So, be careful when you taste this hottest sauce. This one is made from world’s hottest chilly “Ghost Pepper.” It is recorded as the world’s hottest chilly in the Guinness Book of Records. So, if you want to put your system on fire, you must try this.

Dirty Dicks Hot Sauce

Dirty Dicks, Sauce Hot, 5 Ounce

If you are looking for a sauce with a different taste, you must try this. Everyone who tried it has just become a fan of this sauce. It contains gentle heat with a spicy flavor. Additionally, you will feel a fruity flavor while having this. This spicy warm sauce is good enough to satisfy your taste buds. Try this once, and trust me, you will definitely become a huge fan of Dirty Dicks Sauce.

Taco Bell Hot Sauce

Taco Bell Hot Sauce, 7.5 oz (Pack of 3)

A very generous warm sauce. If you are not able to tolerate too heat, taco bell sauce is perfect for you. It comes with a totally different taste. If you love the spicy flavor and don’t want too much hotness, you will surely love this one. Try it out for a different taste!

Melinda’s Hot Sauce

Melindas Hot Sauce Ghost Pepper, 5 oz

Melinda’s Ghost Pepper Sauce combines the heat and flavor very well. They put the taste and flavor of the sauce first and then heat. A sauce without a good combination of flavor and heat is worthless. Only with heat, a sauce will cause you pain only. And who wants to buy pain by costing money? Nobody! Try Melinda’s sauce and it will become your favorite!

Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Jalapeno In Your Head Hot Sauce

A handmade sauce that is made from using all fresh ingredients. Jalapeno in your Head Sauce is a special, limited handmade sauce that was made with “not so hot” sauce lover keeping in mind. Jalapeno pepper sauce contains 8000 Scoville units that make it a favorite for mild heat lovers. This healthy sauce contains Jalapeno peppers, Yellow bell peppers, garlic, and vinegar. Put it on your favorite dishes and it will add an extra flavor to your food!

Marie Sharp’s Hot Sauce

Marie Sharp's Green Habanero Hot Sauce with Prickly Pears 10 Oz. (Pack of 6)

Marie sharp’s Nopal Prickly Pear Habanero is the only product of its kind. This unique blend of prickly pear habanero is high in fiber and will blow you out. This green hot sauce is made from the finest ingredients and freshest vegetables. Marie Sharp uses her secret recipe to make the unique type of sauce. She has spent many years cultivating a habanero that will match the level of her recipe. And each and every sauce from Marie Sharp proves that she has succeeded.

The Bronx Hot Sauce

The Bronx Greenmarket Hot Sauce, Green, 5 Oz

This warm sauce is named after where its main ingredient Serrano Pepper gets produced. It is produced within the Bronx in New York. This a special sauce as only fresh and natural ingredients have been used to make it. It contains salt, sugar, garlic, onion and apple cider vinegar. Additionally, this sauce comes with a long shelf-life. It can stay good up to 1 year and 6 months in the fridge and will taste the same as before. Moreover, it doesn’t contain any preservatives or additives. So, you know that this sauce is totally good for your health.

El Yucateco Hot Sauce is the best hot sauce, unlike other warm sauces. It actually gives you the heat. El Yucateco is the best sauce to make your everyday boring meal into something exotic. This one is the most voted warm sauce from the experienced chefs of the famous restaurants.  Milwaukee the based Chef Dan Jacobs of DanDan, EsterEV, and Fauntleroy – says that “I’m hooked, I put it on everything — pizza, tacos, macaroni, and cheese — everything.” What are you waiting for? Try this exotic sauce today.

Crystal Hot Sauce

Crystal Hot Sauce, Louisiana's Pure Hot Sauce, 12 Fluid Ounces (Pack of 2)

Crystal is a simple but unique creation of Louisiana. It’s just made of only three ingredients – salt, vinegar, and aged cayenne pepper. But using fewer ingredients doesn’t make it less spicy or flavorful, rather its limited usage of ingredients made it more popular. Crystal is the best basic one. Most of the chefs have declared it as a universal sauce. You can put it on anything and enjoy your meal.

Mad Dog 44 Magnum

Mad Dog 44 Magnum 4 Million Scoville Pepper Extract 1.7oz

The mad dog 44 Magnum is a big barrel of heat with a large whopping unit. It has the super hot tasting heat and bright flavor which is made with the best Capsicum. This sauce is so much sparkling in terms of test which distinct the big guns from the peashooters. To be noted, in order to remove the pepper from what extracted from the bottle you will have needed  60-degrees to warm the bottle.

Blair’s Ultra Death Sauce

Blair's Ultra Death Sauce

Compared to other sauces, this is the hottest sauce prepared by Blair. The sauce is made with the best tomatoes of New Jersey. The ingredients that are available are 750 times hotter than a jalapeno chile. It is Blair’s first tomato-based sauce cooked with Blair’s Karma, which is well known to all. It is to be noted that the Jersey Death should not be used without mixture and which is not certified Kosher.

The attractive temptation is the main character of Wanza’s Wicked Hot Sauce, which is made up of a mixture of pepper extracts. A huge heat unit was required with Red Savina Habaneros to make it the hottest sauce that is available in the market. The sauce is suitable to all due to its heat that is hidden by the multifaceted nature. Adding multiple ingredients makes the sauce slightly hotter than that of Z. Ingredients like Vinegar, Habanero Peppers, Oil of Capcaisin, Tomatoes, Mustard, Papaya, Guavas are noteworthy among all other components.

Truffle Hot Sauce

TRUFFLE HOT SAUCE - by Tango Chile Sauce - Vegan Gluten Free Keto Sugar Free - Carrot Based Hot Sauce Made From Scotch Bonnet Hot Chili Peppers Garlic Cilantro - Made in USA - 8oz

Delicious Truffle flavor packed in a healthy hot sauce bottle that will take your eating experience to a new level. Basically, Tango Chile Sauce is made in Brooklyn that is a plant-based warm sauce made from carrots, apple cider vinegar, garlic, limes, Chile peppers, sawtooth, truffles, truffle essence, and sea salt. Tango is free of gluten and GMOs and appropriate for vegetarians and vegans.


Yellowbird Hot Sauce Combo

Yellowbird Hot Sauce Combo (9.8 Oz 3-Pack)

Yellowbird Hot Sauce Combo (9.8 Oz 3-Pack)

The Yellowbird hot wings sauce is an awesome creation from Texas (most popular as the name of Cowboys State). Since people in Texas love spicy food, this is obvious that this sauce is a masterpiece also. Yellowbird is definitely the best option for you as a gift set to get a good value for your money.

It’s not surprising if a Texas company making hot wings sauces because it’s their food identity. Yellowbird is resolved to make only authentic products so that you can feel the taste when you put it on your most favorite food. Yellowbird is made of only natural ingredients like onions, organic distilled vinegar, garlic, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, lime juice, cane sugar, and salt. It is totally free of preservatives and additives. When you will taste this awesomely delicious sauce, you will realize that the manufacturers have placed their soul into making this hot wing sauce.

Hottest Hot Sauce in the World – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Hot Sauce Good for You?

Basically, hot wings sauce is crafted from several types of hot chilly peppers like tabasco, ghost pepper, habanero, jalapeno, and cayenne. Generally, these peppers are plant-based foods, carry potentials that can be good for your health. “Capsaicin” is an effective element in red and green chili peppers that makes peppers spicy and does the benefit as well. It is proven by research that capsaicin contains antioxidant effects that is a metabolism promoter and can play a vital role in disease anticipation. However, the warm sauce contains many other ingredients than only capsaicin, so it is really important to have it on temperance.

Which ones are low sodium hot sauce?

Most warm sauces are full of salt which is definitely not good for your health. Here are our top 5 sauces that contain zero sodium.

  1. Brother Bru Bru’s African Sauce (contains 0 sodium)
  2. Mr. Spice Tangy Bang Sauce (contains 0 sodium)
  3. High River Thunder Juice (contains 0 sodium)
  4. Palo Alto Fire Fighters Habanero
  5. Pexpeppers Killerswarm

Does Hot Sauce Go Bad?

There are some people who are crazy about hot wing sauce. Also, there are some people don’t even like it. Furthermore, there are people who neither love it nor hate it. They just use it if any recipe needs it. So, if you are third party people, chances are your hot wing sauce can go bad.

It depends on the condition of the sauce. If it remains open for more than 2 years in a fridge it will go bad. If remains unopened it can stay good up to 2 years. Also, you have to check what ingredients have been used to make it. Garlic oxidizes much faster and darkens the sauce. The sauce will not taste the same either. If you notice mold on the surface or on the bottom of the bottle it may have gone bed. If it tastes odd and smells bad or fermented then it’s time to throw your warm sauce bottle into the waste bin.

What is the hottest hot sauce?

People who are a fan of spicy foods, hot sauce is an unavoidable condiment for them. But far beyond that mild hotness, there are some hot wing sauces that can make you feel burning like hell. Here is our top 5 hottest hot sauce in the world:

1. Da bomb hot sauce

Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce and Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce Bundle | Da Bomb Habanero Hot Sauce 4 oz | Zombie Apocalypse Hot Sauce | Hot Pepper Sauce | Da Bomb Sauce

Terrifyingly hottest hot sauce in the world. Be aware when you try this sauce. Do not eat it directly, it will burn you from inside. The intensity of heat in this sauce is unmeasurable. Have this only if you are able to tolerate extreme level hotness.

2. Blair’s 3 A.M. Reserve

Hellfire Hot Sauce Fiery Fool

Caution! This special awfully hot sauce is made from 5 hottest yet tasty peppers in the world; The Trinidad Scorpion, Caribbean Red, Carolina Reaper, Ghost Pepper and Red 7- Pot Peppers. So, now you can assume it yourself how much hot this sauce is! This will make you feel like hell!

3. Satan’s Blood Hot Sauce

Satan's Blood Chile Extract Hot Sauce, 1.35 Ounce

The name says all about it. It contains 800,000 Scoville units. It has got enough spice to please the hardcore chillyhead. Hot enough to burn you inside like hell and make you see Satan! It is suitable for cooking as well. Comes with extreme caution!

4. Red Devil Hot Sauce

Trappey's Red Devil Sauce Hot 12 fl oz ( 2 pack )

This one is extremely hot. So hot that it can blow your sense for a while. It is made from Red Cayenne pepper that contains 800-12oo Scoville units. So, when you have it, eat at your own responsibility. This warm sauce will really very hot!

5. Pain Is Good Hot Sauce

Pain Is Good Jamaican Style Hot Sauce, 7.5 Ounce

Pain is good! You will come to know about this fact literally when you will have this sauce. Spicy pain can also please you from inside. The magic starts when people eat this sauce. People lose their control out of their body, mind, and soul. So, be alert!

Does Hot Sauce Need to Be Refrigerated?

Generally, a warm sauce remains in good condition for up to 2 years if refrigerated after it has been opened. If you don’t refrigerate your sauce after breaking the seal it will go bad. A warm sauce can stay good up to 3-6 months if not kept in the fridge after opening. So, yes! You need to refrigerate your hot sauce to keep it good for a long time.

Bottom Line

What Is The Hottest Hot Sauce In The World

Great flavor and tolerable heat are the two most important ingredients that make a sauce hot like hell and taste like heaven. Nevertheless, some company pays attention to the flavor while others to the heat. Only a few brands keep up their attention to both on heat and flavor. Therefore, you can pick your perfect burning sauce according to your taste buds preference bearing in mind all the options listed in this article

How Tabasco Sauce Is Made

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