How do you set up a beach tent

How do you set up a beach tent?

In summer, most people do family camping on the beach. If you have made up your mind to spend a day and a night on the beach with a tent, you need a proper setting of a tent.

For those who have never set a tent near the beach, this article is right for them. When camping, it is important to know all about tents and how they will keep your tent warm and secure from heavy wind. 

Tent camp near the beach sounds interesting, but it is stressful. So, given some steps on “How do you set up a beach tent.” Read thoroughly and get an idea of it.

Three  ways to set up a beach tent are given below:

1) Setting up a Beach Tent with the pole structure:

There are many tentmakers which provide beach tents that may have an oval, round or rectangular shape. The first step is to assemble the poles. Thereafter, connect the right ends of each pair of poles at one short end of the rectangle and insert them under the sand. After assembling all pairs of poles, set them firmly in place by packing sand at their base. Now put the plastic cover over the frame on top and secure it well with pegs and rope from all sides. This will be your shelter now!

It’s fun to be in such a tent when there’s sunny weather outside but not so much when it rains! To prevent water from entering from below, you can dig a trench and make the bottom of your tent higher than the surrounding area. In this case, you will need to use sandbags or stones for supporting poles.

2) Setting up a Beach Tent with Sun Shade Roof:

You can buy various types of beach tents on sale from online shopping websites these days. They have good quality and appealing designs along with size according to a person’s convenience. The main part is the sunshade roof which covers the entire tent structure quite easily. There are also other accessories like rain fly as part of these beach tents and one can get a set if he wants extra protection against rains, wind, etc.

3) Setting up a Beach Tent by Digging:

If you want to carry out this method seeing the other two are costly, you can follow the below steps:

You have to clear a section of sand for your tent with a 10-inch depth or more. Once that is done, you have to dig down along the perimeter while leaving 4 feet high at one end so that it acts as a barrier against sand. Then keep poles in place and cover them with plastic sheeting, topping it up with some loose sand. This will complete your beach tent now!

Now, just relax by reading a book or spending time with family members under this sunshade when summer comes! Happy New Year 2017 from our DIY blog!

Steps on setting up a beach tent:

Use sandbags

First, decide where the tent will be situated. After selecting the place, get a shovel, and dig a hole about two to three feet away from each post of your tent. Now, put the dug sand inside some plastic bag. Also, fill more sand into more plastic bags for further need. Now, tie the sandbag to each guy line attachment, the rope attachment on the sides of the tent.

Use rocks

Instead of sandbags, you can use heavy rocks. They are easy to use and don’t require much strength. Also, they can hold the tent more tightly. Get the rocks and tie to each guy’s line attachment to the tent. 

Burry the sandbags

If you use sandbags instead of heavy rocks then after using you need to bury them into the hole you dug earlier. Now, place some more sand in the dug to fill the hole. You can also put the heavy rocks to fill the hole. Make sure the sandbags are buried clearly because this will protect your tent from heavy wind or rain.

Add water

Camping on the beach is not easy. When the heavy wind starts, it makes it more devastating. So, to secure your tent and to stay peacefully, you need to carry a bucket of water. When the wind starts, the sands usually move away. So, to keep the tent more tight and safe, put water in the holes. This will make the sandbags heavier and your tent will be safe.  

Check the tent

Lastly, check the setup of the tent. Check if all things were done correctly or not. For more tightness of the tent, you can keep the heavy rock on each side of the tent. This will keep the tent more tight and safe from heavy wind.

Final Verdict

All the steps are necessary to set up a beach tent. It will keep your tent warm and secure from heavy wind. You can live inside peacefully and comfortably. Tents are especially needed to protect from UV sun rays. The steps I have given are easy also. So, set up a tent with the above steps and make your camping memorable.

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