Is okoume wood good for guitars

Many people wonder if okoume wood is a good option for their guitar. Okoume wood has been used in guitars since the early 1970s, and it’s still popular today. It produces an excellent tone, especially when paired with spruce or mahogany tops.
Okoume can be easily sourced from sustainable forests that are managed using environmentally friendly practices. This makes it a great choice for players who want to have a positive impact on the environment while they make music!

Is Okoume Wood Good for Guitars?

Yes, okoume wood is good for guitars. Okoume wood is great for guitar backs or sides, but it can be hard to find quality pieces of the wood at an affordable price.

Okoume is a nice warm tone which will give warmth and thickness to your guitar, especially compared with spruce or other similar woods. You’ll also find okoume’s coloration enhances sunburst finishes very nicely. But because of okoume’s density and lack of availability, it may not be the best choice if you’re working on a budget. It would be better if you could afford a more expensive choice like mahogony, rosewood or African limba (sometimes called sapele), all harvested locally from well-managed plantations in Central Africa.

What is okoume wood used for

Okoume wood is a type of timber that grows in Western Africa. It is a very dense and strong wood that can be found in both hardwood and softwood varieties. Okoume has many applications, but it is most often use for making guitars. Okoume’s naturally beautiful colors make it an attractive choice for furniture or cabinetry, too.
So what are some things okoume wood can be used for? The first thing you might think of would be boat exteriors; okoume makes a great material for this application because it will not rot easily when exposed to water like other woods do.

Is Okoume a hardwood or softwood?

Okoume is classified as a hardwood.

Okoume is classified as a hardwood because of its relative density which enables it to be used in the design and construction of both indoor and outdoor projects. It has excellent stability, durability, strong resistance to insects, marine borers, fungi decay and denting that will withstand centuries with proper treatment.

Is okoume wood strong?

Okoume is a very durable and dense wood, not as heavy as teak but close. It has the same color as mahogany with a grain similar to oak or maple.

Closing Notes

Guitar players love to debate on the merits of different types of woods, but one thing they all agree is that the soundboard should be made out of a hardwood like spruce or cedar. One type of wood that many guitarists overlook is okoume. Okoume has been used in guitars for decades and some players swear by it. It’s cheap to buy and easy to work with so

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