Barber Requirements | List of Things a Barber Needs

Barber Requirements | List of Things a Barber Needs

If you plan to open a barbershop, you need to have the important barber tools & equipment to accommodate different haircuts demand.

Listen folks, it’s not just a profession rather it’s an art. We always need to be ready for our clients who are waiting for our masterpiece.

But what the things exactly a Barber needs we don’t know. After researching many barbershops, here I have gathered a 15 list of things that a barber must need.

List of Things a Barber Needs

There are 15 things that a barber must need to have for their customers and accommodate different hairstyle demands.

Sanitizer For Barber Tools

First of all, it’s essential to keep yourself and your clients safe from viruses. You just need to sanitize all the tools of the shop before starting work. Make sure you buy a sanitizer for the hair tools and learn how to correctly use it.

Tweezers For Trimming And Cutting Hair

For the pesky ingrown hair or for small follicle clogs you need tweezers as these will not get with your razor. Also for removing unwanted hair around the eyebrows or upper the lip it is best to use. Make sure you get quality stainless steel tweezers.

Hairbrushes And Combs

You need to arrange various types of hairbrushes for multiple types of hair.

  • Soft brushes for sensitive scalps
  • Medium brush for thicker and coarse hair.
  • Paddle and simmer brush.

And a barber usually uses a comb which he uses at home. This comb is about twelve inches long and comes with long coarse teeth on one end. He becomes skilled in utilizing this comb; thus, he uses it on the shop to get an accurate cut.


Barbers like to keep two distinctive types of scissors in their hands. One is a sharp pair of shears and another one with a pair of thinning shears. The shear is used with a comb or finger to cut hair with the correct length chosen by the barber. And with the thinning pair, they cut the half of hair that passes through them to make the volume of hair thinner.

Straight Razor

An important tool is mostly seen in every shop. This tool is used to clean the back of the neck. It is also used to cut the hair to create some added finish. It is used to increase the volume of hair that is opposite to thinning shears.


It is important to get an adjustable reclining chair for your shop. Make sure it is 180 degree reclining salon chair. You can adjust in different ways by clients’ height. The chair also swivels so that the client can be turned to check the cut in the mirror.


One of the must need barber tools is the mirror that is hung on the wall. It5 helps to show the customer what style he has chosen and will look after cutting the hair.

It will help customers to complain or request to give different hairstyles.


A common tool of barbershop that is draped over clients during their haircuts. It protects from the loose hair and keeps it cover one’s clothing and body. This helps clients safe from itching until taking a shower. 

Clippers And Nose Trimmers

It is the most important tool for a barber. Make sure you buy a pair of clippers, and they are going to be working and backup won’t hurt.

With the nose trimmer, it removes any hair from the nose or the ears. It gives a complete makeover to the customer. A barber can take this for clients and can make clients happy.

Dry Shampoo

You need to arrange varieties of shampoo for your clients. Both dry, wet, and conditioner need to be kept in the shop.

Hair Fiber

Hair fiber makes hair thickness, soft, and fullness. This hair fiber is usually put on clean, dry hair. For getting the best result after clippers and trimmers you can use this fiber.

Towel Warmer

Before face treatment, you can pamper your clients with this warmer towel. It increases the quality of service and gives a lasting impression. At the time of use, make sure the towel doesn’t get too hot.

Shave Oil For Facial Hair

You can shave oil for clients whose skin is dry. It will make grooming for men easier and it will make skin smooth and well hydrated.

Hair products

You need to get all the hair products like hair gel or cream. These make hair neat and clean. Also, looks healthier after doing the haircuts.

Hair Dryer

For making the haircuts stylish as like magazines you would need a Blow Dryer. Make sure you get the hairdryer, which comes with multiple settings and gives damage protection from heating.

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