Pros And Cons Of Air Purifiers

Pros and Cons Of Air Purifiers


High Performance: The air purifier performs a highly effective function.  It gives  fresh air within 12 minutes. The 300 core true HEPA filter removes polluted air and gives fresh air to the environment. The purifier carries Vortex air technology, a true HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter, and a UV filter. The 360-degree air intake keeps indoor refresh at 5x per hour.

Find Relief: For those who have allergy symptoms, dust allergy, asthma, then living in a fresh environment is needed. We clean our house every day but the dust which keeps in the air needs to be fresh air. Normal cleaners can’t clean the dust molecule from the air so the air purifier plays a vital role in this sector. It removes 99.9% bacteria including small molecules, 0.3-micron pollen, dust, odor, smoke, etc. The purifier is effective in high cleaning.

Multiple air filters: Air purifiers carry various types of filters for filtration. You can choose the filter for your activation. The Toxin absorber filter specializes in a wildfire, smoke, and VOCs. The pet allergy filter removes pet hair and odors.

The carbon filter removes 99.9% bacteria and the other filter removes 0.3-micron dust, pollen, odor, smoke, etc.

Silent feature: The air purifier performs its functions silently. So, it ensures restful sleep. There is a sleep mode on the device. The quietKeep technology keeps the noise level near 24dB.

Settings: There are timer settings, light settings, air quality settings in the device. You can adjust the powers. Also with the auto feature, it shuts down. The UV light rays are ozone-free and the radiation is not powerful. So, give a restful sleep. 



Filters: The filters we are using are harmful for use.  The true HEPA filter, carbon filter, and UV filter remove polluted air. It works effectively but when it works, somehow it makes the environment harmful for us. The true HEPA filter keeps scar on its way of cleaning. It doesn’t decompose. So, to keep us safe, you need to wash the filter after some days. This will keep the environment harm-free.

And, the carbon filter is harmful when it’s washed. It carries activated carbon that is harmful to humans. So, when you wash the filter, wear a mask and cover your face. Moreover, the UV filter carries harmful ionization. So. try to avoid UV filters in the purifier.

Price: Air purifiers with the presence of all filters are quite expensive. But, to get better results it’s better to have expensive ones.

Final Verdict

So, show you the pros and cons of air purifiers. Air purifiers come with lots of pros compared to cons. However, everything has a negative side and there are remedies too. And, nor cons can decide a product’s functions. If you’re thinking of buying an air purifier then go for it. It will make worth buying.

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