Pros and Cons Of Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in a tub is a bathtub that contains a watertight door for the bather to step into the bathtub with a low threshold, then closing the door and filling the tub with water.

After draining the water, open the door. It offers an integrated seat for the average adult bather to submerge in water up to their shoulder, which gives relaxation and comfort. It provides a therapeutic bathing experience.

The walk-in tubs are safe, secure, and comfortable compared to bathtubs. For home purposes before getting a walk-in tub, it is needed to decide whether it is okay to buy or not.

So, it is important to know about the pros and cons of a walk-in tub. This will help you to determine if it is the right choice or not.

Pros and Cons Of Walk-In Tubs

Pros of walk-in tubs

  • The walk-in tubs include 10 pieces of hydrotherapeutic massage jets, 6 large water jets in the back part, and 4 largest water in the body part. The water pump of the tub features ample power for the jet system which is surrounded and soothes the entire body.


  • The walk-in tub is designed with acrylic reinforced with fibreglass and it is framed with stainless steel that supports weight upto 440 lbs. Also, it offers an integrated seat that allows the adult bather to submerge in water upto the shoulder which makes comfort and relaxes the body. It provides a therapeutic bathing experience.


  • The walk-in tub comes with less than 4 inches of ultra-low step-in threshold that allows adults to step into the tub easily and prevents water from slipping into the bathroom. It keeps you safe and secure. For the average adult, the tub is comfortable and beneficial.


  • The walk-in tub also comes with a door that allows easy steps in and out for average adults. Enter in the tub and close the door. The doors are watertight. So, fill the full tub with water. No water will slip outside. And after draining the water, you can open the door. The bathtub offers elegance and relaxation for you.


  • The outside of the whole walk-in tub is designed with handrails into the rim of the bath, this helps to have a stable grip while bathing. This ensures safe and secure bathing. It prevents slipping and sliding. Another grab bar is installed inside the bathtub to have stability and safety while sitting, standing, and bathing. Ideal to use for children, adults, and elders.


  • The walk-in tubs come with ergonomic knobs that feature simplicity and ease. The tub floor features non-slip and textured that ensures safety and security while bathing. Also, the timeless, classic embed design of a walk-in tub offers comfort to the lumbar arch that supports the body. Perfect for the disabled person to get relaxed and for those who love spas.


  • The walk-in tub features 3 years of limited manufacturer warranty. So, it is valuable for money. You’re gonna get saved for your money for the next 3 years after buying.


  • The installation of walk0in-tubs is easy. The faucets left side drain, overflow, knobs, showerhead, grab bar, pillow, jets are pre-drilled and preinstalled. So, getting a convenient and easy installation process.


  • The walk-in tubs are available in various sizes. However, compared to bathtubs, the walk-in tubs are less smaller and don’t take huge space to a bathroom. If you come with a small bathroom, then the walk-in tubs can easily be installed.

Cons of walk-in tubs

  • In the walk-in tub, you need to wait for the water to be drained to open the door. So, in the busy morning or if you are to go somewhere and you are late then you need to wait inside to drain out the water which results in pain and a huge waste of time.


  • Another disadvantage of a walk-in tub is water spilling. If you filled the tub before entering inside you need to shut the door immediately right before starting the faucets. Also, you need to shut the door well when entering inside otherwise water will slip in the bathroom. So, slipping out of the water in the bathroom is risky.


  • Last but not least, installation is another con to using walk-in tubs. To install walk-in tubs costs larger compared to bathtubs.

Final Verdict

So far, given you the pros and cons of walk-in tubs. You have seen that it comes with both pros and cons. Well, everything has both negative and positive sides. If we compare between pros and cons, walk-in tubs feature huge pros than cons. So, if you are thinking of buying a walk-in tub, your investment will be worth it.

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