Types of Spin Mops

Types of Spin Mops

It is a matter, how a person cleans their home. If you are fed up using damp, germ-harboring traditional mops or you have back pain and also you don’t want to wring out a yarn head mop. Then spin mops can be the best options for you.

You are on the market, and there are several spin mops. So, it makes confusion to choose. Here, I have come with a shortlist of 5 types of spin mops from the market. You can browse our list. Each of them has cons and pros. You can easily get the idea of using perfect spin mops for you.

Read the article and get rid of confusion.

Different Types of Spin Mops

Mopnado Deluxe Spin Mop

The mopnado deluxe is a bucket system mop which restrains the user from not using hands in dirty water or strains from wringing out a wet mop. It comes with the two areas. In the first area, soap and water are filled. In the second area, all the dirt, debris, and water are taken out of the mop so that you can use a clean mop.



  • The mop heads can easily change. At the time of use, one can wash and dry.
  • It can be used on all types of flooring.
  • Its Steel handle is free from rust and durable.
  • Easy to use.
  • It comes with large wheels and a retractable handle which makes it easy to move the bucket while cleaning.


  • The buckets are heavy on weight.
  • Due to extra pressure on the mop, it can damage the floor.

Twist And Shout Spin Mops

If you are tall then this mop is perfect to use. Its plastic part makes the mop exceptionally easy to handle. It comes with a weight of 4 pounds so easily can move. And you don’t need to wring the mop. The spinner will do it on itself. So, you won’t have to use your hands either.



  • Easy to install.
  • It is all-around, able to clean cars, windows, and walls.
  • Easy to operate, only need to push the mop to start rotating.


  • The mops head is small.

Cyclomop Commercial Spin Mop

For commercial purposes, this mop is used. The bucket and spin mop is pretty large for long use. It comes with a dolly wheel, which helps to move buckets easily from one room to another. Moreover, the bucket comes with two areas. In one area, water and soap are filled and another area is used to dry mop heads.


  • Its handle is strong and can adjust, so it won’t break easily.
  • Decelerate for wheels.
  • Free from leakage.


  • Comes with a heavyweight.

Hurricane Spin Mop

If you are searching such a mop which comes on a budget then this mop is the best option. This a modern mop. You can get all the features on it which you are expecting. It is all-round, can clean floors, cars, windows, and walls. It won’t damage the floor while using it.


  • No electricity.
  • The mop can be bent.
  • It cleans the bucket while using it.
  • The mop heads can snatch hair, dust, and debris more easily than the other mops.


  • The shape of the bucket is small.

O-cedar Spin Mop

This is the top mop from my list. The bucket and mop of O-cedar are splendid. The V-shaped design helps to wipe every corner and split of home. Also with it, you can clean awkward portions. Moreover, it offers multi-talented features. It can clean all the things including dust, dirt, and rid of hair. There is a splash guard you can see which prevents falling water.



  • It is cheap.
  • You can change the mop head.
  • Splash guard performs excellent features.
  • Carry enough water to a bucket.
  • Well made mop. 


  • Too much pressure on the mope can damage the floor.


There are just many choices on the market. Just to make it easy to choose, I come with the top 5 list. They are in good demand. All of them come with a good review.

At the time of buying make sure it comes with small in size and weight. No worries, if it carries less water. After all, you can push it easily.

My guide may come to your help.‘Thanks for reading’.

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