Different Types Of Toilet Rails

Different Types Of Toilet Rails

Toilet rails are used to provide support to the disabled person when sitting down or standing up from the market. They are available in many types to meet different needs. They can be attached to the toilet, wall, or floor. Hee in the below-given the types of toilet rails below. Check it out.

 Types Of Toilet Rails

Here we have gathered some toilet rails for you which will be best to use for the home and needs.

1. Legless Toilet Rails

Legless Toilet Rails

Some toilet rails are designed to fit on top of your toilet bowl. Those rails are easy to set up. These models come with one or two horizontal rails that reach across the bowl to assist the stabilizing rails. A model with 2 horizontal rails can typically be a lot of stables. Models with only one horizontal support rail that rests at the rear of the bowl and 2 separate items that rest on the front aspect of the bowl might become dislodged if someone pushes each up and outward as they are bobbing up to standing. Persons with bariatric wants typically have the benefits of models with legs that reach down to the floor for support and stability.

2. Toilet Rails Attach To Toilet

These rails’ legs extend down to the floor to provide stability. The installation process of this type of rail is a bit easier and it is the best toilet safety rails for elderly.  You need to remove its 2 screws where it holds the seat and place the toilet rails on the holes situated at the backside of the bowl then reinsert the screws. The legs of the model differ in two ways. One models leg touch the floor concerning midway on the length of the bathroom bowl, Meantime other one meets the floor slightly in front of the toilet bowl If you use a wheelchair or walker and if your bathroom is small then its better to avoid this model as when moving with your chair or walker it may be disturbed to move within.

Toilet Rails Attach To Toilet

3. Toilet Riser With Handles

Toilet Riser With Handles

This model comes with different kinds. Some models are designed to be installed underneath your toilet seats and some are designed to be installed in the toilet seats. These models are available in different shapes and sizes. Some can be attached to the bolts at the back of toilet seats and some are designed to attach at the toilet bowls. Those which are attached to the bolts are safer than ones that are attached to bowls because by the time ones that are placed in bowls it loosens so you will need to retighten it many times.

4. Free Standing Toilet Rails

Free Standing Toilet Rails

These rails are used to rest on the toilet and you won’t need to install also. Its frames can be folded up if not used. The type of toilet rails is used at the front edge of the toilet. If your bathroom is small then you can’t adjust with the wheelchair or walker. It takes a huge space for a bathroom. So, if your bathroom is big or if you don’t use a wheelchair or walker then its the best option to use.

5. Place A Commode Over The Toilet

Types of toilet rails

This is an alternative option to place adjustment commode over the top of your toilet. It is not only used to take support while standing up rather it is also used to increase the height of the toilet seat to stand up easily. Most toilet frames come with plastic liners which help to take out all the contents directly to the toilet. This toilet frame also has a foldable model which is easy to fold out when guests arrive.


So, given the types of toilet rails for you. Each of them is used for respective purposes. Before selecting any of them for use, it’s better to consult health advice for proper use. After this, make a final selection.

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