Washer Agitator Pros and Cons

Washer Agitator Pros and Cons

Are you here to know about the washer agitator’s pros and cons? You have come to the right place. This article will give you an answer to your question.

It’s important to know about a washer with agitator before buying it. Everything has both negative and positive sides. Here, Agitator also has its pros and cons. Before using it, you should know what it impacts on cleaning and what good effect it gives.

Below are evaluations of agitator pros and cons. Read it thoroughly and get the answer.

Agitator Washer

The agitator washer is like a tall spindle situated at the middle of the washer basket that twists forth and back. By spraying the cycle, it cleans clothes. They rub against clothes to remove stains and dust.


  • They have the capacity of cleaning large items.
  • They clean clothes well compared to the washing machine without an agitator.
  • They are effective in cleaning clothes.
  • They are cheaper.


  • The washer with an agitator needs a lot of water and energy.
  • They need a large capacity because the spindle of the agitator can’t take more space.
  • Too much washing action with an agitator can damage clothes.
  • Some modern machines don’t need agitators.


In brief, my discussion is given below:


1) The most prominent benefit of having a washer agitator is that you can easily clean your clothes without the requirement of scrubbing. The agitation process aids in removing dirt and grime from the fabric easily. Also, since there is no need for scrubbing, this reduces adverse effects on fabric fibers thereby increasing their life by preventing damage and discoloration. This makes washing clothes with washer agitators an economical choice when the long-term performance of fabrics is considered.

2) Another important benefit associated with Washer Agitator is that they provide a thorough cleaning action to all types of fabrics including synthetic fibers like acrylics and nylon as well as delicate blends made up of silk and wool

3) Another advantage of Washer Agitators is that they reduce the chances of getting those stubborn spots like blood stains, grass, dirt, and clay on clothes during washing. This also helps in preventing fading or discoloration of such fabrics thereby making them look new for a longer period with the use of washer agitators in your washing machine.

4) The products manufactured by some reputable companies are guaranteed to be safe for almost all types of fabrics used in making clothing as well as expensive furnishings at home. These washer agitators can effectively clean without causing damage to any material even when it is made up of delicate fabric like silk that may tend to get torn while being washed otherwise. Washer Agitator Pros and Cons are considered to be convenient as well as economical when compared to other cloth washing processes that require the use of expensive cleaning agents and equipment.

5) They help in the easy removal of tough stains like blood, grass, dirt, or clay without causing damage to fabrics. Also, their presence in a machine helps reduce wear and tear caused due to scrubbing thereby extending the lifespan of fabrics used at home or commercial establishments. They keep clothes newer for a longer period of time hence giving you an economic choice over conventional washing methods.

6) These washer agitators prevent bad odors from forming on clothing which is quite common in fabrics washed by hand with soap or detergent solutions since they can easily get seeped into fabrics. This is yet another Washer Agitator Pros and Cons that make artificial washing even more convenient and cost-effective when compared with the normal washing methods that require frequent rinsing of clothes to get rid of soap residues.

7) The product manufactured by some reputable companies helps in increasing the efficiency of washing machines by improving their performance. With this, you can easily clean large loads of fabric at one time thereby saving energy while getting good quality clothing.


1) Another disadvantage associated with Washer Agitator is that they cannot be used for cleaning delicate fabrics like silks as these may tend to get torn or damaged during the agitation process. Washing such kinds of materials using a washer agitator can help extend their life span instead of damaging it.

2) These Washer Agitator are also not considered to be very effective in removing artificial, man-made fibers especially ones that are new or have been freshly washed. Therefore for all such types of fabrics, you would need to use more agitators as well as liquid detergents to get good results. Additionally, since the agitation process cannot remove contaminants easily found inside pores introduced due to poor washing solutions, cleaning such materials by using washer agitators may lead to discoloration of fabrics or introduction of bad odor even after rinsing thoroughly.

3) Cleaning clothes with a washer agitator is also not recommended if your machine is not well maintained. The product manufactured by some reputable company can do a thorough job of cleaning your clothes only if your machine is working well and has enough water pressure to function efficiently for long periods of time.

4) They are also not considered to be very effective in cleaning hard water deposits that tend to get accumulated over the years in washing machines as these may require special chemicals for complete removal from clothing as well as washer surfaces. It is therefore important that you clean the whole system before using the Washer Agitator Pros and Cons for effective results.

5) Another disadvantage associated with this product is that it cannot be used effectively on certain fabrics like synthetic fibers or blends made up of silk, wool, or acrylics since they could easily tear while agitating in a washer.

So, while Washer agitators can be quite efficient in removing tough stains and dirt from fabrics without causing much damage, they are not considered to be very good cleaning agents when it comes to delicate clothing like silks or man-made materials. Their presence even in the best of washing machines do help reduce wear and tear caused due to scrubbing but also requires effective maintenance of your machine for the duration you intend to use them.

Therefore, before you decide to buy yourself a product specially made for the agitation process that seems economical as well as convenient at the time of purchase, consider its pros and cons thoroughly so that you end up buying something that could actually help you clean your clothes better. 

Final Verdict

So far, given the washer agitator pros and cons. Hope now you got your answer. 

No matter if it has cons. Everything has both sides. However, the agitator offers great benefits. Whether you want to sanitize clothes or clean spots, an agitator will help you out. The washer has equal efficiency, capacity, and convenience to use.  It will clean deeply and doesn’t cost anything. Also, it will make work easy and save energy. 

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