Difference Between Coffee and Espresso

What is the difference between coffee and espresso?

There are thousands of people who are coffee lovers. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t prefer to go to a coffee shop.  Many people start their day having coffee. Those who are coffee addicts take coffee 4 times a day. Some love to have coffee and some to have an espresso.

Now the question is, ‘what is the difference between coffee and espresso?’

Both espresso and coffee are the same. They both came from the same origin, ‘the coffee bean’. The only difference is in their method of preparation.

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The difference between Coffee and Espresso

1.Origin: Coffee and Espresso came from the same origin ‘the coffee bean’. The difference is coffee beans are of two types: Robusta and Arabica. When robusta beans are roasted, it gives a nuttier flavour that gives the taste of oatmeal. And unroasted beans give a peanut taste.

Whereas, arabica flavour taste is different from robusta. When roasted, it tastes sweet to tangy. It gives more floral flavour than robusta.

Espresso is not the bean rather it’s name coffee that is made by arabica or robusta. Its colour is often dark and bold.

2.Process: The process of coffee is easier than espresso. To make coffee, we need roasted coffee beans. Then, we need to grind the bean. Now, the ground bean needs to mix with hot boiling water for a certain time and this will be perfectly brewed. Espresso is thicker than coffee brewed by other methods.

Moreover, to make espresso you will need-

1. Moka pot

2. Freshly roasted coffee beans.

3. Burr coffee grinder.

4. Scale for coffee measuring.

5. Electric gooseneck kettle or stovetop kettle.

6. A small spoon for stirring.

First measure and grind to 4 teaspoons. With the AeroPress method, you need to grind your coffee well. Then, you need to add water to the Moka pot. Don’t fill water overly, it will negatively affect the flavour. Now, put the ground coffee into the Moka filter. Attach the spouter top of the pot. After that, put the pot over the stovetop burner with medium heat. The water in the lower chamber will boil and the pressure will push the coffee into the upper chamber. If you heard a hissing sound stop heating and check the coffee. Now, if hazel brown foam appears, your coffee is completely ready. So, your coffee is ready to serve.

3.Taste: There is a slight difference in taste between coffee and espresso. Most people say that they find differences in taste.

Espresso gives a well-round, roasty, full-bodied flavour that crates huge bolder than normal coffee. Also, the paper filter that is used in the espresso for brewing regular drip coffee gives an awesome flavour that is the difference between coffee.

Final Verdict

So, at the above-given process are the differences between coffee and espresso. Both espresso and coffee are just different in their taste. If you like to have strong, bold and dark coffee brew then go for espresso. And, if you like to go for light and casual drinks then coffee is better.

I hope, now you got the difference.

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