What should I look for in a travel mug?

Travel mugs are great for keeping coffee hot or cold. They also come in handy for other things such as tea, water, and even soup. If you want to get the best travel mug, then you need to consider its size, material, design, and functionality.

There are various types of travel mugs available today. Some are designed to keep liquids warm or cool, while others are designed to keep drinks hot or cold. The type of liquid you put inside depends on the temperature you want to achieve. For example, if you want to keep something hot, then you would choose a mug that keeps heat well. On the other hand, if you want to drink something cold, then you would choose one that keeps coldness well.

5 things you should look for when buying a travel mug. these are given below:


A Large Insulated Travel Mug will keep your drink hot or cold for longer. the largest travel mug i found on amazon is this 24 ounce Stainless Steel Thermos that can be seen at amazon here.. these usually cost around $15 and have been tested to keep drinks cold for up to 12hrs and warm for up to 8hrs.


If you want something that is compact and easy to carry around try the thermos shaker bottle. it collapses in on itself so when it’s empty you don’t need to worry about carrying around an empty travel mug. This one can be found here at Amazon for $25.

It’s easy to use, just add water for a hot drink and shake it up. or you can blend in some ice and add your favorite fruit for a healthy drink that keeps you going all day.

Stainless Steel/Aluminum?

Plastic travel mugs are fast becoming the norm however if you prefer Stainless steel mugs look out for double walled travel mugs like this one here on amazon. which is a snap to clean and can be seen here..

Insulation Material

If your looking for something more cost-effective or just want to use what you already have at home there are plenty of DIY recipes online that will show how to insulate any cup with simple everyday items including zip lock bags, aluminum foil and other inexpensive materials.


Make sure you get a travel mug that is shaped so it’s easy to drink out of.. the one I show here at Amazon is ergonomically designed to make it comfortable to hold however if you prefer something else make sure you buy a travel mug that suits your needs.

Lid and Seal

Make sure the travel mug you buy has a good lid as well as a tight seal to ensure no leaks and keep your drink cold or hot for longer.

Cost vs Value?

Obviously, you want to get the best value travel mug but remember that with the extra money you spend you will get higher quality and more features, something to keep in mind while your buying a mug.

Criteria for a good travel mug?

A review of what is important when buying a Travel Mug:

  1. The Size of the Cup : The ideal capacity of an insulated cup should be between 350ml to 400ml. This is enough quantity of water or coffee for one person. If the travel mug has a large capacity, it will be difficult to hold and drink from the cup without spilling the contents all over you.
  2. Comfortable: The material used in construction and insulation are factors that determine whether or not a travel mug is comfortable to use. For example, stainless steel mugs can be heated up quickly but they are also very heavy making them less comfortable while holding on the go compared to plastic ones which are lightweight and inexpensive in nature but might be difficult to keep warm during winter time
  3. Eco-Friendly : It should be noted that most plastics emit BPA toxic fumes when exposed to heat which might prove harmful especially to the children, so it is always preferable to go for stainless steel insulated travel mugs that can be easily cleaned and maintained.
  4. Removable parts : It should also have removable parts like spoons and lids which might be difficult to clean otherwise. These types of removable parts are suitable in situations where you want to consume hot or cold beverages that come with a spoon like ice cream or milkshakes without having to open the lid all the time while driving on a road trip.
  5. Condensation Barrier : It is ideal if your travel mug has an effective barrier between its contents and outside world so that condensation does not form around its exterior surface when filled with hot liquid, this ensures easy handling of the cup as as it prevents hot contents from burning your skin.
  6. Price : The cost of the insulated travel mug is perhaps one of its most important aspects because it influences whether or not you will be able to enjoy using it in the long run, so make sure that you buy one that falls within your budget range.
  7. Safety : The lid should have a locking mechanism and a winding cord as well as comfortable handle also designed for safety reasons. These types of features are desirable if you want to keep your hands free while drinking from the travel mug while driving on a road trip without any chances of spillage into the car interior..These factors ensure easy handling and safe usage of an insulated cup by even little kids who might otherwise try handling their favourite drink in an inappropriate manner.
  8. Capacity: It should have a capacity of at least 350ml for one person to make it ideal, while the larger ones with higher capacities might be difficult to hold and drink from without spilling their contents all over yourself which is not desirable during travel so you should prefer something in between as far as capacity is concerned.
  9. Style and Design: The design of the insulated mug should be such that it suits your style statement.. For example, if you are buying it for daily use at work or school then its appropriate color combination will make sure that you can carry it easily anywhere in handbags or backpacks as well. The lid style also matters because some people prefer drinking through a straw while others don’t like drinking in that fashion.
  10. Easy to clean: The parts of the travel mug such as its lid, spoons and other removable accessories should be easy to clean, for example if you are living with kids who love drinking through a straw then it will be difficult to clean the cup properly so choose something else .
  11. Durable: Make sure that your travel mug is durable enough because unless it is strong enough then it might leak or break down on you during use.. It can also be difficult to hold if made out of weak material like plastic which easily breaks while holding them. So make sure that you check these things before buying an insulated travel mug so that you can enjoy using one without having any problems along the way.

Now that you know what to look for in a travel mug, we will take a quick look at the factors that need to be taken into consideration before buying one.

Final Verdict

So first of all, make sure that you check how much are you willing to spend on your travel mug and then compare it with the prices of different models available online or at your local retail store. If all else fails, try searching online for the most desired features of a travel mug based on its price range as well as storage capacity. Don’t forget to include shipping charges in your budget so that you continue looking without breaking into a sweat once you find something that matches your needs perfectly. After this, narrow down your choices by checking out reviews

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