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Best Affordable and Eco friendly Yoga Mats – An Ultimate Guide 2022

“Exercises are like prose, whereas yoga is the poetry of movements. Once you understand the grammar of yoga; you can write your poetry of movements.” ― Amit Ray

Numerous studies have confirmed that yoga allows our body and mind to be fit. And practicing yoga can boost your health, enhance strength and flexibility along with decrease our depression, stress, and anxiety.
However, here we have come up with the best-selling and high quality and most of all, environment friendly yoga mats to make your task easier. Significantly, we have added additional information about yoga and yoga mats for your convenience.
So, without further ado let’s explore which yoga mat is the right for you.

Best Eco Yoga Mat

Liforme Original Yoga Mat - The World's Best Eco-Friendly, Non Slip Yoga Mat with The Original & Unique Alignment Marker System - Made with Natural Rubber - Biodegradable Yoga Mat - Gray

Liforme Best Eco-Friendly, Non Slip Yoga Mat

A Combination of great comfort, beautiful color, and outstanding grip

This is a eco yoga mat comes with natural rubber which provides more flexibility and comfort. Also, this non slip yoga mat comes with yoga mat bag!


Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat, Verve, 71"

Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

Designed for longevity and superior wear

Manduka has a great reputation for producing long-lasting yoga mats. The company ensured that your mat will never flake, fade or peel.

Perfect thickness

CORK YOGA NON-SLIP MAT + FREE YOGA STRAP (72" x 24" x 4mm thick)- NATURAL RUBBER, Eco Friendly, Non-Toxic, Latex Free, Antimicrobial, 100% Biodegradable. YOGA INSTRUCTOR'S CHOICE

Cork Yoga Non-Slip Mat

Designed, re-engineered and tested by top yoga instructors

This yoga mat is designed by the top yoga instructors. They designed it with the perfect thickness and size for yogis. You will find the ideal comfort with superior grip.

The Science Of Yoga

Buying Guides – Best Affordable Eco friendly Yoga Mats

eco friendly yoga mat
Choosing the right yoga mat is really essential for the reason that it allows you to be comfortable and stress-free while practicing yoga or meditation.
That’s why it important to be aware about few things before buying a mat. Indeed, by selecting the perfect size and material you can comfortably exercise your yoga at home or anywhere you want. So, let’s quickly take a look at the factors you should consider before buying a yoga mat.


You have to check if the thickness of your yoga mat is comfortable or not. A standard yoga mat is about ⅛ inch thick and ¼ inch thickest. Thick yoga mats will make you have a stronger strong connection to the floor while doing poses.  There are also more thick yoga mats, known as a travel mat. Its thickness comes in 1/16 inch. They can easily fold and carry. It stores in luggage without carrying much space.

If you are in short storage space then ⅛ inch thick mat is perfect to use. If you can carry and store little more space for cushioning then a premium yoga mat of  ¼ inch thick is perfect to use. And if you travel somewhere then a mat of 1/16inch  is perfect to use. Moreover, thicker mats come with a long-lasting period than thinner ones. Hence, It makes your money worth it.


To select the material for your yoga mat is perfect to choose from PVC to environment-friendly natural rubber.

If you have an allergy to latex then it’s better to avoid mats made from natural rubber. If you want to use a sticky mat then choose a mat made of PVC which will last for long periods. But it can’t absorb water so it becomes slippery over sweat. Otherwise, PVC materials are best to use. Jute, cotton, and eco-material provide traction to your body. These are less grippy on the floor but perform the best function.


The texture of your yoga mat indicates how much attraction it gives. Like it varies how slip and sliding can have. It affects how it gives comfort or not.

If you are looking for such a mat that doesn’t slip then it’s better to avoid PVC mat. Natural rubber, jute, or cotton will be the best option to use. And the grip design texture helps to perform yoga in a place how sweaty or tired your practice is. If your priority is on smoothness then it’s better to choose PVC ones. The echo-friendly mats are also much better, just a sticky feel is absent.


If you want a mat on a low budget then ⅛ inch thick, PVC sticky yoga mat is the best option. After that, you will need to pay more on the basis of patterns, designs, or logos like premium thickness and antimicrobial treatments, cool texture, and especially more to grip texture. Moreover, Eco-friendly mats are in a higher price range.


Now after selecting thickness, materials, texture, and price it’s time to select a perfect color, print, and design on the basis of your choice.

To choose the right yoga mat for you it’s essential to check the following factors given above. These factors will help you to pick the right one. A perfect yoga mat gives a great value of money and reduces from having injuries while doing daily routines. So, pick a yoga mat on your perfect fit.

Best Affordable and Eco friendly Yoga Mats – Full Review 2022

According to the United Nations, over two billion people around the world practice yoga daily.  These numbers suggest that people all over the world have a curiosity for good health. Truly speaking, everyone wants a happy and healthy life. So, your goal is to be fit both mentally and physically. In this regard, yoga would be the right option for you to meet your objective. You know, yoga is the best system of being strong physically and psychologically. However, to perform yoga moves safely you need to find the best yoga mat. Here in this article, we have discussed everything you should know about yoga mats.

If you look back to the history of yoga, back in the ancient days, when the Indians designed yoga, they performed it on grass or hard soil later on deer or tiger’s rugs. After the old days, those rugs were illegal to collect. Hence, sticky mats were the ultimate alternative for performing yoga. Back in 1990, the first yoga mat was produced and came to the market. It was predominantly introduced having considered the growing demand of the masses.

Yoga mats reduce the risk of injury while you are performing yoga on it. It will give you the best support when you are doing yoga. Nowadays, people tend to perform yoga that augments the demand for yoga mats. But finding the suitable yoga mat from the hundred types of yoga mats is a hard job. To help you out in this regard, here we have reviewed top-rated eco yoga mats so that you can effortlessly pick the right one for you. So, let’s get started.

1. Jade Fusion 5/16-Inch Yoga Mat

If you are looking for the best affordable yoga mat, then Jade Fusion 5/16-Inch Yoga Mat is the solution for you. This mat comes with beautiful colors, great comfort, and outstanding grip. Moreover, Jade mats designed through an eco friendly method. Considering all these things, it is the best best affordable yoga mat available in the market.

This professional yoga mat is the most comfortable mat you could find. The natural rubber has more cushion and flexibility.  Therefore, this mat is risk-free for you—provides excellent support to your joints when holding poses.

This mat is more thick and excellent for pilates, restorative yoga, core fitness practices, and cross-fit. Jade Fusion yoga mat comes with 5/16” thickness, so it gives an additional cushion for you when you need some extra comfort.

Above all, this Jade Fusion mat is the grippiest mat existing in the market. Unlike the other mats, this mat is not slippery at all. Hence, you will get the best grip when holding any yoga poses.

Jade mats are made in the US with natural rubber, renewable materials and contain no synthetic plastics. You can practice with this mat without any health concern.  Through the partnership of jade Fusion with “Trees for the Future”, they plant a tree with every mat you buy. So this is the best affordable eco friendly yoga mat you can purchase for you.

Overall, our final pick Jade Fusion yoga mat is the best mat you could find in the market. We recommend you this mat.

Why do we recommend this product?

Best Eco Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is the best mat existing in the market.  Jades Fusion yoga mat comes with beautiful colors, great comfort, and outstanding grip. Besides, Jade mats are made in an eco friendly method. No synthetic material has been used to make this mat at all.

Great Grip

This mat is the grippiest mat— natural rubber provides an optimum grip even if you sweat a lot. Therefore, you can hold any of your yoga poses trusting the mat.


This mat comes with natural rubber. It has more flexibility and cushion so you will get extra comfort. Your joints will be safe when practicing in hard surfaces.

Eco friendly 

Jade Fusion mats are made in an ecological method with natural rubber recruited from rubber trees and renewable materials. Unlike the other mats, Jade mats have no EVA PVC or other artificial rubber. These mats are made in the US in obedience with all US ecological, consumer and labor protection laws. Even they plant a tree with every mat you buy.

Jade Fusion 68-Inch x 5/16-Inch Yoga Mat (Purple)

Jade Fusion 68-Inch x 5/16-Inch Yoga Mat (Purple)

Jade Fusion 68-Inch x 5/16-Inch Yoga Mat (Purple)

  • Grapiest mat
  • Comfortable
  • Eco-friendliest
  • Beautiful colors
  • Long-lasting
  • Absorbent

  • A little heavy

2. Liforme Yoga Mat

This beautiful yoga mat is ideally thin, lightweight as well as eco-friendly. The Liforme yoga mat is the grippiest Yoga mat presently available in the market. Thus, this mat is one of the most preferred mats to the yogis.

With this mat, you can perform Yoga with the assist of the “Align-For-Me” system. This original and unique system has been smartly designed to guide and align you while practicing. So you could perform better with this Liforme yoga mat.

This mat is made by using the eco-friendly resources and processes. Therefore, it is biodegradable and PVC free. The high quality and non-toxic materials keep the mat clean and hygienic. So, you can perform yoga for a long time without any health concern.

Liforme yoga mat comes with – 72.8″ long x 26.8″ wide and 0.16″ thick. So it is more extensive, longer as well as thicker. Therefore, you will get more space to crave. Additionally, with perfect balance along with stability and comfortable cushioning, this is the ideal yoga mat for any yogis.

Moreover, at the same time, it is lightweight. So you can carry this mat easily. This pro yoga mat comes with a mat bag. Thus, you can protect and carry your mat easily with the Liforme Yoga mat bag.

Above all, this professional yoga mat is eco friendly and an excellent product for the yogis. This yoga mat is undoubtedly a great buy.

Why do we recommend this product?

Revolutionary grip

Liforme Yoga Mat provides the best grip for a yogi. The Grip-For-Me Material gives excellent grip to a yogi while practicing. Even if you sweat a lot, this mat will ensure you a better grip than any other mat available.

Top class balance

This mat is wider, longer plus thicker. So you will get more space to crave. Moreover, it is perfectly balanced and along with stability plus comfortable cushioning this mat is the essential equipment for any Yogi.

Truly planet friendly

This mat is made by the eco-friendliest and ‘body kind’ processes along with materials. Therefore, it is biodegradable and free from PVC. Using the high quality and non-toxic materials keeps the mat clean and hygienic. Overall, this yoga mat does not spoil our ecology.

  • Great grip
  • “Align-For-Me” system available
  • Long-lasting
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Great length
  • Wider, longer as well as thicker
  • Eco-friendly
  • Great balance

  • A little heavier than others but it comes with a mat bag

3. Manduka PRO Yoga and Pilates Mat

Manduka is one of the most respected yoga bands in the world. The company is keeping its reputation in producing top yoga mats for over 20 years. This professional yoga and pilates mat are their one of the comfortable product.

This Yoga mat is designed for longevity and superior wear. With a lifetime assurance, this mat will never fade, flake or peel. Therefore, you could use the mat for a long period.

Manduka PRO mat provides better support for the spine, knees, hips, and elbows on hard floors. Thus, your joints will be risk-free, and you could practice yoga with more comfort.

This yoga mat is slip resistant, however non-sticky. Even when you are sweating, this mat will provide excellent stability on soft or hard surfaces. So you will get an excellent grip when performing.

It comes with a standard size of 7.5 lbs.; 71″ x 26″; 6 mm thickness. Using the ultra-dense cushioning will protect your joints from getting injured. Besides, it will provide you a continuous practice surface to perform yoga poses.

Over 2 million yogis across the world use Manduka yoga mat for their yoga practice. So make your investment today and get your professional yoga mat for better practicing.

Why do we recommend this product?

Guaranteed for life

This professional yoga mat will not peel, flake or fade. It will last for a more extended period. Manduka provides a lifetime promise for its products. So you do not get concerned if you are buying it for using permanently.

Ultra-dense cushioning

It comes with a 6mm thickness along with ultra-dense cushioning. So this yoga mat could protect your joints better even though providing a steady practice surface.

Outstanding grip

Manduka yoga mat is designed to provide excellent grip. Your grip will improve by regular using. After a couple of sessions, this mat will serve your desired grip.

  • Long-lasting
  • Ultra-dense cushioning
  • Outstanding grip
  • Nontoxic + 100% latex free
  • Great balance

  • A bit slippery at first but okay after a couple of sessions

4. Cork Yoga Non-Slip Mat [Best Thick Eco Friendly Yoga Mat]

If you are looking for a thick eco friendly yoga mat that is designed, re-engineered and tested by top yoga instructors, then Cork yoga non-slip mat is the solution for you.

Usually, yoga mats are 5mm thick. But the ideal thickness of a yoga mat is 4mm. Extra 1mm width adds some extra weight on the yoga mat and makes it heaver. Thus it becomes quite hard for carrying. So, the experts decided to keep it 4mm thick so that— you could bring this mat all the way home to the studio, or even anywhere you want quickly.

You know this mat is designed by the best yoga instructor, as they genuinely understand what services a yogi wants from the mat, they realized a yoga strap could make the life more comfortable for a yogi when carrying the mat. So they advised to set a yoga strap with the mat, and it makes this mat easier for you to move.

This yoga mat offers finer grip and stability for a yogi. It becomes extra stable with heat and sweat. Therefore, Cork yoga non-slip mat is best if you want a non-slip surface. Moreover, Cork is odor-free and naturally antimicrobial. Therefore, this first-class mat will stay clean, and you do not have to clean it frequently.

While cleaning it, you should use water with mild organic soap. Keep the mat away from the direct sun as the direct sunlight may affect its surface. Therefore, you should keep it on the open air for drying.

Above all, this is the best thick eco friendly yoga mat that has made for the yogis by the instruction of yoga masters. Thus, you could get a quality experience with this affordable yoga mat. So make your investment today.

Why do we recommend this product?

Designed by the pros

ARC fitness designed this mat in the USA. They assigned the top yoga masters to develop, test and re-engineering this mat for the best outcome. So, you can trust this mat without any concern.

Perfect size

Cork yoga non-slip mat is perfectly shaped and just as thick as the yogis get comfort. With the touch of the professionals, this mat came with a perfect 4mm thickness. So you will get the best comfort from the surface also you can carry the mat quickly.

100% non-slip, antimicrobial and odor free

Cork yoga non-slip mat has an excellent grip and gives you better stability. It becomes more stable with sweat and heat. Moreover, the non-slip surface will provide you with better satisfaction. Additionally, cork is odor-free and naturally antimicrobial. Therefore, this first-class mat will stay clean from the dust or harmful bacteria, and you do not have to clean it regularly.

  • Perfect thickness
  • Antimicrobial and odor-free
  • Designed by the pros
  • Sticky surface
  • Environment-friendly
  • Carrying strap included

  • Slightly slippery at first but okay after a couple of sessions

5. Gaiam Yoga Mat Eco Friendly [Thick & Affordable]

If you are looking for an affordable, durable, yet lightweight yoga mat and extra-thick for the additional moderating your joints, then Gaiam Yoga Mat Eco Friendly could be the best solution for you. By the way, are gaiam yoga mats eco friendly? Yeah it’s absolutely an eco yoga mat.

This mat features a textured sticky non-slip surface gives you superb traction and superior grips. Gaiam produced 23 types of different stylish design to keep you focused and motivated in a while performing yoga.

It comes with 68-Inch x 24-Inch x 5/6mm dimension, but packaging may differ to list 5mm or 6mm. So it is easily transportable. You can carry the mat with you anywhere— you want to perform yoga.

This PVC yoga mat is a toxic free and a better choice for you and free of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP. So you can use these yoga mats without any health concern.

If you purchase gaiam yoga mat eco friendly, you will get a bonus free downloadable yoga training class that can be helpful for you— if you are a beginner.

Overall, it is excellent in quality if you compare to a similar price product. Gaiam yoga mat eco is an excellent buy for you today

  • Affordable
  • Smooth and thick surface
  • Toxic-free
  • Perfect for studio or home use
  • Excellent design and color

  • Rolls up a little bigger than ordinary mats
  • A bit smelly at first but it goes away after washing
  • A bit slippery for some people but after a couple of sessions it’s okay.

Also Affordable Eco Friendly Yoga Mat You Can Buy

We reviewed five top-selling yoga mats before. Now let’s see what are the other buying options available in the market. These mats are also great in terms of quality. You may also choose the ideal AND affordable eco friendly yoga mat from this section as well.

Jade Harmony Yoga Mat [The Ultimate Best Affordable Yoga Mat]

We have written the Jade Yoga Mat review on the top 5 yoga mat section. This Jade Harmony professional yoga mat is also worth buying. It provides superior grip and better comfort for the yogis. In addition, like the other Jade yoga mats, this mate provides extra cushion, traction, and stability while you are performing on it. Moreover, this yoga mat is made with high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance. Also, jade yoga mat cleaning very easy for the yogis. You can follow our user guide section to know more about how to clean jade yoga mat. So, you may consider it as well.

Hugger Mugger Yoga Mat

Hugger Mugger Yoga Mat is antimicrobial and Latex, rubber, PVC, and Phthalate free. Additionally, this mat is toxin-free, Biodegradable, recyclable. Thus, if you are looking for an eco-friendly yoga mat here is your option. Also, this non toxic yoga mat is ultra-durable, super sticky and very comfortable as well. Therefore, you could maximize your flexibility and get more freedom while performing your moves on it. So, it could be a great option as it’s too an affordable eco friendly yoga mat.

Mandala Yoga Mat

If you are searching for the round yoga mat Mandala Yoga mat is your best option. It comes with a six-foot diameter which is quite perfect for performing all yoga moves. This oversized yoga mat comes with a high-tack surface for providing additional support while you are doing yoga on it. Additionally, this wide yoga mat is PVC, phthalate latex and free. Thus, you don’t have to worry about health issues. Also, this PVC free yoga mat is made with high-quality materials. So, you may purchase this big yoga mat also.

 Nike Yoga Mat

Nike also produces quality yoga mats for the yogis. This NIKE Fundamental Yoga Mat comes with closed-cell foam and doesn’t include PVC or Latex just like Prana Yoga Mat. Additionally, Nike Yoga Mat has a superior cushioning and excellent grip just like the Prana ECO Yoga Mat. Thus, you can exercise on this yoga mat very comfortable. Additionally, you can clean this exercise mat very easily. You may hand wash it if it gets dirty. Besides, they provide a carry string for transporting the mat at ease. Therefore, you can easily carry this yoga mat just like the Tie Dye Yoga Mat and Victoria Secret Yoga Mat. We also recommend this outdoor yoga mat as well.

Manduka X Yoga Mat

Mannduka X Yoga Mat is far better than Manduka eKO Yoga Mat. It comes with high density cushioning which is lightweight and durable as well. Additionally, the germ-free closed-cell construction offers a better grip and stability. Besides, this yoga mat is 100% latex-free. Thus, health concern should be the least of your worries. However, if you want to clean this latex free yoga mat, make sure you are using Manduka All-Purpose Mat Wash rather submerge it soak this mat. To know more about how to clean Manduka yoga mat, you may go below to the user guide section. So, if you want to purchase a mat from Manduka it could be another option.

Gaiam Chakra Yoga Bundle

This Gaiam Chakra Yoga Mat is lightweight, durable, and very comfortable to perform yoga moves. It comes with a textured sticky non-slip surface similar to the Dragonfly Yoga Mat for additional grip. The exceptional design will keep you motivated to perform your moves. Also, it doesn’t come up with any harmful substance. Thus, your safety is ensured while you are doing yoga moves on this mat. In addition, unlike the Rainbow Yoga Mat, it comes with just the right amount of cushioning to support your joints. So, it could be another great option for you.

Tj Maxx Yoga Mat

This pink yoga mat from TJ Maxx comes with Textured Non-slip surface similar to the Empower Yoga Mat. Thus, you can perform your moves very easily on this yoga mat. You can also clean this mat very easily. Besides, unlike the Lotus Yoga Mat, it will provide additional comfort to your joints. So, you can perform comfortably on this lightweight and durable yoga mat. Overall, this mat has a solid construction. So, you may purchase this mat also.

Aurorae Yoga Mat [Best Yoga Mat Under $50]

This eco-friendly yoga mat is one of the most reviewed yoga mats on Amazon. Indeed, it is the best yoga mat under $50.  This mat is very easy to clean if it gets dirty. Additionally, it is very durable and lightweight. So, you can carry this mat easily. Besides, just like the Lole Yoga Mat, it doesn’t include any harmful substance. So, no worries about health issues. Moreover, they also offer a 2-year guarantee.  Overall, this affordable yoga mat is the ideal choice for anyone. We also recommend this exercise mat.

Yeti Yoga Mat [Best Eco Friendly Yoga Mat]

This is the best eco friendly yoga mat that designed with the materials which are free from any harmful substance for the human body. It comes with a  beautiful color and design which will motivate you to perform your moves. Additionally, it has a non-slip surface which will ensure comfortable yoga sessions. Moreover, this mat is quite extra thick. This 6mm thick yoga mat will protect your knees, elbows and other joints while performing on it. Besides, this yoga mat is moisture resistant. Thus, it is very easy to clean as well. So, you may go for this environment friendly and affordable yoga mat.

Sivan Yoga Mat

The Sivan Yoga mats are a great choice for doing yoga and other exercises. It is durable, long-lasting and very easy to clean. Additionally, it comes with specially designed memory foam to protect your joints while performing your moves on it. So, it provides almost the same support as the Marika Yoga Mat. Besides, it has a smooth surface on one side and ribbed surface on the other side for better gripping. Moreover, this extra wide yoga mat provides a lot of space to perform all of your yoga moves. So, it could be another good option as well.

Which are The Best Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Available on The Market?

We have added all the eco-friendly yoga mats in our review. However, the Jute Yoga Mat and the Kulae Yoga Mat are also quality yoga mats which are entirely eco-friendly. You may also purchase them.

What Is the Best Personalized Yoga Mat?

Some people love to use a custom print yoga mat. The custom yoga mat could boost up anybody and keep motivated for doing yoga moves. The RNK shops come with Cat Yoga Mat and Dog Yoga Mat which are really sweet to look at. You design your own yoga mat and add your imagination to it.

What Is the Most Beautiful & Affordable Eco Friendly Yoga Mat Yoga Mat Available on Amazon?

There are a lot of beautiful yoga mats you can find in Amazon. The Galaxy Yoga Mat is one of them. It also comes up with an extra-long size. So, you can perform your moves easily on this mat.

Can I Get A Hemp Yoga Mat in Amazon?

Amazon is the largest online shop where you could find almost anything. Yes, you can find hemp yoga mat here. We recommend the Felko Hemp Yoga Mat if you are looking for any.

Do Sports Equipment Company Like Adidas or Reebok Make Yoga Mat?

Adidas and Reebok both are the top sports equipment making company. They also make the yoga mats for the yogis. The Adidas Yoga Mat has a convenient carry handle for easy transportation. Additionally, the Reebok Yoga Mat is also compact and easy to transport.

What Is The Best Eco Friendly Yoga Mat For Kids?

Children’s Yoga Mat needs to be more playful and interesting which will keep them engaged. Consequently, kids yoga mat should come with more fun designs. Therefore, the TOPLUS Yoga Mat is the best option if you are looking for a childrens yoga mat. Also, this children yoga mat is eco-friendly and lightweight. Thus, we recommend this mat for your kid.  

What Are The Yoga Mat Substitute Available On Amazon?

The yoga mat towel is the substitute for the general yoga mat. Both the yoga mat and towel could be used for practicing yoga moves. Let’s know what to use instead of a yoga mat here. You can use a hot yoga mat towel for doing yoga. Additionally, if you want to buy a branded yoga mat towel you may go for the Manduka Yoga Mat Towel Mat or Gaiam Yoga Mat Towel. Both are the best yoga mat towel available on Amazon.  The yoga mat towels are handy to perform yoga moves. So, you may also purchase them.

Can I Use Yoga Mat Sandals?

Yoga mat sandals are very comfortable to use. You can use them as summer sandals. The Skechers Yoga Mat Sandals and Sanuk Women’s Yoga Mat Flip Flop is very popular among the yoga mat sandals. The Skechers yoga mat flip flops for women also have different color and size options. You can definitely use them.

User Guide

What is a yoga mat?

A yoga mat is a specially contrived mat used during the practice of yoga to avoid hands and feet slipping. It can prevent the yogi from being injured. Therefore, this specially fabricated mat is a must buy for beginner to professional for performing yoga.

Yoga mats are made of what?

Yoga mats are normally made from recycled rubber, cotton, jute, and cork. And it depends on your preference, which material you want to use. All of those materials can provide great grips, but you should not choose recycled rubber if you are allergenic.

How to clean yoga mats?

Once a week you should clean your yoga mats. You can clean these mats with your traditional dish soup or lemon juice. But do not use abrasive sponge while cleaning. Avoid direct sunlight and hot temperature while wiping down extra moisture.

What is the perfect yoga mat thickness?

If a yoga mat is too much thin, it may affect your joints and knees. And it will be difficult to maintain your balance and hold on your pose. Yoga mats should be 1/4″ thick for the best comfort and support for yogis.

What does PVC mean?

A synthetic material called Polyvinyl chloride commonly used in yoga mats for preventing slippage. But this cheapest material is not good for our health and the environment. So when buying a yoga mat, you should look for PVC-free mats.

How To Clean Yoga Mat Properly?

There are several ways to clean your yoga mat. You can either soak and wash it with homemade detergent or you can buy yoga mat cleaner from the market. Let’s know how you can clean your yoga mat properly.

Buy a Yoga Mat Cleaner

To clean your yoga mat properly, you should buy special yoga mat cleaner from the market. We suggest buying the Asutra Yoga Mat Cleaner which is the most popular cleaner on Amazon. It comes with a 100% natural and organic materials. Additionally, this natural yoga mat cleaner is a very affordable and handy tool to use. So, for cleaning your yoga mat first purchase this yoga mat cleaning spray and then follow our instructions.

Use A Sponge Or Wipe Cloth

After buying the yoga mat cleaner you need to moderately spray it on your yoga mat then wipe it with a sponge or cloth. You do not need to soak your mat too hard. Just gently clean the mat and then let it dry. If you clean your mat once a week you can keep it germ and smell-free. Thus, you will feel more comfortable while doing your yoga moves.

Cleaning With Homemade Yoga Mat Cleaner

You can also make a yoga mat cleaner in your home. So, let’s know how to make a yoga mat cleaner in your home to clean your yoga mat with DIY yoga mat cleaner. The yoga mat cleaner recipe is very simple. You can follow this yoga mat spray recipe to make homemade yoga mat cleaner. Firstly, you have to collect a small bottle of spray and then fill the one-third quarter of the bottle with clean water. Secondly, put two drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil and one drop of Lavender Essential Oil. Thirdly, you may use a one-fourth quarter of white vinegar if you want to. Now, you can shake the bottle gently and then spray it on your mat to clean dirty spaces.

5 Incredible Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is the most effective way to keep your body, mind, and soul happier in a busy life. Many researchers proved that doing this ancient exercise could boost up both physical and mental health. Moreover, it could make a positive impact on your lifestyle. Here are the 5 incredible benefits of yoga which will certainly inspire you to start it from today.

Increase Flexibility

Practicing yoga could tremendously improve your body flexibility. If you ever watched the yoga moves then you will know how much flexible yogis are. If you practice regularly, you can be that much more flexible as well. It will reduce your different pains and aches. Also, you won’t fill aches and pains which are caused by sitting on the desk for long hours anymore.


Boost Up Mental Health

Yoga helps to reduce stress. It boosts up our mental strength and let your body to relax. If you are having trouble with your concentration you can jump up to yoga. This ancient exercise will bring your concentration back. You will feel more relaxed and mentally ready for taking challenges.

Improve Muscle Strength

Strong muscles do not only look good they keep you safe from arthritis and back pain. Doing yoga could boost up your muscle strength along with flexibility. Therefore, doing yoga is better than going to the gym. Weight lifting could build your muscles but won’t give you flexibility like the yoga practice.

yoga mat
yoga mat

Improve Your Posture & Protects Your Back

Doing works for a long time in a desk could bring back pain. Also, it could make a negative impact on your posture. Doing yoga regularly can improve your posture and save you from back, neck and other pains. Also, it improves your balance and lets you lead a healthy life.

Improve Your Sleep

If you have insomnia or sleeping disturbance you should start doing yoga immediately. Yoga could increase your blood flow, improve physical health, relaxation system and decrease stress. Therefore, you could sleep deeper if you have a habit of doing yoga.

yoga mat
Yoga mats

Facts and Statistics on Yoga: Special Reference to the USA

Let’s take a quick look at some astonishing statistics and facts about yoga which will motivate you to start doing this ancient practice.

  • Over 300 million people perform yoga daily around the world. 
  • In the USA over 36 million does it regularly.
  • From the last 10 years, the numbers of doing yoga grew over 50%. 
  • One-Third Americans has done yoga once in their life.
  • Most people are jumping into yoga as it relieves stress and gives more flexibility. Each year, people of the United States spend $16 billion on yoga. Additionally, over 6,000 yoga studios are now opened in America. 
  • The recent research about yoga revealed that  54% of people practice yoga to get rid of tension.
  • 52% of people do yoga to get fit both mentally and physically
  • 43% of people perform yoga to feel happier
  • 27% of people do yoga to spend more time with themselves
  • 21% of people practice yoga to feel less lonely
  • 20% of people do yoga to unplug themselves from tech.

Yoga vs Gym – Which one is better  for your Mental and Physical Health?

There have been many debates regarding which type of exercise is best for mental and physical health. The expert found several health effects for both yoga and gym. Now we will discuss the health benefits of yoga and conventional exercise. You can choose which is best for you after finishing this discussion.

  • Mostly yoga dominates the Parasympathetic nervous system Which stabilities the action of the sympathetic nerves. On the other hand, the Gym can dominate the sympathetic nervous system directly
  • Doing yoga could improve the Subcortical regions of your brain. In contrast, going to the gym and other exercises could dominate the cortical regions of your brain.
  • The yoga moves are Slow dynamic and static movements which are extremely beneficial for our body joints. On the other hand, while you are in the gym you have to make Rapid forceful movements. 
  • The yoga practice is beneficial for normalization of your muscle tone. However, doing regular gym will boost up your muscle tension. 
  • While you are performing yoga, there is a little risk of injuring your muscles and ligaments. But going to the gym has a high risk of injury. 
  • Yoga doesn’t burn a lot of calories from your body; however, while you are lifting weights you could burn medium to the high amount of calories. 
  • The yoga practice will enhance your breathing. It will be more natural and relaxed. But, while you are doing heavy weight exercise your breathing will not be normal. 
  • Yoga does a balanced improvement in your body. In contrast, the gym will not do the same. Your muscle groups will not be the same if you go to the gym. 
  • Yoga improves mental health, boost up your self-awareness, concentration, reduce stress, and improve your soul. On the other hand, the gym could enhance external awareness like reaching the goal.

Closing notes

Yoga mats

Numerous studies have confirmed that yoga keeps our body and mind fit. Practicing yoga can boost your health, enhance strength and flexibility along with decrease your depression, stress, and anxiety. Therefore, keeping time for yoga in your daily routine could make your life happier and healthier. By the way, pick your suitable mat today from the above list of the best eco friendly yoga mats and start practicing from today.
So, are you ready to hit the mat?
Let me know your thoughts in the comment box below.


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