Best ape hangers for Softail slim

Best ape hangers for Softail slim

Yes! I’m talking about the Ape hanger for your Harley Davidson on a long ride!  When you are on a long ride, Ape hangers encourage a more upright posture instead of creating the need to hunch over. During the long drive, the perfect ape hangers that fit your body will decrease strain on the wrists, elbows, and shoulders. So, here I’m dragging on right now and trying to figure out for you which style ape will go on with you for Slim and thick.

When you are on a long ride, the best ape hangers for Softail slim can give you the best feeling ever on the road. And you know if you have not the better hangers then it feels worst on the road, especially on turning roads, when you’re in high mode. It will be a huge help for you if you find the great one for your Sportstar. Because I figured it for myself that they were not wide enough for the front end of a slim and feel difficult in the long ride. But then some of the original apes seem too wide for the slim. I have also seen gangsters. Check out here also on your demand with us.

5 Best ape hangers for Softail slim- A Comprehensive Guide

DraculeXtreme Massive 1 1/2 Inch Ape Hangers 

DraculeXtreme Massive 1 1/2 Inch Ape Hangers Handlebars, 14 Inch Chrome Handlebars for Harley Davidson Touring, Softail, Dyna, Sportster, Baggers, Dressers, EZ Mounting Wiring.

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So this is Dracule Xtreme Massive which is the only handlebar fit with non TBW HD bikes. So you might have to peek at a question how can I identify the non-TBW that is the “Throttle-by-Wire” HD bike. Ok. When you go to specify the TBW  bike, you only see one brake cable on the throttle side of the grip. And when you look into non-TBW, you see two cables-one brakes and a throttle cable. So here Dracule is only for non TBW HD bikes except non TBW HD bikes. Moreover, this Black Ape Hangers Handlebar is 1 1/2 inches so they’re nice and fat. Indeed, it gave my super glide a better look and! Very long-lasting. The foremost reason why I didn’t give them perfectly is that the “EZ wire” was preinstalled to make it easier to run your wires thru the bars, and that was not so easy. And found these were the most difficult bars running wires through. I curved up running fishing wire with a bolt tied to the end and then fed the wires through that way. But once I get them through. Wow, I do feel accomplished. Very pleased with these masterpieces.  Though a group of people found the bars difficult, in my experience it is beautiful and well built. So, you get a wire cable to tie to the copper wire that is already run through them before pulling your wires through. Other than that, they are of outstanding value. You can also use boot shoelaces and some powder and finally enjoy the results. This is a gorgeous bar, aggressive, will make a statement on the bike where the peak point is actually 19″.

Why DraculeXtreme Massive 1 1/2 Inch Ape Hangers Worth The Money?

  • 16-inch sturdy black handlebars for Harley Davidson Softail, Dyna, Sportster, Baggers, Dressers, EZ Mounting Wiring.
  • The diameter of this extreme is 1-½ inches with a heavy tube wall that is 120 inches. Additionally, the Tube Throttle Outer Diameter is 1 inch and Tube Outer Diameter is 1 and a half with the Tube Outer Diameter For Riser 1 inch.  Here the Width is 36 inches and the Center width is 3.5 inches with a Rise of 16 inches. And the Pullback is 8.25 inches.
  • There are Texture knurls that help the ape handlebars to be caught tight by risers without vibration.

12” Rise 1” Drag Ape Hanger HandleBar

12'' Rise 1'' Drag Ape Hanger HandleBar Fit Harley Street Bob Sportster XL 883 1200 Gloss Black

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This Gloss Black Drag Ape Hanger is fit for Harley Street, Bob Sportster XL 883, 1200 Gloss Black where the rise is 12 Inches. I found these bars worked perfectly on my 2014 Yamaha Vstar 950 Tourer. Again, They have holes in the bars to run your Lines thru if you want. And, absolutely love how they feel and that it puts my arms straighter while riding, much more comfortable. These bars are great at work, very easy to install, and route internal wires. This is really a great product! I can swap them in place of my 10 inches. Furthermore, there is knurl spacing that is how far apart the knurled parts are to hold the handlebars in place. As a result, you can hang on to your barbell more comfortably and can avoid a slip out of your hands when lifting. So, if you want apes without them being so wide like the others, then this will be perfect for you.  You can modify these nice bars if you have one on the 2011 Sportster because I have done this to grind the holes to fit the wires from my ignition switch.

Why 12” Rise 1” Drag Ape Hanger HandleBar Worth The Money?

  • This is 12 inches gloss black iron-made hanger where the diameter is 1 inch; Height is 12 inches; Width is 29.5 inches; Pull Back is 10.8 inches, and Center width is 10 inches.
  • It has holes in the bars to run your Lines thru if you want.
  • Easy to install and can route internal wires.


Pre Wired Dominator Industries 1 1/4 Inch Road Glide Meathook Monkey Ape Hanger Handlebars, 12 Inch Rise, Gloss Black Compatible With 2015-2020 Harley Road Glides

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Since you want to consume money for a worthy handlebar then Ape Hanger Handlebars will be the wise to spend. This ape handlebar is wide enough which is 35″ wide. So that you can turn over the road at any speed safely. If you ask me how about the bars I would like to say these are badass bars! I Just put them on my 2017 road glide and they are amazing! Those bars are really thick and at a great price, and well enveloped to prevent damage. Even at 1 and a half thick the older fly by wire “mines 2011” has a ton of wires so I couldn’t get plugs through bars, as a result, I cut them all off and shrink-wrapped everyone, an option for prewired would be useful, the overall best bang for the buck in my book!


  •   There is a 1inches center tube with 3-½ inches center spacing for the riser.
  • This ape hanger is triple chrome-plated or coated with gloss black powder.
  • It is wide enough where the bottom width is 13-¼ inches wide, and the inside width is 11inches wide.

Rise Ape Hangers Handlebar

WSays Chrome 10" Rise Ape Hangers Handlebar 1-1/4" Diameter Bar Compatible with Harley Sportster XL 1200 883 Dyna Softail Touring Road Glide Road King Models

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This is a 14-inches rise ape hangers for Sportster XL 883 Softail FXST FLST Z Handlebars. And if you have questions on to this do these come pre-wired for 2017 street glide but it does not fit with the 2016 Harley-Davidson street glide. Moreover, 2 inch risers are more than sufficient and yes they will work. Point to note, you might need wiring extensions for flyby wire though as I did on my 2021 electro glide standard. If you already have internal wiring then they might fit a 2013 street bob hard candy custom that goes from 12 inches to 14 inches. Furthermore, you will have to change the throttle and brake cable if u don’t have enough slack to make up. I was honestly surprised by the quality because of the price that is really worth it. At the moment I unboxed it every time I take it for a ride and I’m impressed by them. It is a great paint job high-quality product for a decent price. And very comfortable of you like a wide stance. The base is a little wide for even the street glide fairing notches but it fits fine. So that I am able to install on 2021 Street glide with no changes, and had to reroute but not change.  This king is the same as the higher quality king ape bars. After the design, they are sturdy but without getting into every little detail, the bottom line is that they worked out just fine for my Sportster. Along with this, the bars are definitely strong, not loose or flimsy,  and they look and feel really good.

Why Rise Ape Hangers Handlebar Worth The Money?

  • This sturdy hanger is a 14-inch rise ape hanger handlebar that is good to look at and resist rust, preventing scratch.
  • It is made of high-class quality iron comes with drilled wiring holes, and is easy to install.
  • The size is a 14 inches rise classical z bar where the 1and  ¼ inch and the diameter center section tapers to 1″ to fit with it.

TIGERSGATE 1-1/4″ Fat Ape Hangers Handlebar

TIGERSGATE 1-1/4" Fat Chrome Rise Ape Hangers Handlebar 12-Inch Z bar for Harley Sportster Dyna Softail 1995-2017 Road King

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This is the Tigersgate ape hanger fitment for Sportster XL Dyna Softail 1996-2013 Road Glide 1995-2021 Road King 12-16 FLD, 13-17 FXDB, 16-17 FXDLS, and 00-21 FLS, FLSS, FLSTC, FLSTF, FLSTFB, FLSTFBS, FLSTN, FXST, FXSTB, FXSTC 18-later Softail models. However, this hanger is designed like a batman wing that offers you a hollow-carving design where all the cable is eligible to put into this 1.25″ pipe with patience. This ape hanger is perfect in look where the bar diameter is 1-¼ inches and 1-inch mounting diameter. So that you can wire it with easier, but that doesn’t mean everyone can wire it. The handlebar is a diamond-shaped knurl design that provides you with a firm grip on the installation for smooth steering and avoiding slippers. To make your Sportstar concise there are cable holes designed to allow your cables to be perfectly hidden instead of exposed. If you think that the cable holes might cut the wires, but that is not, they ensure a nice finishing to avoid this cut.

Why TIGERSGATE 1-1/4″ Fat Ape Hangers Handlebar Worth The Money?

  • The Bar diameter is 1.25 inches, Tip to Tip is 32.5 inches, Pull back depth is 8 inches, the Clamp area diameter is 1 inch, the base width is 11 inches, and the knurled is centered to the center is 3.5 inches.
  • Classic Z bar design with a perfect batwing handlebar to make your motorcycle full of vigor.


In essence, the perfect ape hanger is appropriate to avoid the wrist strain, backbone, and muscle. During the ride, it is essential to move on in a convenient way, so the best ape hangers for Softail slim will be the perfect selection for a motorcycle. Additionally, to enjoy the ride in a compact way you need to choose the perfect one. So why late? Be the one. Enjoy the ride.

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