Best Classic Mini Suspension

Best Classic Mini Suspension

So, you are going to update the suspension of your car. And peeking questions to your mind about the mini still being as solid on the road as using original cones? And is it still just as good around the corners? Or can you handle the speed on the road? -all of the possible answers will be provable and you can solve your problem. Be steady and find it thoroughly step-by-step. You know that it is important for the suspension to keep the road wheel in contact with the road surface as much as possible because all the road or ground forces acting on the vehicle do so through the contact patches of the tires. And, here the suspension works out, it protects the vehicle itself and any cargo or luggage from damage and wear. Again, Yeh!  handles your vehicles just as good if not better, and enjoys your ride a lot smoother. None but the problem you will face with this fast road kit is it’s really meant for 2 x people in the front only, if you carry anyone in the back then you need to lift the ride height a bit or the tires rub on the underside of arches when hard cornering or going over bumpy ground. In this situation, you need to care and have more control over your steering.

3 Best Classic Mini Suspension- A Comprehensive Guide

Emotion Coilover Suspension

Emotion Coilover Suspension 24-Level Fully Adjustable High Performance Kit, compatible with Ford Focus, 2004-2017 (set of 4)

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If you love your vehicles like your girlfriend or boyfriend then Emotion Coliver Suspension is your ignition to start riding on the road. Riding with Emotion can change your mood and have full control over your emotion. With this companionship, you can feel that the other brands made this easier for the rear end of their suspension. And this will be the best companionship with you and your ride with a full mood of control. As a mechanic background, I was a mechanic for several years in the military, so these instruments were installed properly by myself. After having too many issues with the ride quality of my new springs and struts, I bought these kits to replace the springs and shocks on my 1990 w124 300E. And, once you install the rear springs and shocks it is hard to re-adjust without having to basically take the rear end back apart to do so. Because the adjustment settings are on the units, so, it’s hard to get the spanner wrenches in there to loosen up the nuts. According, I feel that other brands made this easier for the rear end on their products. But I found the front end isn’t too bad to adjust, so I just take off the wheel for easy access to the adjustment nuts. Again, as far as making adjustments for ride comfort these types of equipment are pretty easy to get to and just require the turn of a knob. Additionally, there are 24 settings per shock or strut. after having too many issues with the ride quality of new springs and struts. And, I have mine set to 12. So, I feel that at this price the ride comfort level at this setting should be a bit more smooth and not as harsh in this middle setting. In the hope that the building quality seems good though and I love the looks! After having too many issues with the ride quality of new springs and struts. It seems awesome to me because they do work and after months of use, I have not heard any strange noises coming from them. However, I feel the ride quality should be better at this price point compared to the name brands.

Why is Emotion Coilover Suspension Worth The Money?

  • The Fitment is compatible with Mini MK1 Cooper S R53, From 2002 to 2007 apart from vehicles using Air Suspension.
  • The front and rear spring rates exist according to 6K and 5.5K including Pillow Ball Top Mount Plate and Rear use of the Stock Top Mount Plate.
  • There is a 24-Level Damping Force Adjustment System where compression and rebound are all together.


This is a mini suspension that Austin rubber cone fits in the front or rear rover. So, you can use both the front and rear.


  • It is Austin Mini Suspension.
  • Made with rubber.
  • This cone fits in the front and rear rover.

Austin Mini Coil Spring kit 

Austin Mini Coil Spring kit Street Blue Set of 4

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When there is a question of mini suspension you will also seek mini coil spring kits. So, here Austin Mini coil spring offers the biggest improvements that can be made to a Mini is to replace the rubber cone springs. And When that statement was made it referred to new rubber cones which are now a new standard in Mini springing that is coil springs! You can find this direct replacement kit that includes everything to replace the harsh riding rubber cones with proper springs. Along with, special hard-anodized aluminium perches that allow the springs to be fitted to either the stock trumpets or Hi-Los. Furthermore, the highest quality progressive winding is used to ensure that the springs will not sag after many years of use, unlike the rubber cones. So it assures you the longer duration. The good thing is that it can fit all Classic Austin Mini Coopers. This mini useful coil spring comes with centre posts to work with early SAE thread 1/2″ X 20 fine thread and late metric 14X2 cones. And, above all suspension cones since 1976 have been metric. It is available in three spring rates-they are: CSRP100 which is soft Blue in colour, CSRP200 is firm Red in colour, and CSRP250 competition-spec which is green in colour. If you found an oversized rebound buffer then it will also be managed. Here the oversized rebound buffers for the front are available as part number 2A4267C and the oversized rear bump stop is available as CSRP015. It is made with special hard-anodized aluminium perches which allow the springs to be fitted to either the stock trumpets.

Why Austin Mini Coil Spring kit  Worth The Money?

  • It is a mini coil spring.
  • It includes everything to replace the strong riding rubber cones with perfect springs.
  • Austin can fit all Classic Austin Mini Coopers.


In the final analysis, to regulate your favourite vehicles in a full compact mood you need to handle the steering in a full uncompromising way. Here are some of the best classic mini suspensions that can ensure you the best riding on the road. Using the best suspension update your car with smart technology. And ride in a full mood. Before installing the best equipment just check out the kits that all of them are adjusted with your favourite one. If not then make sure that instruments are adaptable to resize and reshape. And ensure on the demand of your vehicles that, the instrument can be separated into parts. So that you can customize the whole system on your demand for vehicles. Stay in a riding mood.

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