Best Vintage Axe Heads

Want to gift your husband an awesome handy vintage axe? Are you seeking the best vintage axe head for your craftsmanship? Get the great solid axe heads for your forest axes or splitting axes from here. As I assume you know how important the axes are while log-building or forest accessories. As a professional axe thrower, I know how it is essential for chopping wood by soothing your hand from unnecessary pain. And also remembering its longevity of it. Furthermore, an excellent Vikings might be your great collection in your guest room to enhance the elegancy. So check out the details and more here now.


Norse Tradesman 24" Viking Battle Axe with 1095 Carbon Steel Axe Head & Teakwood Shaft with Hand-Engraved Norse Runes | The Skeggøx

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First of all, I would recommend getting this sheath too if you’re thinking about buying this head. When I brought it out of the box, I found it super sharp. Though the price is not pricy and available on Amazon so I had expected to spend a while sharpening this axe after I hafted it. But it’s Amazing! The sharpness of it makes me surprised. And about as much as anybody would need an axe to be to get through a lot of wood without just dampening immediately. In my choice, Hafting is the main issue with it. So here the eye is a weird shape and a little too round to work on a standard axe handle that is too spiked at the ends to use a round handle. Despite I just sculpted a round shovel handle shape and it seems to work fine.

This Beautiful axe head arrived in a beat-up DHL box once I pulled it out but was fine inside the bubble wrap. When I handed over the bag found that it was oiled from the previous and arrived in a plastic bag. Though the construction seems to be solid so I could not tell if the socket was formed using a forge weld or not.  So there were no cracks visible, and the polished parts are all uniform in texture without machine marks or scratches. Additionally, the forge scale that has been left on bears uniform hammer marks as well. Including that I suspect it will wear in and age beautifully as the axe sees usage. So you can tell a lot of pride went into this item’s making.

The only con that seems me to recommend you and truthfully it’s a minor quibble that it is the straight-wall socket. So it needs extra care and must be taken to ensure the handle is properly fitted. Including that the wedges are installed very snugly to control any unwilling altitude gain by the axe head. The Axe with an hourglass-shaped socket, that grips the handle better by constructing. As my axe will rarely if ever see use as a tool, I’m not sweating it. Furthermore, overall I’m very happy with the purchase and am extremely excited to finish the Purpleheart I have selected for the handle.

And finally got around to hafting this axe, and was worried that the lip of the cheek would end up splitting the grain of the obnoxiously difficult piece of purpleheart I chose to handle it with. In this situation, to prevent this, I went ahead and chamfered the inside of the eye. So I think this was more out of my fear I would waste a 40$ piece of wood and have to start over. Despite this, I have no doubt it would have worked fine as it came from the vendor as well. So, the way I shaped my handle probably was the cause of this more than the head itself. Moreover, this doesn’t change my rating at all, it’s still a wonderful axe head and a great deal! I just wanted to share my experience with you as the user of this axe head.


  • The handmade Axe head comes with a carving pattern.
  • The aggressive cutting angles designed edge shape is forged.
  • This razor-sharp blade is made with high carbon 5160 steel.

Outdoor Axe with Deep Beard Design

CRKT Freyr Axe: Outdoor Axe with Deep Beard Design, Forged Carbon Steel Blade, and Hickory Wooden Handle 2746

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Do you want to feel yourself a great Vikings?  This is a great outdoor axe! You just spent 2 weeks in Algonquin back-country with it and feel fully satisfied with it. Again this is a great weight! And, is very well balanced so that it is easy to swing and can chops small trees or branches easily.

Although you will need a file to support it sharp that’s part of the game. So, a little work with a file then a diamond sharpener had a perfect edge on this beauty. That is just under shaving sharp where I like to keep hatchet blades. And, all my knives I strop to a razor. Ok anyway, I got this hatchet to take on my pretty regular minimalist camping trips. I always take an axe and a couple of knives but I was lacking a good strong hatchet. I’m a man that likes things that last so I liked the hickory handle on this one `and the blade shape with the dark finished handle caught my eye. So far I’ve just taken it outback. And additionally, I split some medium to small oak. And additionally, I had to lay around but it had no problem at all. However, if I intended on splitting anything bigger I would use an axe anyway. So, I banged the handle a time or two while trying to get the feel of this hatchet but you can’t tell at all. That’s one important thing to remember for you that I should mention, the blade angle and length take a little getting used to but I love it now. Quality control is something I have always respected from CRKT so I wasn’t surprised to find that all the measures I would have taken both to make and secure the handle that was taken.

This is amazing! This is an absolute score axe of this! That is coming with Sharpe out of a very pleasing package, the head is perfectly parallel with a beautiful hickory wood shaft. And I highly recommend treating it with linseed or lanolin oil, I will update if the head becomes loose or the shaft breaks. Additionally, the bearded design is not just visually pleasing but most definitely functions as purposed. This can dig deep with clean cuts to wood and decent-sized logs that allow me to pull around a grown man by the shoulder, all in a backpack-sized tool. And it is all praise that Freyr indeed!

Why Outdoor Axe with Deep Beard Design Worth The Money

  • The blades themselves are hot forged of carbon steel and receive a passivation treatment for ultimate corrosion resistance.
  • This is Forged Tough which is made with 1055 Carbon steel provides durability and edge retention.
  • The longevity of this axe is Tennessee hickory which is a dense material that withstands hard use.

Norse Tradesman Viking Throwing Axe

Norse Tradesman Viking Throwing Axe - Handforged Hatchet for Rugged Survival or Informal Throwing

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Anyway, the design and the look of it aren’t that bad. It is made of forged iron for the head and a wooden handle. And great for a display piece if you choose to use it like that. This is a beautiful axe!  And honestly, it is handsome. When I just unboxed, and then found an axe thrower, so we’ll see how it glides, but it was wonderful to design. Though I love the rustic look and the metal trim on the handle feels incredible to the touch. As for durability, we’ll see. It seems solid out of the box. There is no wiggle in the head at all, but the blade is duller than I expected. In my sense, the tip of the axe seems to have been damaged a bit as well, but that’s not impossible in the slightest. Also, the weight is nice and full that I would say. As it was not heavy, but solid. All in all, it is a beautiful axe for decor. And we’ll see how it holds up. So, I have high hopes! While it’s a very cool-looking axe, it did not work well for league axe throwing. Additionally, the handle is about 4 inches too short for the heavy head, which gives too much spin. Again, the axe head metal is of very poor quality and quickly deformed, and needed sharpening between matches. Also, the wedge that holds the head in place didn’t keep the axe head tight to the handle. I think it is better to but for your drawing room decoration or would be a nice collection. And, I ended up buying a far better axe at my league that was cheaper and the difference was night and day.

Why Norse Tradesman Viking Throwing Axe Worth The Money

  • It is constructed to last and designed to perform and each hatchet featured a hand-hammered head with a sharpened edge that is 56-58 Rockwell scale hardness.
  • The axe offers the weather-proof axe handle that is made from one piece of quality aged teakwood and is one of the hardest and most durable timbers available.
  • It is the Norse-style tomahawk that features a thick harness leather cross stitch and a Norse-styled leather strap towards the base, helping with grip.

Axe – Custom Handmade Stainless Steel

MDM Custom Handmade Stainless Steel Axe - Woman Viking Hatchet, Tomahawk Throwing Bearded, Lightweight Survival Chopping Splitting Axe with Solid Wood Handle & Leather Sheet 14 Inch Ax - 9005

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I love this thing. It looks fabulous! I’m a professional axe thrower. And I love this thing landed 9 to10 times. Additionally, I threw it a total of about 50 times and it is just now starting to get flexible. It is effective and not ideal to sit. But at least I know it works. So, I’ll keep for pictures with the clients I train!

This product was purchased for display. Furthermore, I am not sure about the sturdiness and durability of this but my purchase does not require that. Without the visible imperfections in how the black artwork stencil lines are applied to the steel. Otherwise, a beautifully crafted product.

This awesome tool I bought, for my son as a present for Christmas present. He really loved it. despite I was worried that it wouldn’t look the same as the photo’s but it did the exact way. He collects swords, axes, and knives so this made a lovely addition to his collection. Additionally, this awesome equipment can easily handle your daily kitchen tasks. Because it is designed for cutting, slicing, mincing, and dicing fruit, vegetables, and meat. Furthermore, it has an awesome classic look that has an ergonomic handle, and ease-of-use design guarantee that you will come to rely upon it

Why Axe – Custom Handmade Stainless Steel Worth The Money

  • It is a 15″ inches blade where cutting Length is 5.4″ Inches, tang Length is 5.4″ Inches, and the handle is made of rose Wood. The handle is crafted with beautiful amazing art on the axe.
  • This is custom handmade stainless steel Viking Axe that is gorgeous and made with a solid wood handle.
  • The axe has an excellent edge and sharp skills.


In the end, it is essential to select the right equipment for your courtyard work, forest workout, or log chopping. While log chopping picks the best vintage axe heads that were a sharp, wide edge, and solid in the material that was sturdy and heavy to work in smoothly. In this situation, check out your axe handlebar also which is gripped with rubber that will not slip away in any force circumstances. So you can enjoy the best shopping.

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