Best Wax For Waxing Canvas

Best Wax For Waxing Canvas

Want to renew your jacket, denim, shoes, or clothes? Avoid wetting in the rain or water your cloth. It’s just simple tricks. Wax can make your life easy and changes your lifestyle. While using wax you might find some wax is not mixed up in polish with your fabrics. And might change the real style. Some wax might melt in the just sitting beside your fireplace. So change your lifestyle today. Cover your canvas by applying the best wax for waxing canvas. And renew your old jacket, backpack, and sustain for a long time.

4 Best Wax For Waxing Canvas

Otter Wax Fabric Wax Bar

Otter Wax Fabric Wax Bar | Regular Bar | Durable Rain Protection | Made in the USA | Waterproof Canvas, Shoes, Hats, Jacket, Bags, Outdoor Gear, Clothing | All-Natural & Effective Beeswax Waterproofer

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This is great when I purchased this product to touch up a few minor leaks in a tin cloth hat. And, It worked as promised. There are no more leaks. That is Happy for me.

Here I had pictured in my mind happy, the otters are carefree and going about a daily routine of producing otter wax for the benefit of the fellow clothes-wearing creatures.

But not only do otters not produce wax, as far as I can tell none are even employed by this company. I mean, there should be at least a token otter or two earning a livelihood on the factory floor that I would have thought so.

And this is not the age of mascots and marketing. It is supposed to me that the Otter Wax would have some frisky, friendly otters willing to be interviewed and photographed. Although, it is creating a leak-free future for the betterment of us all. Additionally, it is in an eco-friendly way to boot.

And guess that it appears to be the chief ingredient in this product is beeswax. And seems to me an opportunity is being missed here. As you likely are aware, bees are not having the best of times these days and I’m certain they would appreciate some time off from making beeswax. So they could recycle and, perhaps, improve their digits. It may be possible that they would care to go on a cruise or spend a few weeks at an all-inclusive resort.

Anyway, at least my hat doesn’t leak. And I just happen to have a photo of an otter wearing a dress. So that’s something. And, I like this wax and it gave me the look and protection that  I wanted. But you need to keep a couple of things in mind before ordering. It is pretty much just says rub on and let dry. Don’t look forward to the damaging effect, so that crappy results which seem to explain your bad. You can do this instead by yourself.

I am also using a hairdryer or heat gun to heat a section of the item that you are going to wax and heat the wax a bit until just soft. Then scratch it on in long, even, non-overlapping strokes. Then while it’s still warm even it out by rubbing it in with your fingers pretty hard. If it gets cold and sticky, then reapply heat. While the entire cloth has been coated then make another pass with the hairdryer or heat gun to heat the wax again to set it whether it is good or hot. Then put it up on a rack to dry for a couple of days where mine took about 4 days. But remember it will get waxy when you’ll know when it’s dry and turn white. You can take a clean shoeshine brush or stiff-bristled brush and brush the crap out of it until the fabric feels a little stiff. But that is not waxy at all and all the excess white wax is gone. In this case, you may get dark spots where there was a little extra wax but I liked that distressed look which is why I chose this wax.

For the second purpose, if you want an invisible water seal don’t use this as it darkens the fabric and does so unevenly. If you want waxed jeans and enjoy being flammable and or on fire use paraffin wax instead.

Why Otter Wax Fabric Wax Bar Worth The Money?

  • It is non-toxic, with no silicone or petroleum mixed with all-natural and non-toxic ingredients.
  • The wax is Naturally preserved with cedarwood.
  • It can protect and restore fabric, canvas, denim, tin cloth, and more.

Kevian Canvas and Fabric Wax

Kevian Canvas and Fabric Wax - All-Natural Formula for Complete Waterproofing and Protection - Made in the USA! - 6oz

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Do you want to shield your jacket from water? Want to make your jacket sustainable for a long time? Then Kevian will be the right choice for you. This is the Kevian Canvas and Fabric Wax that is made with an all-natural waterproofing formula to add years of life to your canvas and fabric items. You can choose from our 3oz or 6oz bar sizes, to cover the entire cloths, jacket and backpacks easily apply to canvas & denim shoes, hats, jackets, backpacks, and more! The Wax is produced by the USA with the best elements. You know that it is made with triple filtered Beeswax and a Unique Blend of Seed Oils. So that you can add years of life to your leather & canvas items with these high-quality all-natural products. The previous day, I ordered this to re-wax my trusty Belstaff Trialmaster, a job I’ve not done for many years. So, I don’t have much experience with fabric wax but I remember the last time I tried it with a different brand of wax. The first time, I found it very difficult and frustrating, but this time it was much easier. And, I’ve no idea why. Maybe because, this wax reached its melting point easier and stayed there longer, or maybe I’m just misremembering. But, in any case, I’m happy that the 3oz tub was enough to cover the jacket, and the results are pretty impressive!

Why Kevian Canvas and Fabric Wax Worth The Money?

  • It is natural waterproofing formula adds years of life to your canvas and fabric items.
  • It is made with all-natural ingredients like beeswax, a unique blend of seed oils.
  • The wax keeps moisture from denim jackets, backpacks, clothes, and more.

Otter Wax Heat-Activated Fabric Dressing

Otter Wax Heat-Activated Fabric Dressing | 1/2 Pint | All-Natural Water Repellent | Made in USA

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I was in the problem of not getting the perfect wax that makes a great shield for my jacket and backpack. So here I found the desired one. It was pretty much good! And I used this to wax a brand new lighter weight inexpensive solid matte black colored cotton jacket. Furthermore, I was hoping for water resistance a nice even subtle silky black appearance maybe something like a Barbour though if it looked more like a Filson that would be fine too. So, it took a while for me to get the wax melted in the pot of water. You probably would have been better on a gas stove, rather than an electric stove as the heat would have been even that way. But I Used a meat thermometer that I held with the probe off the bottom of the pot to ensure proper 180-degree water temperature. And, I applied the wax from the can that is still in the pot is heated on the stove to the coat a foot or so away with a new paintbrush. Most amazingly it solidifies quickly. If you have a rush you can quickly slop on the wax to cover everything. And, the entire coat took the full can, though there was no more. I let it rest a few minutes then got out the hairdryer and used it to melt the wax until it was soft and then worked it in with a wooden shim. And, I had sanded down and rounded it off. As I made sure that I work the wax into the seams, pocket pleats, and moved it around from areas that had been more heavily coated to those that were less heavily coated. And,  Had lots of crumbs of wax that had blown off stuck to the side of the coat which was down on the tarp last. The wax flipped the tarp over and put the coat back down and began to melt the wax on the coat again. And found that I did it thoroughly and spread it around with a wad of an old freshly laundered cotton T-shirt. There are certain areas like the top pocket covers looked good, like I was hoping the whole coat would turn out. And, even the fabric on the chest above this looked like that, at the time. This way I did the whole coat like this. From the beginning to end it took about 4.5 hours. Then I hung it up to cure and let it rest there for 72 hours. Only after that did I can eligible to put it on. After getting the fabric flexes it gets pretty chalky looking. Again the material above the top pocket flaps looked exactly like them and then that material flexed a little and turned a chalky grey. Though it’s not the aesthetic I was going for and I’m not super happy with it. I can stand out in the pouring rain with it today for 10 minutes. And, watching the water sheet right off the whole time. I stayed completely dry. So  it seems to me to have the cloth in the level of water resistance that I had hoped for. That is great to me! And I am very satisfied there. However, I’m thinking the aesthetic I desired is achievable, though I probably should have taken more time and watched the company instructional video once or twice more as I was doing it. Also not having a needy 4 year and 9-month-old in my immediate care while I was doing it probably would have helped a lot. I’m assuming that I might have over-applied the wax. So, I should have taken time to work each paintbrush application into the textile. As I went through rather than brushing the wax on everywhere quickly. And then softening it in and moving it around. So, I assumably could have used 3 or 4 cans and achieved a more even factory-looking finish. What I like about this is the item’s functions.  And your cloth will need to be touched up re-applied with the wax in a year. Further, so at which time I’ll have another chance to make it look more like what I had wanted. In this aspect,  I may try the bar for that touch-up. So long review, in the end, I’m very satisfied and would recommend the product. After spending 42 dollars,  all in, jacket and wax, and have a fall or spring coat found that is durable and usable with some character. And that I’ll change the appearance of in a year or two when re-waxing, So I’m putting this one into the win column.

Why Otter Wax Heat-Activated Fabric Dressing Worth The Money?

  • It can be used for heat-activated fabric dressing which is 100% Natural waterproofing fabric wax.
  • It is great for use on oiled coats, canvas shoes, hats, fabric jackets, rucksacks, backpacks, and more.
  • It is environment friendly made with 100% natural ingredients where it is non-toxic, no silicone, and no petroleum.

Otter Wax Fabric & Canvas Wax

Otter Wax Fabric Wax Bar | Large Bar | Durable Rain Protection | Made in the USA | Waterproof Canvas, Shoes, Hats, Jacket, Bags, Outdoor Gear, Clothing | All-Natural & Effective Beeswax Waterproofer

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I bought the pack because I had a large Carhartt coat that I was waterproofing that is for future reference takes about a bar and a half to do. And about a half of a bar for touch-up will work after the initial curing time and on a whim decided to use the remainder bar for waterproofing a flannel work shirt. And remember, flannel and denim on the matter do not take the wax well, so becoming a sort of matted mess and causing some of the colors in the flannel to run. So, I gave it some time to cure and it “hardened” on me so I’m not quite sure about its usefulness on other materials. On the flip side, the waxing of the coat went better, needing only some touch-up on the hood after the curing period. I have to emphasize that this curing time is necessary; both in regards to the long-lasting waterproofing effect as well as maintaining the ‘waxed canvas’ look. It just plain works. You can put it on double knee Carhartt’s- works good, looks good. It did take some wear before it got good. But now I get compliments all the time on pants I haven’t washed in months.

Why Otter Wax Fabric & Canvas Wax Worth The Money?

  • This is large for a bigger project for covering the entire jacket.
  • The wax offers long-lasting protection from the elements.
  • It contains only all-natural ingredients from renewable sources.


In the end, to cover up your entire cloth, jacket, denim, or backpack you can purchase more than one. Additionally, go through the ingredients that are natural and non-toxic material before buying. Take more time when you are doing a big project. To sum up, waxing your favorite one increases the longevity of your clothes, backpack, and more by the best wax for waxing canvas.

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