Helmet Laws In Florida

Helmet Laws In Florida- Do Kids need to wear a helmet to ride a bike in Florida?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Helmets protect the brain from injuries. It creates an additional layer at the head and thus protects the wearer from some of the more severe forms of traumatic brain injury. A helmet aims to cut back the danger of significant head and brain injuries by reducing the impact of a force or collision to the pinnacle.

In the USA nearly half-million children get injured in a year from bicycle accidents. Many children do not wear a helmet and so accidents occur. Thus, if your kids wear a helmet it will reduce accidents in Florida. Now the question is why you need to do it. Let’s briefly discuss the reasons. Hopefully, it will help you know the cause.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Helmet Laws In Florida
Helmet Laws In Florida


Helmet Laws In Florida

In Florida, there is a mandatory law for children under 16. Anyone who is under 16 will just have to follow the helmet law. If your children get injured by not wearing a helmet in a bicycle accident then bicycle lawyers can help you recover compensation for your injuries. It can be issued a citation or fined. The court may release the charge against the rider by showing proof of buying a helmet. And under subsection 8 guardians or parents will fine for neglecting children or not wearing a helmet.

According to Florida law, ‘ the failure of a person to wear helmets or the failure of a guardian to prevent a child from riding a bike without a helmet may not be considered as a mistake or fault’. They forbid it as a mistake.

The big cause if you are not wearing a helmet can have a great head injury.

It can cause trauma and can result in a permanent brain injury. It can cause a skull fracture and epidural hematoma. An epidural hematoma is bleeding in the skull between the inner lining of the skull and dura. Helmets protect the face, head, and brain if you fall while riding. So, children need to wear a helmet while riding a bike.

There is a story I read about children of not wearing a helmet and it causes a great effect. The child’s name was Jaden Rivera. He was riding a bicycle and fell off his bike. He was not wearing a helmet. Only just a few scrubs occur on his elbows and knees. Then after a few days suddenly he was feeling lazy and was not willing to wake up. So, his mother understood the situation and took him to the hospital. A CAT scan results in him having a skull fracture and epidural hematoma. An epidural hematoma can cause death if not treated. At last, he got operated on and came out safe. 

So, you can understand what can happen if a helmet is not put on.

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So, I have discussed the reasons for Helmet laws in Florida. After the above discussion, I hope you understand why do kids need to wear a helmet to ride a bike in Florida.

By wearing a helmet nearly 7o% of children can be safe from getting an injury. So, if your kids wear a helmet the rate of injury will reduce by a considerable number.

I have discussed your questions so far. May in this article, I have been able to answer all of your questions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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