how to choose the right shoes for your feet

How to choose the right shoes for your feet

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]There are various types of shoes in the market. Some shoes are light, heavy, and some are made with soft or firm material. And for the elderly, there are various shoes with balance problems. These shoes prevent falls and give comfort to your feet. They feel secure and easy to walk.

Now the question is, ‘how to pick the right shoes for your feet?’ If you are thinking of buying shoes for your feet, you need to look at some factors. 

The below factors will make your investment worth it and you will find all the comforts and safety you want.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

how to choose the right shoes for your feet
Shoes for elderly

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How to choose the right shoes for your feet


Shoe Size:

To prevent falls, you need to get a shoe of the proper size. When going to the shop, measure the shoe size by wearing socks. You need to check, the shoe doesn’t become tight and it fits well on all sides. This will help elders to walk freely and comfortably. Also, they can do exercise by wearing these shoes.


Comfort is the main factor for the elderly. By increasing age, they face various foot injuries. Most of the elders suffer from arthritis. They feel pain in their feet. So, comfort is main when wearing shoes. When buying, check if the shoes are soft and feel comfortable to wear.


Traction is the characteristic of balance shoes. The tractions prevent slipping weather walking on muds, dirt, grass, or rocks. So, when buying you need to check the shoe comes with a smooth sole, this will prevent it from falling. Also, elders mostly find it difficult to lift a shoe if the shoe sole is heavy. So, get the shoes with a smooth sole.

Arch Support:

Arch support is the main factor you should look for when buying shoes or slippers for the elderly with balance problems. You need to choose shoes or slippers with good arch support. However, to understand your arch types, you can perform a wet foot test. Palace your foot under the tub with full water. Now take out your feet from the tub and place your foot on the floor, if you see a flat shape then your arches are flat, and if crescent shape then your arches are moderate. And if you see barely a crescent shape then your arch is high type.


It is crucial to get lightweight shoes, particularly if you are looking for elderly shoes. Heavyweight shoes are difficult to lift or move for the elderly. To walk on rocks, muds, or grass, lightweight shoes are needed. Lightweight shoes also make feet breathable and it finds easy walking experience. So, when buying shoes, get lightweight shoes for the elderly.

Easy to wear:

Slip-on shoes are the easiest way to wear shoes. For the elderly, these shoes are gonna be easy. Your elders will find it easy to put on. Moreover, these shoes save time and energy also.

Shoes with a flat base:

For the elderly shoes with a flat base are safer. They are comfortable and it makes them feel free to move. Aso, the flat shoes come on lightweight and when walking doesn’t make you tired. So, the elders can walk freely as much as they want. 

Good quality

It is important to check the quality when buying shoes. If you get shoes of high quality, they will last for a long time. You won’t need to worry about tearing. For elders, it’s better to give shoes with a high brand. When they walk or go outside for jogging the shoes will not tear. This will keep them safe from falling.


Many people want to do shopping on a budget. But, there are some items which are better to get at a higher price, mostly bags and shoes. If you want your shoes to last for a long term and want to give comfort then you need to spend more money. Because good quality comes at a good price. So, spending money on proper material will make your investment worth it. Thus, don’t go for price, go for quality to ensure safety and comfort.


Final Verdict

So, these are the factors you need to consider before choosing the right shoes for your feet.

The factors will help you to walk freely and comfortably when they will lose balance. Also, they will feel relief from swelling or pain. Arthritis is the main issue for the elderly. So, it’s important to pick shoes for your feet by taking the above factors into consideration.


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