Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls

8 Best Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls | Top Slippers for Elderly with Balance Problems

Slippers For Elderly To Prevent FallsAre you searching for slippers for elderly to prevent falls? Here we have recommended slippers for elderly with balance problems. These are safe slippers for older people with Diabetes, arthritis, and swelling. Alongside, we have added non slip bathroom slippers for seniors in order to ensure their safety. These slippers are simply comfortable and easy to wear. So, go through the article to know more about shoes or slippers for elderly with balance problems and find which support slipper would be convenient for your senior members of your family.

Our Top Picks

1. Slippers for elderly to prevent falls UK: RockDove Original Memory Foam Slipper At Amazon

2. Best for Women: RockDove Women’s Memory Foam Slippers At Amazon
“It comes with a back-heel collar that allows keeping the feet from slipping out. Also, 360-degree memory foam that will surround the foot with comfort.”

3. Best for Men: Foamtreads Men’s Extra Depth Wool Slippers At Amazon

“The wool uppers feel comfortable on the swollen feet. It gives delightful shock absorption.”

4. Best shoes for elderly with dementia : Acorn Women’s Boiled Wool Edelweiss Slippers At Amazon

“It is durable and made by hand stitch that gives comfort to swollen feet.

5. Best slippers for elderly with swollen feet: Slippers International Men’s Perry Slipper At Amazon

“It is the most comfortable slippers and best for using outdoors.

6. Best Therapeutic slippers: Vionic Adilyn Safe Slippers for Elderly At Amazon

“ It features a healing function where elders struggle with pain.”

7. Best for Diabetics: Diabetic Orthopedic Leather Slipper For Foot Pain Relief At Amazon

“It relieves the pressure of diabetics person while walking.”

8. Best Slippers for Elderly Ladies with Arthritis & Edema: Git-Up Diabetic Slippers for Women At Amazon

“It gives comfort and free of pain for elderly ladies with arthritis, edema, and diabetics.”

9. Safe Bedroom Slippers for the Elderly: Safe House Slippers with Arch Support At Amazon

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“This Slipper is absolutely safe for the Elderly. Memory Foam Slipper will be effective to prevent from falling, particularly while moving towards the bathroom, bedroom or downstairs at your house.”

Foamtreads Men's Extra-Depth Wool Slippers,Charcoal,14 W US

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Buying Guides – Best Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls

There are various types of slippers on the market. Some are light, heavy, and some made with soft or firm material. And for the elderly, there are various shoes with balance problems. These slippers prevent falls and give comfort to the elderly. They feel secure and easy to walk. Now the question is, ‘what to look for when buying slippers or shoes for elderly with balance problems?’ If you are thinking of buying slippers for the elderly, you need to look at some factors. The factors will make your investment worth it and you will find all the comforts and safety you want.

Shoe Size:

To prevent falls, you need to get slippers of the proper size. When going to the shop, measure the shoe size by wearing socks. You need to check, the shoe doesn’t become tight and it fits well on all sides. This will help elders to walk freely and comfortably. Also, they can do exercise by wearing these shoes.


Comfort is the main factor for the elderly. By increasing age, they face various foot injuries. Most of the elders suffer from arthritis. They feel pain in the foot. So, comfort is main when wearing shoes. When buying, check if the shoes are soft and feel comfortable to wear.


Traction is the characteristics of balance shoes. The tractions prevent from falling/slipping weather walking on muds, dirt, grass, or rocks. So, when buying you need to check the shoe comes with a smooth sole, this will prevent it from falling. Also, elders mostly find it difficult to lift a shoe if the shoe sole is heavy. So, get the shoes with a smooth sole.

Arch Support:

Arch support is the main factor when buying shoes with balance problems. You need to get shoes with good arch support. However, to understand your arch types, you can perform a wet foot test. Palace your foot under the tub with full water. Now take out your feet from the tub and place your foot on the floor, if you see a flat shape then your arches are flat, and if crescent shape then your arches are moderate. And if you see barely a crescent shape then your arch is high type.


For the elderly, it is important to get lightweight shoes. Heavyweight slippers are difficult to lift or move for the elderly. To walk on rocks, muds, or grass, lightweight shoes are needed. Lightweight shoes also make feet breathable and it finds easy walk experience. So, when buying shoes, get lightweight slippers for elderly.

Easy to wear:

Slip-on slippers are the easiest way to wear shoes. For the elderly, these slippers are gonna be easy. Your elders will find it easy to put on. Moreover, these slippers save time and energy also.

Shoes with flat base:

For elderly shoes with a flat base are safer. They are comfortable and it makes them feel free to move. Aso, the flat shoes come on lightweight and when walking doesn’t make you tired. So, the elders can walk freely as much as they want. 

Good quality:

It is important to check the quality when buying shoes. If you get slippers of high quality, it will last for a long time. You won’t need to worry about tearing. For elders, it’s better to give shoes with a high brand. When they will walk or go outside for jogging the slippers will not tear. This will keep them safe from falling.


Many people want to do shopping on budgets. But, there are some items which are better to get them at a higher price, mostly bags and shoes. If you want your shoes to last for the long term and want to give comfort then you need to spend more money. Because, good quality comes at a good price. So, spending money on proper material will make your investment worth it. Thus, don’t go for price, go for quality to ensure safety and comfort.

So, these are the factors you need to consider when buying slippers for the elderly with balance problems. Hopefully, following the guide, you can pick the right slippers for your elderly members at your house.

6 Best Slippers For Elderly To Prevent Falls- Full Review 2022

The followings are the comprehensive review of 6 perfect slippers for elderly with balance problems.

Acorn Women’s Boiled Wool Edelweiss Slippers

Acorn Women's Boiled Wool Edelweiss Slipper Moccasin, Heather Grey, 6 M US

Available at Amazon

This slipper is best for elderly women to feel comfortable without making sweat or slide on slippery floors. 

This is made of boiled wood, polyester, and nylon blends. For those swollen feet, it is best to use. It will give comfort and will give a soft feel inside. 

It is durable and the upper part is stitched with hand thus perfect for indoors and outdoors.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Key Features

  • It comes with a cloud contour design.
  • Uppers part with boiled wool.
  • It comes with moisture-wicking soft wool lining.


Slippers International Men’s Perry Slipper

Slippers International Men's 400P Slipper,Charcoal,11 MAvailable at Amazon

It is one of the comfortable slippers. Its wool is very soft and the lightweight fabric adopts wool’s softness, durability, and making it the best slipper for seniors.

Moreover, the soles are rubber and come to the grip on the surface. It holds well to allow light outdoor use.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Key Features

  • It’s cushioned insole is very soft.
  • Featured with pickle lining.
  • Easy elasticity.


Vionic Adilyn Shoes For Elderly with Balance Problems

Vionic Women's Indulge Gemma Slipper - Ladies Adjustable Slippers with Concealed Orthotic Support Tan 9 Medium US

Available at Amazon

This is the slippers come with the healing features that elders face. It absorbs shock technologies and traditionally helps people struggling with pain to heal quickly.

It is a massive slipper for those who are suffering from fasciitis and related problems.

Moreover, the padding is exceptional and sizes are a bit confusing but once you put the right one, you’ll never turn back. Above all, you can undoubtedly pick the shoes for elderly to prevent falls.

Key Features

  • It has hook and loop closure
  • It comes with a rubber sole and slip-on style.
  • Offers Orthaheel technology.


Orthofeet Foot Pain Relief Adjustable Slippers for Swollen Feet

best slippers for elderly woman

Available at Amazon

For diabetic, this is the best Orthofeet slipper. It comes with an orthotic insole, wonderful anatomical arch support, and cushioning heel pads that perfectly fit one’s foot while walking.

For diabetics patients, it’s important to relieve pressure as they walk. So, these slippers come with foam padding that eliminates pressure points to relax the feet.

Moreover, the slipper comes with a bigger toe box and those with rheumatoid arthritis could be comfortable to use. It also has a velcro closure to fit with a perfect shape.

Key Features

  • It features an orthotic slipper.
  • It is a leather slipper.
  • It comes with adjusting velcro straps.


Foamtreads Slippers for Elderly with Balance Problems

Foamtreads Men's Extra-Depth Wool Slippers,Charcoal,11 W US

Available at Amazon

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Without mentioning this slipper, I won’t wrap this article. This is the best slipper for swollen feet. It can be expanded easily to perfectly fit the swollen feet.

Its wool uppers offer comfort while using and it gives protection to feet. Moreover, it gives quick healing to the issue and furnishes lasting cushioning.

The slippers are made with bacteria protection and a grip. So, safe for both indoor and outdoor.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Key Features

  • It is hand washable slippers.
  • Comes with a non-marking outsole.
  • It has heel to toe padding.


Git-Up Women Diabetic Non Slip Slippers for Elderly

slippers for elderly with balance problems

Available at Amazon

Are you suffering from swollen feet due to diabetics, arthritis, or edema? Here is the solution. Get these Git-up slippers for you and make your feet comfortable and free of pain.

This the best non slip slippers for seniors that made with high-quality knitting plush which is not only light in weight but also absorbs water and feels comfortable.

This is perfectly getting fit to your feet so that you won’t slip off while walking.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Key Features

  • It comes with a water-absorbing feature.
  • Adjustable Velcro closure.
  • The upper part is designed like an open toe.


Advantages of Adjustable Slippers for Elderly


non slip slippers for elderlySafe slippers come with many advantages to elderly people. Given below, read it out.They are fully supportive: By increasing age, our feet, ankle, and the whole body will need support. It happens due to getting leg muscle and normal feet slowly cushioning wear out over the years. So, some of the slippers give full support to feet and help in cushioning.

Easy to put on: Some of the shoes come with hook and loop closures that make elderly people easy to wear who are suffering from ankle pain, swollen feet, weakness, and many more diseases.

They accommodated various feet irregularities: Some slippers can be expanded to fit perfectly all types of feet shape and will cater to countless foot issues that regular size slippers can’t. For edema, diabetic feet, and big toes these shoes can easily expand and use.

Lightweight: For elderly people, it’s hard to use heavy shoes. They find it difficult and uncomfortable while walking. By using light shoes they find comfortable while walking and able to swap shoes easily. These are safe slippers for the bedroom also.

Different Types of Slippers for Elderly

Safe slippers can be found in all shapes and sizes- Check below.

Open heel slippers: These are the common slipper use in hotels. They are left open and upper cover enclosing the top of your feet and toes.

Soft-soled slippers: These are the most comfortable slippers made with fabric or sheepskin lining. They also have extra sole support to keep their feet relaxed the whole day

Closed slippers: These are one of the safest slippers for seniors. It prevents feet from sliding out.

Orthopedic slippers: These slippers support the natural structure and foot mechanics of the wearer. It delivers great support.

Adjustable slippers for the elderly: They are adjustable to width feet and are best for swollen feet. The shoe is perfect for hammertoes, bunions, corn, diabetes, and countless foot problems.

Shower shoes for the elderly: They are heavily grooved soles and secure. They are safe for not getting a slip. Best to use in bathrooms, hospitals, and care centers.

Moccasin slippers: Moccasin slippers are usually light in weight and usually worn indoors and very comfortable to use outdoors.

Novelty slippers: These slippers are usually for those who don’t have much trouble on their feet and it is available with some designs. They are stylish and cozy non-skid shoes.

Slippers boots: These boots are the most common bots often used by women. They are made with soft lining and typically furry. They are warm and versatile to wear indoors and outdoors.

Is It Bad To Wear Slippers All Day

Yeah, it’s bad to wear Slippers all day. It may cause various foot issues due to wearing for a long day. So, be careful about using slippers for a long span of time. Ankle sprain: Slippers you can wear to go outside or for some moments but you can’t wear them all day. The Slippers don’t have arch support for a long time. So, your feet may turn to the middle of your body instead of staying straight. This will feel you got a sprain on your ankle.

Foot gets inflamed: Wearing a Slipper all day creates inflammation in the foot. No matter if you are careful while walking. For the lack of arch support, it may hurt your feet then the band of tissue in the arch will start to pull. The pulling causes flame and the arches become red and painful. It is known as plantar fasciitis. So, when you try to wear Slippers it will hurt your feet.

Bone deep issue: Having plantar fasciitis for wearing a slipper all day can create new bone to try to heel the pulling. For creating more bone than the body needs, you need surgery to get it back to normal. Having extra bone causes pain in the heel area. It makes it difficult to wear sandals.

Get corn: Wearing a Slipper all day creates corn. If you have hammertoes and wear them for a long time your toes will start rubbing against the shoe. This friction causes corns.

Keeps sweating: Wearing a Slipper all day makes a foot sweat and thus creates dirt. Also, it hurts the sole of the feet for long walking with Slippers.

Gets hurt on fingers: Wearing a Slipper all day also hurts our fingers. It creates pain for getting a long pressure with shoes and also can create swelling. You can get posture issues on foot too.

Makes feet warm: working and walking for a long time with wearing a slipper can make feet warm. This may cause headaches. Also, you might feel a heavy texture under the feet. Also, you will create inflammation which will make pains under the feet.

Posture issues: Wearing a Slipper for all-day damages posture. As Slippers cover our whole feet and fits tightly, so when we keep wearing them for long and start working, it makes changes in posture. Most people find their feet like a balloon. Or, can find a change on the fingers. so, it’s better not to wear slippers for a long day.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]


Buying small stuff like safe slippers to prevent falls in elderly people can make a huge difference in the life of dear ones. As from the review you can see that these slippers feature non-slip outsoles, loop closures to wear easily who are suffering from many diseases, and accommodated various feet irregularities. However, these slippers are not just safe for using outdoors or at slip indoors but also safe bedroom slippers for elderly people.

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