Benefits of a portable travel printer

Benefits of a portable travel printer

Technology has solved almost all the problems of the world that we never thought of. Mobile wireless printers are one of the inventions of technology and are of great use nowadays. They allow you to print your necessary documents from anywhere without using any port or wire. The portable machine is more important to those who work with cards, photos, paperwork, or any kind of documentation. Here are some of the benefits of a portable wireless machine mentioned below.

Benefits Of a Portable Travel Printer

  • Convenience: Among all other advantages of portable printing technology, the convenient use of the printer is the largest asset. The portable printing machine not only presents the printing facility but also offers you some other facilities like keeping a digital record of your reports. For example, if you wanted to record your business cards, or want to scan a large item, then this variety of printers do these functions too. Once you browse the documents in your printer, you can edit them and print them later when you need to print them.  Moreover, it saves space in your luggage because you do not need to take the hard copy of the document with you.
  • Performance: The wireless printers are faster than normal printers. These faster printers can print about 16 to 25 papers in a minute, whereas the normal receipt printers can print about 5 pages depending on the requirements. These faster printers are demonstrating with their printing speed and their impressive quality of printing. However, small or large business owners can use portable printers to run their business and for personal use.
  • Battery power: Wireless printers are run by chargeable batteries and have a tremendous battery reserve of about eight to ten hours in a single charge. Electricity is needed to print in the common printing machine, but you do not need to tense whether there has electricity or not to print a document in a wireless portable printing machine. You will find corded and battery versions in the market, which are very useful to the businessmen who are always on the move. In this case, you do not need to carry the extra charging lines and wires for charging the battery as it provides backup for a long period of time.
  • Saves time: The portable printers save your time too. When you are in important work or in a meeting and you are in need of print a document, but if you go out to print then it will lose a few minutes from your valuable time. In this case, a portable printer will definitely save your time.
  • Small Size: Unlike normal printers, portable printers are smaller in size and lesser in weight. They can be brought anywhere whenever you need them. As the size of the printers is reduced, then the manufacturer also reduces some of the features of the printers. Due to its small size feature, it can be kept easily in your luggage and taken it out when needed. Print the documents and keep the printer in its previous place.
  • Compatibility: In comparison with their size, they offer more work. It can be carried out with your pocket or luggage, but it can work as a general printer. The wireless printer normally operates with every operating system. To run the system, they apply a wireless link to interact with your POS order and issue a receipt.
  • Compact design: Portable printers are designed in such a way that it never lets you feel that you are carrying a printer with you whenever you are travelling.
  • Multiple printing: The wireless portable printer can do various functions if it can be attached to many billing devices at a time. The printer prints receipts if you have a mobile POS billing station. So that with a portable wireless printer you can do various functions at a time.
  • Functionality: Like the normal printer, mobile scanner printers are lightweight and provide button operation. So you can carry them easily to your workplace and print the receipts as the weight of the portable wireless printers is not more than 2-3 kg. Sometimes you may need to sign on a paper, but the paper is in pdf form, you can easily print out the paper and sign it.Besides, the portable printer has the feature of printing photos. Whenever you are on a picnic or outing with your friends, and the storage of your camera has finished. That time, you can print out some pictures and find out space for further capture of your pictures.
  • Connectivity: To print with wireless printers needs a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection to the computers, mobile phones, or print POS receipts. Without these, some version has the option to print directly from storage cards. The portable printer also supports a cable connection. Sometimes you may not have a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, and you need to print out your document. For this reason, the cable system helps to print by connecting with Computers.
  • Durability: The printers are made to last long and are durable. Without any serious accident, the printers last a long time. And if you drop the printers in a hard place, then it has nothing to rather with destruction. On the other hand, they can resist normal spills and dings.


Many reasons can be added to the above-mentioned list. However, the advantages vary from person to person, but these are the main advantages that you find buying a portable printer. You can not equate a portable printer with a full-sized printer, but often it becomes more valuable than normal printers. If you are a person in the travel business and need to print in a spot, then this type of portable device is the most helpful.


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