How to choose the right water cooler for office and home

Water has always been the most important element of the environment. Apart from quenching our thirst, we need water to maintain our hydration.

The most beneficial features of water are: it enhances our immune system, improves our digestion, increases energy and flushes out toxins from our body. Having a water cooler or water dispenser at our home or workplaces makes our life easier. There is a very common mistake among the people about the difference between the water cooler and water dispensers. Let us let you know that, water dispenser keeps the water in room temperature when the water cooler, a type of water dispenser makes the water cold for you during the summer months.

Best Ways to choose the right water cooler for office and home

Several issues should be taken into consideration before buying a water cooler:

Size of the unit:

Water coolers come in different sizes and shapes. Just make sure you select the perfect position to place it. If you have limited space you can opt for the tabletop cooler to save your space.

Prices of the unit:

Keep in mind that, The more features the cooler contains the more expensive it becomes. You will always want to buy something which fits your tight budget. So, while buying one, just look for the basic features.

Water Reservoir:

There are two types of water reservors, one is made of stainless steel and the other one is of plastic. We recommend the one made of stainless steel where the plastic sometimes gets stinky and gives the water a funny plastic-like taste.

The Faucets:

The different model holds different faucet design and quantity. Some models contain extra faucets for both hot and cold water. You can usually find switches in the back of the cooler where you can control the hot and cold water supply. This feature will make it more convenient for you and help you to save electricity.

Nozzle size:

It is important to select a cooler with having a small nozzle. It will make the pouring process easier for you, as you will just need to insert the nozzle into the top of the bottle.

Safety Features:

There is no doubt about the importance of this feature. This is crystal clear that children are attracted to lights and any other things related to buttons. This will help you keep your small kids safe from any accident which might have occurred by turning on the hot water switches.

Closing Notes

Choosing a water cooler might seem easy but depending on the usability it is hard to select the best one considering your environment. We hope, the above suggestions will help you find the perfect match for your home or office.





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