Elderly Bathroom Safety

How can I make my Elderly Shower safe?

Well, I find many people asking, “how can I make my elderly shower safe?” For the elderly, a bathroom is a risky place. Especially, when they go for a shower. There is a chance of slipping, tripping, and falling while taking shower. And not every time we can stay sound or keep an eye on them while taking shower. Moreover, most elderly love privacy while taking shower. So, by thinking about all the issues, I have arranged some bath safety tips which will ensure safety for the elderly.

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Tips for Elderly Shower Safe

Get cabinets- Arrange cabinets in the bathroom to keep bathroom accessories like shampoo, towels, brushes, gels, etc. This makes the bathroom clutter-free and prevents falling for the elderly.  The cabinets include several shelves and a large countertop. It allows the installation of sinks on the cabinets. Thus, it keeps the bathroom dry and safe which is beneficial for the elderly. Also, gives huge space to a bathroom. The elderly can move freely with the shower chair.

Shower caddy or baskets- Get a shower caddy to keep shower items on it. You can mount it on the showerhead, this will help to reach it easily. Also, it reduces bending, slipping, or sprain. The elderly also won’t need to move in the bathroom to reach items. The caddy allows keeping all the shower items in one place. It offers a large space organizer. So, helps to make a clutter-free bathroom. They are made with durable material and feature waterproof, rustproof, non-fading, and scratch resistance. So, you can install it beside the shower. This will help the elderly to reach the items easily. The basket supports the heavyweight. So, keep free from falling.

Hand-held shower head- Hand-held showers are easy and convenient for the elderly. For the disabled or elderly, it makes it complicated to perform a shower with the showerhead. They can’t bathe properly. With a handheld shower, they can reach the water wherever they want. They won’t need to bend the head or move the body. By sitting on the chair they can perform a shower. This prevents slipping and sprain on the back and ankle. Hand-held showers are lightweight and come with multiple settings. You can control water and adjust the temperature. They are movable and also beneficial for kids. Found from research, handheld showers clean better than a showerhead.

Weighted shower curtain-  Weighted shower curtain prevents the elderly from sleeping or falling. While taking a shower water splats outside of a bathtub which makes the bathroom floor wet. This causes the risk of slipping for the elderly. So, weighted curtains keep water in an accessible shower and so, water doesn’t come outside the shower. The curtains are crafted with durable vinyl material and coated for antifungal and antibacterial. They don’t sag when installed. They work great with a roll-in shower.

Grab bar Installation- By installing a grab bar or toilet safety bar in the bathroom, allows support to the elderly. You can install it around the bathtub, toilet, shower, and mirror. While taking shower in the tub or under the shower head they can stand by giving support to grab bars. Also, when sitting in the tub by giving support to grab bars they can sit and also get up. Also, when entering to shoer tub they can get in by supporting to grab bars. This helps to maintain perfect balance. Well, grab bars are made with stainless steel construction. They are easy to install and can hold weight up to 500lbs. The bars are usually compiled with ADA standards and are sturdy and durable. Their installation is very easy and will last for long months. The grab bars are also made with water resistance. So, you can use it under the shower, it will serve for a long time.

Non-slip bath mat- Non-slip bath mat keeps the elderly safe from slipping or falling. By placing below the shower or inside the tub features traction when bathing or moving. Also, after having the shower, the elderly can dry their feet. This helps from not making the bathroom wet. Also, reduce slipping to the bathroom. The mats come with powerful suction cups to not slip. They come with vinyl material for BPA free allergen and provide cushion and comfort to the feet. Suitable to use for the elderly and kids too. They are 100% guaranteed and durable.

Swivel Shower chair- Using a Swivel shower chair can prevent slipping and falling. By sitting on the chair they can take a bath. These chairs are non-slip and provide a secure space to shower. Also, there are some movable chairs. You can easily get into the tub. They are movable and very convenient. The non-slip shower chairs are safe for the elderly. They come with non-slip feet, rubber at the foot. It has push buttons to adjust height and back, leg, seat slide together. Easy to assemble and made with a rust-resistant aluminium frame. Moreover, the chair can hold weight up to 300lbs.

Walk in the tub- For the elderly, it is difficult to use the bathtub or do a shower under the showerhead. So, using a walk-in tub, they can take a safe shower. The walk-in tubs are comfortable and secure for the elderly. They come with less than 4 inches of ultra-low step-in threshold that helps the elderly to step into the tub easily. Also, the walk-in tubs are coming with a door. After stepping into the tub, close the door and fill the tub with water then drain after the bath. This helps from making the bathroom wet. Also, it offers an integrated seat that allows bathing by sitting and submerged the body up to the shoulder. It makes the body relax and comfortable. Also, ensures a therapeutic bathing experience. So, walking in tubs will ensure safety for elderly showers.

Making the bathroom pathway clear- For elderly or disabled people, be sure that the path is clear. So, it will ensure safety from falling or tripping. Also, make sure the light of the bathrooms comes with bright features, it will help them to see paths.

Bathroom slipper- Get a non-slip bathroom slippers for the elderly. It ensures the safety and prevents falls or slipping while showering. They are comfortable and soft to wear. For diabetics, arthritis, and disabled people, they are safe to wear. The non-slip slippers for the elderly are made with durable material and a rubber blend that prevents falling and gives support and comfort. These slippers are lightweight and don’t make them squeal after a shower. The outsole is made with non-slip rubber and ensures good wear resistance. For the elderly, the slippers give a comfortable massage experience.

Final Verdict

So, these are the tips for elderly shower safe. No worries, if you don’t stay beside them or for a busy schedule you can’t care for them. The given tips will ensure safety and prevent slipping, falling and tripping. However, most elderly don’t hire a caregiver for them. They work by themselves. For them, the given tips are mandatory and will keep them safe.

Now, you just need to apply the tips and need to check their safety. Make sure all the tips were used and also you can add more if needed.

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