Running Boards Vs Rock Sliders

Running Boards Vs Rock Sliders

Are you confused regarding running boards vs rock sliders? You are on the right page. In the article, you will find information on both products.

Running boards and rock sliders both are stepping surfaces used under the car door vehicles to step on for getting in or out of the car. Their functions are the same but the difference is in their structure and feature.

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Running Boards Vs Rock Sliders- Review

Running Boards

Running boards are a stepping surface that is situated below the vehicle’s side door. They provide a larger surface and extrude half below the door to step to get in or out of the car.

Running boards comes with a sleek design. It is uniquely designed to accent the mount SUV. These SUV running boards feature a sleek profile with rounded corners tapered ends and an aerodynamic style tread pattern.

The running boards are built with two-part construction for SUVs. The base of the boards is lightweight and strong. It is made with an aluminium core and covered with stainless steel. The base of an aluminium core and stainless steel trim of rails are highly corrosion resistant. Also, the trim piece of boards is polished finished, so it gives a shining look.

Moreover, the boards are comfortable to use. They feature 5-inch wide, full-length, non-skid treads that give a convenient step wherever you want it.

Now, come to installation. Their installation is very easy. No drilling is required. You need to bring specific brackets that will help to mount the running board.

Rock Sliders

Rock sliders are footwear that is used on four-wheel-drive vehicles. They are made of heavy-duty box steel and situated below each vehicle door. Their function is to protect the door sills and door bottoms from damage.

The rock sliders feature easy access. It is portable and situated below each door of a vehicle. The plates are expanded like running boards.

You will love its modern design. It is constructed at an angular shape that fits tight to a vehicle body which gives a modern clean look. The slider is made with full steel, it features both durability and strength. So, it’s worth the money.

The sliders are finished with black powder and their installation is easy, no drilling is required. You will need brackets to fit.

Their wide steps make it easy and comfortable in and out of the car.

Final Verdict

Whatever you buy, you should know complete information about a product before taking it. This will help you to buy and choose the right product. And, will make your shopping easy.

Features are different between running boards vs rock sliders. Their shape and size are different though their functions are the same. Both were installed under the door to step.

However, running boards are used in small cars and SUVs, trucks, etc. But in the four-wheel vehicle rock sliders were used.

Now, you need to decide what you need for your car.

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