Running Boards Vs Side Steps

Running boards vs side steps- what’s the differences between them? Yeah, I find many people asking this question. Well, both were used in vehicles and their functions are similar but what the difference. Today in this article, I will talk about the features of running boards vs side steps.

Whatever you get for yourself. Before buying a product, one must have to know complete information about a product. This will help you to choose the right board and you will get the right service.

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Running Board Vs Side Steps

A running board is a footboard that comes under the vehicle’s side doors. It is half extended to step on it to get into or out of the vehicles.

On the other hand, side steps are also a stepping surface used in the vehicles They were used in larger vehicles such as pickup trucks and SUVs. They are mounted with a certain amount of space and are narrower than running boards.

Running Board

Running boards are made of heavy-duty mild steel oval tube shape with a coated texture powder finish. They are rust-resistant, UV protection with non-slip wide step pads. Its design is outstanding.TAC side steps give your car look amazing appearance and protect your car. It makes a convenient space to get in or out of the car.

Also, the boards perfectly fit any vehicle. It provides a 3 inches lower stepping surface than the original power step.

There are automatic boards in the market. When you open the door, it instantly extends and when you close the door, it hides down instantly.

The running boards are easy to install. Easy bolt-on installation. No drills or extra cutting or hooks are needed. They will provide all the instructions and installations.

Side Steps

The side steps are made with aluminium for superior strength and durability. It features no welded and supports 330lb. Weight limit to provide maximum strength.

As the side steps are structured with chrome-plated aluminium, it provides easy, safe access to your cab in every condition. There is an extra deep step, it weighs 350lbs. Moreover, the side steps are coated with a matte finish which gives a universal look and provides a non-slip stepping surface.

The size of the side steps is a universal fit for every vehicle. They are designed to fit every truck and SUV.

The side steps are lightweight and will serve you for the long term. They are durable and paintable. It weighs 10 pounds.

Their installations are easy. It carries two pieces of hardware for trucks and SUVs. They carry DIY instructions and mounting hardware to take help in installation.

Final Verdict

So, we have seen the differences between running boards vs side steps. It is seen that they perform similar functions but the difference is in their features. They are designed in different structures. Running boards were wider than side steps, and they provide larger surfaces than side steps. More difference is in their features, which I already gave in the above discussion. So, I will only say, it’s your decision or choice, which one you need for your vehicle. Get whatever you want, but get it suited to your vehicles.

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